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Ella Charming
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Name Ella Charming
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Charming family
Parents Elizabeth Enstein Step-daughterDeceased
Sibling(s) Belladonna Enstein Step-daughter
Malaria Enstein Step-daughter
Romances Prince Charming MarriedDeceased
Child(ren) Mona Charming DaughterDeceased
Tammie Charming DaughterDeceased
Trait Friendly small Friendly
Trait Handy small Handy
Trait Hopeless Romantic small Hopeless Romantic
Trait Neat small Neat
Trait Natural Cook small Natural Cook
Lifetime wish
LTW The Culinary Librarian The Culinary Librarian
Fav Electronica Electronica
Fav Potato and Truffle Torte Potato and Truffle Torte
Fav Orange Orange
Hair color Eye-custom Pink
Eye color Eye-grey Gray
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
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Ella Charming (née Cendrillon) is the wife of the late Prince Charming, as well as the mother of Mona and Tammie Charming.


Weeks 01-09Edit

Ella is forbidden to go to Prince Charming's party by her stepmother Elizabeth, who attends with her two daughters Belladonna and Malaria, hoping that Prince will fall for either one of them. Ella is distraught as her step-family leave her behind, until she is approached by a fairy who calls herself "Chrysalis" who turns her clothes into a beautiful dress and sends her to the party, where Ella meets and dances with Prince Charming. Charming falls in love with her, but before he can ask her name, midnight strikes and Ella flees. Ella is eventually found by Charming, and the two get married shortly after reuniting and declaring their love for each other. Some time later, Ella and Prince have twin baby daughters, Mona and Tammie. However, Ella is distraught when Prince is killed by his old flame Zurel Pan, leaving her alone to raise the twins. Some time later, Ella is visited by a distraught Talia, whose lover Heimdall has also been mysteriously murdered. Ella consoles Talia, having gone through what it is like to lose a loved one. Ella confronts Zurel, who dismisses her.

Weeks 10-13Edit

After the deaths of both her daughters and son-in-law, Ella becomes even more suspicious of Zurel and Gothel. She calls her old friend Talia over, and Talia fuels Ella's paranoia that Zurel and Gothel have destroyed Ella's family for the sake of revenge. Ella decides that she must avenge her family, and asks for Talia's help to do so.



  • Ella is a clear allusion to Cinderella from the fairytale of the same name, Cinderella.
    • Ella's maiden name "Cendrillon" is the name of the French version of Cinderella.
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