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Elias Lincoln-Croft

Elias lincoln-croft adult

Elias lincoln-croft young adult

Elias lincoln-croft teen

Elias lincoln-croft child

Elias lincoln-croft toddler

Gender TS2 Male male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Alma Mater School High School
Grade C
Career TS4 Career Athlete Mr Solar System
Family/Families Lincoln-Croft Family
Parents Alicia Lincoln, Marcus Croft
Siblings Lily Lincoln-Croft Female, Lara Lincoln-Croft Female, Jeremy Lincoln-Croft Male, Jade Lincoln-Croft Female
Romances Morgan Lincoln-Croft Married, Maureen Mori Ex-romance
Children Caleb Lincoln-Croft Son, Ava Lincoln-Croft Daughter
Household Lincoln & Croft (previously), Lincoln-Croft Fyres (current)
Pets Garrus (Chartreux)
Traits Trait TS4 Goofball Goofball
Trait TS4 Loves Outdoors Loves Outdoors
Trait TS4 Active Active
Trait TS4 High Metabolism High Metabolism
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Bodybuilder Bodybuilder
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-medium Medium
Body shape Fit Fit
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
Cause of death Freezing
World Willow Creek
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Elias Lincoln-Croft is the oldest child of Alicia Lincoln and Marcus Croft, the older brother of Lily and Lara Lincoln-Croft, the husband of Morgan Lincoln-Croft (neé Fyres) and the father of Caleb and Ava Lincoln-Croft.



Elias was born while his parents were still extremely poor. As a toddler, he didn't have much except for a potty, a high chair and a bed, and his mother Alicia was often at work and had little time to look after him. As a result, Marcus was often tasked with raising Elias. Despite the circumstances, Elias prooved to be a smart toddler who learned fast and became extremely close to his father as a result of all the time they spent together.

When Elias became a child, he still lived in almost destitute circumstances despite his parents now being much more well off financially as they were still trying to save up money. Despite his parents rigorous saving, they gifted him a cat. Because Elias had no toys as a child, he would often either play with his cat or go outside to find his own fun. While at school, he made friends with Max Villareal, Kassandra Feng and Maureen Mori and became fast friends with especially the two girls. 

He was also quite an active child and thus was able to complete his childhood aspiration of becoming a Rampuctious Scamp. 

Teen YearsEdit

When Elias became a teen, he got the Bodybuilder aspiration and took up vlogging. He grew closer to Maureen Mori and his new friend, Morgan Fyres, whom he met during the Spice Festival. 

Despite being no difficult child and toddler, he became quite a difficult teen as he would often stay up until late into the night, causing him to go late to school and missing out on homework, which caused his grades to drop to the point that he became a D Student. However, he has started to get a grip on himself and managed to work his way up to become a C Student once again. 

Elias also deepened his friendship with both Maureen and Morgan. While Morgan did hang out at his house, they grew a bit closer and first romantic feelings began to develop between them. However, Elias developed romantic feelings for Maureen as well and found himself in the awkward situation of having to decide which relationship he wanted to pursue.

The day after, Maureen asked Elias on a date and they shared their very first kiss with each other, deepening their feelings for each other. Later the same week, Elias asked Maureen to be his girlfriend, to which she happily agreed.


When he became a young adult, Elias decided to become a professional athlete and joined the Athlete career. Not long after Elias had become a young adult, his parents finally had saved up enough money to move into the Grand Modern Villa which would become the Lincoln-Croft Residence. 

He continued his relationship with Maureen for a while, but also kept in touch with his best friend Morgan. While they were hanging out at the pub one evening, his old feelings for Morgan resurfaced and they ended up sharing a kiss with each other. Realising that his feelings for Morgan were still strong, and that his feelings for Maureen had changed, he saught Maureen out and they split amicably.  Soon after, Elias and Morgan started dating again and at the end of one of their dates, Elias asked her to become his girlfriend. 

One day, Morgan showed up at the villa and they ended up woohoohing in the hot tub. A day later, on Love Day, Elias took Morgan out on a date to the Stargazer Lounge and proposed to her, to which Morgan happily said yes. During their date, Morgan however also did hold her belly and often seemed as though she would throw up. 

However, when Elias arrived home from his date he found his beloved cat Garrus passing away from old age and, unable to save his furry friend from the Reaper, burried him in the garden of the villa. The loss of his cat left Elias devastated. 

When Elias invited her to the villa the day later, she showed up on his doorstep pregnant. Elias, realising that he would become a father much soone than he had planned and not wanting to miss out on his child's birth and childhood asked Morgan to move in with him. 

Morgan eventually gave birth to a son who they named Caleb, and not long after the child was born, they moved out and into the Cozy Family Home together. 

Elias and Morgan finally eloped in the middle of summer in Myshuno Meadows, the same place that Elias' parents got married once. Their wedding almost became a disaster as they arrived at the wedding location when it was storming and thundering, but still managed to have a beautiful ceremony indoors. In their wedding night, their second child was conceived, a little girl who they named Ava.

Elias also was very successful at his job, earning promotions in quick succession and decided to become a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer. 

One day, the family received the news that Elias' mother-in-law, Moira Fyres, had passed away, which left his wife devastated, but Elias helped her through the mourning process and their love strenghtened even more as a result.

Elias was still regularly visited his parents and siblings, keeping a close relationship with them. As he had allowed his own grades to take a hit while in High School, he would encourage his own children to work hard for school, so they would finish school with better grades than he had - and to his joy, both of his children became A Students.

A couple of days after his son, Caleb, had become a teenager, Elias rose to become a Celebrity Bodybuilder. He was offered the opportunity to gain international fame but passed up on it, as he remembered the impact his mothers fame had had on his own life and he did not want paparazzi swarming his house and bothering his children.

Elias aged up into an adult on Winter's Day - sadly, as everyone was busy celebrating and opening presents, his birthday somehow escaped everyone's notice. Elias was a bit sad about the fact that his birthday had been forgotten, but he still had a wonderful holiday which helped him over it. 

One day after, he attented his father's elder birthday and later his sister Lily's wedding, spending time with his entire family. He would soon become an uncle for the first time when Lily became pregnant and gave birth to twins ... but at the same time, he unexpectactly became a brother of twins as well. 

Not long after his son Caleb had become a young adult, Elias unexpectacly became grandfather when his son's girlfriend gave birth to Caleb's daughter Emilia, and he saw his son moving out with his little family to live in an apartment in San Myshuno. 

At around the same point, Elias began to feel as though he had missed his youth by having children too early and marrying too quickly. He would try to revive his younger adultdays by partying. One night, while he was at a party, he began to chat with a woman named Anaya Datta and the conversation soon turned quite flirty and ended with the two of them exchanging numbers. 

At some point, it turned out that Elias flirted with his daughter Ava's fiancée, Cassandra Holland. Although Cassandra asked him to stop, Elias did not took it well and the two began to dislike each other as Elias seemed unrepentend.

Even though his relationship with Morgan was still very loving and deep, Elias started to see Anaya Datta more and more. One night, he invited Anaya out on a date and things got steamy and flirty quickly and ended with both of them passionately kissing. The next day, when Morgan was at work, Elias took his affair to the spa and they ended up woohoohing in the sauna. Morgan, meanwhile, was still unaware that her husband was being unfaithful. 

One day however Elias went out on a day with his affair when his wife, Morgan, entered the pub where he was meeting Anaya and caught the two of them in the act, passionately kissing. Hurt and angry, she told Elias to pack his things. Elias decided not to argue and moved back in with his mother and younger siblings. 

As Alicia had learned about his unfaithfulness, she was bitterly dissapointed in Elias but agreed to let him stay until he had found a new place for himself. However, it should never come to this: One day, after coming home from work, Elias went on a jog. As it was winter and freezing cold, he soon began to freeze and was not able to make it back to the villa before he succumbed to the cold. His sister Lara begged for him to be spared but was unsuccessfull, and Elias passed away from the freezing temperatures. 


  • Elias had the Silly trait when he was a toddler.
  • The Goofball trait reflects the fact that he was a silly toddler, while the Loves Outdoors trait reflects the fact that he would spend much of time out of the house when he was a child. 
  • His cat, Garrus, has so far run away twice. 
  • He resembles his father more than his mother, and has the same eye and hair colour as his father, Marcus.
  • Elias earned the Happy Toddler and the Physically Gifted trait. He also has the Frugal trait.
  • When Elias became a young adult, he got the Responsible trait.
  • He is the first child of Alicia and Marcus to die, and the first sim in the family to die from something other than old age.
  • He was the first member of the family to be unfaithful to his partner. 


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