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Elsa Frozen
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Elsa and her powers.
Born with a secret power she feared, Elsa lived for years with the guilt of killing her mother during child birth. After many years searching for shelter, she ended up finding her own place in the peaceful costal town of Sunset Valley. Although, this place was safe, one day, after being pressured, she realeased her powers, setting the town of Sunset Valley under an eternal winter and killing hundreds of those who once tormented her. Now, its up to Rodrigo, an ex Skater from Bridgeport and Snow, a high school student to save the lives of their descendents in Oasis Landing and help Elsa to be in peace with herself and the rest of the world.
Name Elsa Frozen
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Teen.png Teen
Life state CAS Witch icon.png Witch
Frozen Family
Parents Nina Frozen, Niev Frozen (deceased)
Sibling(s) None
Marital status Single
Trait Loner small.png Loner
Trait Loves the Cold small.png Loves the Cold
Trait Nurturing small.png Nurturing
Trait Virtuoso small.png Virtuoso
Zodiac sign PiscesLN.png Pisces
Lifetime wish
Fav Classical.png Classical
Fav Fish and Chips.png Fish and Chips
Fav Blue.png Blue
Hair color Eye-custom.png Blue
Eye color Eye-blue.png Light Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
2 stars
Other Information
Game TS3ITF Icon.png The Sims 3: Into the Future
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Background Story[]

Elsa was born with cryokinetic abilities. At a very young age she discovers that she holds an ancient ability to control ice and snow, called cryokinesis, but often people associated it as witchcraft. It's unknown how Elsa inherited her powers.

When her mother Nina gave birth to her, accidentally she froze her veins, stopping the blood from circulating and therefore killing her. Elsa's father Niev, developed an immense hatred against his own daughter, blaming her for the loss of his wife's life.

For years, the man abused his own child, making her a slave and he'd sometimes physically abuse her. When Elsa turned 7, her father tried to kill the poor innocent girl by plunging a hunting knife in her chest. He believed she was possessed by the Devil.

A kinetic wave pushed her father away. He knelt and begged for forgiveness. But it was too late, because she had seen how dreadful her father was. All of a sudden, the sad memories of all the years of mistreatment's and abuse came to mind.

Suddenly, she unleashed her rage awaking her powers and using them to punish her father by striking his heart, because she thought he didn't have one. Instantly the man turned into an ice statue and then, the statue shattered it into thousands of icy crystals.

Due to her abilities, Elsa spent most of her life watching the world from a small window view she had from her bedroom. She never attended regular school as the other kids and she wasn't allowed to leave the house. After setting herself free from her father's mistreatment's, she decided to run away and embrace her abilities. On her way, she travels the world alone, passing by many towns.

At the end of her journey, she finally arrives at a small town, called Midnight Hollow.

On her way, she's approached by an elderly woman. At first she seemed normal, but this lady had the gift of clairvoyance, which is the gift to see beyond. She held Elsa's hands and suddenly she felt a cold shiver going down her spine.

She tells Elsa that this is a rare and dangerous ability known as Psychokinesis, or in other words, Elsa could control everything around her just using her mind. But, during her youth, it was said that she possessed cryokinectic abilities. The old lady explains Elsa, that fear is the main cause why her powers killed her parents.

She later added that there's beauty in her powers, but also great danger. If she doesn't learn how to control them, she'll only cause fear, chaos and harm to others and to herself.

The lady gives her a necklace, in which according to her, it would help her to conceal her abilities and not harm anyone. After giving her the necklace, she disappears in the fog. 2 years later, at the Age of 9, Elsa arrives in Sunset Valley hoping to find a place to stay.

However, her powers overdevelop and got stronger, as the time passed.

Childhood and Teen Years[]

Although Elsa still had the necklace, given by the elderly woman, she still could not conceal her powers. They were far too strong for her to hide. Hence, her life in Sunset Valley wasn't easy at all. She struggled with fitting in and trying to be a whole person.

She often stayed at the public library or hidden in an old room at the tower clock, located in the city hall. She was so afraid of her abilities, that she decided to hide from the rest of the world.

One day, Mrs. Alto, found the poor girl wondering around the halls of the City Hall and called the cops and a social worker in order to find her a place to stay. When the cops arrived, Mrs. Alto demanded that this girl wasn't allowed to be wondering around town, especially at curfew.

When Hank Goddard held her she screamed of rage and suddenly her rage once again showed up in form of her powers by breaking the windows of the city hall and freezing Hank's arms. Mrs. Alto was terrified. She had never seen such thing. She reached for a knife, used to open envelopes, to kill Elsa.

The girl's tears and her sorrow once again were unleashed in a kinectic wave, throwing Mrs. Alto against a wall causing her to break her left arm. Elsa fled and decided to hide in the North side of Sunset Valley near a waterfall. One day, after the thaw of the long winter, at the age of 11, she's found by a widow, that welcomes the girl into her home and making her a part of the family.

The widow learns that Elsa possessed strange powers, but she wanted her to have a normal life, so she decided to enroll her at the local school. At her first day of school, she was bullied by Bella Bachelor and her friends, calling her freak. Elsa wasn't very talkative and social. Due to her powers, she was never allowed to have any contact with human people, except for her parents. However, Darlene Bunch decides to be friends with Elsa and welcomes her into her house to spend the day.

One day, during the Christmas holidays, while Darlene and Elsa were playing at her yard, Elsa decides to show her BFF her secret. She tells her friend to not be scared. She stretches her hands and creates a snowman, using her powers.

Darlene was speecheless but stunned at the same time. Her mother had seen everything through the window. She runs outside and pushes Elsa to the ground, grabs Darlenes hand and takes her inside, locking everything.

Elsa didn't understand what happened, and she tried to talk to Darlene afterwards, but Judy claimed that she didn't want a "freak" to hangout with her daughter, slamming the door on Elsa's face. Elsa was devastated.

Bella had seen everything and she decided to use this to humiliate Elsa once again. She gathered her friends and made a plan to embarrass Elsa.

However, Darlene didn't want to talk to Elsa anymore and decides to ignore her. Bella and her friends decide to throw  water balloons at Elsa during P.E class and they videotaped everything posting it online.

When Elsa saw the video of her being harassed and the comments of her peers, she decided to drop out of school and only return for High School. 3 years later, Elsa's 16 years old and she decides to stop being homeschooled and attend regular school.

This was her Junior year at high school. She's more mature and more beautiful. She meets Ariana White, a beautiful girl, with beautiful silky black hair and blue-green eyes. At first, Ariana makes fun of her along with Bella Bachelor and her gang, but then she feels bad for what she has done and decides to make things better by actually getting to know Elsa even more.

Elsa refuses Ariana's friendship, because she believed that this was only a way they'd use to make fun of her once again. Rodrigo, an ex-Skater, visits town, hoping to find a place for him. One day, he goes to the school and meets Ariana, whom he falls in love with. Elsa secretly develops a crush on him, but she's afraid to talk to him. 

When Bella realizes that Elsa likes Rodrigo she decides to write a fake letter claiming to be Rodrigo asking her to meet "him" after school, at the town park. Elsa's eyes shone of joy as she read the letter. Though she didn't know that it was all a trap to once again make fun of her. She goes to the city park and Rodrigo is there.

Suddenly, Bella and the Senior boys, such as Miraj Alvi, pull guns filled with red ink and start to shoot Elsa, embarrassing her in front of Rodrigo and afterwards, showing her 8th grade video in wall though a projector.

Elsa's hate grew and grew. Burning inside her.

The Rage[]

Elsa couldn't hold it any longer. Her heart beat started to speed up and she started to breathe heavily. She looked around and saw everyone laughing. Shortly after the lights when out, all the plants started to come out of the ground. The memories and the voices in her head suddenly, started echoing.

She screams, unleashing all of her rage, in a kinetic wave destroying the town park and everything around her and those who made fun of her away.

Her necklace breaks, unleashing ice blasts against all of those who tormented her. And finally releasing her rage in a large, icy blast to the sky making the clouds cover the sun. The nature started to die. All the lakes, ponds and the ocean, became solid ice.

The ground was covered in frost as well as the trees and the roads. She screams once again and ends up creating a deadly blizzard, destroying everything around her, trapping the town of Sunset Valley under an eternal winter. It was indeed the end of Sunset Valley.

Powers and Abilities[]

Elsa was born with an ancient ability to manipulate/control ice and snow, called Cryokinesis. However, her life wasn't always easy, due to the fact that her mother dies, due to her abilities and some years after, her father tries to kill her but instead he's destroyed.

Throughout the story, Elsa learns that she has great powers. Greater than what she thinks she has. When she is in fear and stressed she creates deadly blizzards and dangerous storms. She also possesses, other abilities as well, as telekinesis and Omnipotence, which briefly means, that Elsa can control anything and everything she wants. Her main focus was cryokinesis, but it is shown throughout her story, when Rodrigo and Ariana travel to Oasis Landing that Elsa, managed to manipulate time, water, sound and fire. When she was 16 years old, she unleashed her powers trapping Sunset Valley under an eternal winter, killing many people. When this happened, the Oasis Landing generations were affected by it, including Ariana and Rodrigo's descendents. She can create, destroy and manipulate universes, making her powers infinite and also she's able to combine her elements together to create something great.