This is "Enigma of the Dead", it is preceded by "The Angels Who Cried Wolf" and is followed by "Paradise Lost".

Enigma of the Dead
Sims 3 - Enigmatic
The TARDIS arrives in the middle of an Enigmatic Zombie Outbreak.
Publisher(s) Bhind45
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Creature The Master
Skeleton Slave
TS3 Reflect

"Enigma of the Dead" is an upcoming serial of the Doctor Who: Sims 3 series, it will be uploaded between four weeks in August 2013. "Enigma of the Dead" will contain the first appearances of the Master in the Sims 3 series.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Guest Starring Edit


Music Composers Edit

  • Here with Me - Dido (Music Theme)
  • Mark Snow (Uncredited)
  • Malcolm Clarke
  • Dudley Simpson
  • Christophe Beck

Notes Edit

  • Malcolm Clarke had previously composed the briefly heard Cybermen theme for "Lost". However, he was not credited for it.
  • Christophe Beck had previously composed uncredited music for "Sabotage"
  • Christophe Beck composes music for all four-episodes.
  • Dudley Simpson had frequently composed music for the "Classic Series".

Episodes Edit

Episodes Original Upload Dates

Notes Edit

  • Katarina Jones does not appear in "Siege" and "Duel". "Siege" is the first episode she has not appeared in. Despite this, she is still credited on the opening title sequence. This also makes the first time that all the credited cast don't appear in an episode. This now makes the Doctor the only one to appear in all episodes.
  • Roger Delgado guest stars playing the Master in "Outbreak", however from "Nemesis" to "Duel" he is credited in the opening title sequence. Anthony Ainley briefly plays the Master in "Nemesis", despite this, he remains uncredited for his brief appearance.
  • "Duel" is the longest episode, while "Outbreak" is the shortest.
  • "Siege" has the longest recap, while "Duel" has the shortest.
  • "Outbreak" has the longest cold-opening, while "Nemesis" has the shortest.
  • The TARDIS is seen in "Outbreak", "Nemesis" and "Siege"
  • The Sonic Screwdriver is seen in "Nemesis" and "Siege". However, it also appeared in "Duel" but the scene was ultimately deleted.

Filming Edit

  • Most of "Outbreak" was filmed on September 14, 2012. The first scene in the TARDIS was filmed on the January 28, 2013, this scene was filmed because the episode was too short of material.
  • "Nemesis" was filmed four months after "Outbreak". It began filming on January 29 and completed on February 15.
  • Filming of "Siege" commenced nine days after on February 24 and finished March 10.
  • Filming of "Duel" started the same day as "Siege" ended and completed 20 March.
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