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Emily Space
Name Emily Space
Gender Female Female
Space family/Grunt Family
Parents Winona Space, Marcus Space
Sibling(s) Theodore Space Male
Romances Donald Grunt Married
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Unborn Baby GruntChildDeceased
The Sims 2 Logo
Emily hates her life, husband and mostly everything about Strangetown.
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state Alien Alien-Sim Hybrid
Education and Employment
Unemployed Unemployed
Zodiac sign Scorpio Scorpio
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-green Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Broken Neck
Neighborhood Fanon:Strangetown
New The Sims 4 Logo (White)
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Trait TS4 Good Good
Trait TS4 Bookworm Bookworm
Trait TS4 Squeamish Squeamish
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-green Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Deceased
World Fanon:Lavisha

Emily Space was the daughter of Marcus and Winona Space, the younger sister of Theodore Space, the wife of Donald Grunt and would've been a mother if she had not been killed while 7 months pregnant. She also won the Cull after being forced to kill by Rusa and after Rusa's death, through choice to prove herself.

Early YearsEdit

In her early years, Emily was born to Winona and Marcus Space who had one other child, Ted. The family should have been despite her parents young age but an event called the Cull happened and Winona and her brother Clark were eligible. They were sent to the Cull and were killed. Her father Marcus slowly went insane and was forced to leave to a psychology hospital to recover. Emily and Ted went to the best foster family around, The Grunts. They did not like the family particularly but were happy that they had taken them in. Their foster parents were enthusiastic about an event called the cull. The cull has killed Emily and Ted's mother and uncle several years back which had caused their father to go insane. The eldest son of the grunts had already won the cull so they had high hopes for their other two children, Rusa to win.

The CullEdit

In the cull, Emily and Ted decided they would stay together but after a pretty girl called Delaine charmed Ted, they greed they would stay with her too. At first it all went fine until, Rusa kidnapped Emily and decided to use her to kill other contestants. Emily was deeply afraid of Rusa and did what Rusa told her. She hoped that Ted and Delaine would return for her but they just didn't come back for her. She assumed that they must be dead by now so Emily decided to take matters into her own hands. One night while Rusa was asleep, Emily stabbed her to death and was surprised what a rush she got. Emily was quite savage from then on. Time seemed to go fast from then on and she believed it was because of the saying 'Time flies when you are having fun'. Finally the cull had finished and Emily had won.

After the CullEdit

Her foster parents, Byron and Milah were thrilled about her winning the cull and decided to marry her off to Ripp's son, Donald who was a lot older but Emily was fine with that. She became distant from her brother and became more involved with the Grunt Family. She was surprised how little they seemed to care that she had killed their daughter. Emily soon became pregnant with Donald's baby and was excited that she was going to be a mother but then the Cull came around again. Although she was eligible for it, she assumed that she would be let off due to her pregnancy. Turns out there were no exceptions. Emily turned to her husband because as he was in the Grunt's family and could stop it but he insisted she must go and retain her title.

She called on her brother Ted for help and he agreed to pick her up and they could leave town but he husband was listening in to their phone call. He became furious at Emily and they got into a fight. He tried to hit her and she pushed him away but she wobbled and fell down the stairs. She broke her neck and died instantly. When Ted arrived, he accused Donald of murdering his sister but Donald knocked him out and drove Ted back to his house. When Ted woke up somebody run the doorbell. It was a police officer. The officer told him that there was an anonymous tip that Emily's body was in his basement. Ted denied it but when the Police checked, Emily was there. Ted ran for it and Emily was buried in the local graveyard known as The Olive Garden. Emily was an angry ghost constantly breaking furniture and scaring people.


  • Emily is one of my least favourite sims for some inexplicable reason.
  • Emily will probably haunt Ted for the rest of his life, not as a ghost but he will always think of what could have been.
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