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 Dusk of Opposition is a subset storyline of the Fanon Time Paradox set around the town of Moonlight Falls. It involves a new challenger to Kallisto Ezekiel Gretchyn, who is faced with troubles from outside, as well as within.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Anti-Papacy League[edit | edit source]

Bronzefangs[edit | edit source]

Achaia's Free-Love Movement[edit | edit source]

  • Eddy Fitzgerald
  • Amane Kanagawa
  • Clarissa Welch
  • Kevin Campa
  • Milly Hendrix

Lesser Witch Cults[edit | edit source]

  • Roseblooms
  • Leslie Patterson
  • Caitlyn Monroe
  • Juniper Bronson
  • Faye Max
  • Friends of Life
  • George Wilson
  • Brigit Fanning
  • Nelly Howards
  • Mark Sines

Others[edit | edit source]

Pro-Papacy Forces[edit | edit source]

Silver Lilies[edit | edit source]

Four Head Witches

  • Belinda Limpwort
  • Hikari Hanabusa
  • Aikaterine Larissaia
  • Lee Chu-Hee

Other Members

  • Winter Hester
  • Heaven Lundquist
  • Destiny Pallansch
  • Shirley Andersen
  • Vivian Cosine

Lizardworts[edit | edit source]

Leading Members

  • Berenike Kyrenaia
  • Duke of Mapleleaf
  • Suchart Ram

Other Members

  • Florence Lampard
  • Charles Kinnegan
  • Richard Benson
  • Eugene Naver
  • Frances Menger

Lesser Witch Cults[edit | edit source]

  • Elemental Hands
  • Marius Gallagher
  • Erwin Bismarck

  • Lightcasters
  • Pavlos Karagounis
  • Iason Lymperoupoulos

Non-witches[edit | edit source]

  • Bertha Rowans
  • Loukan Paulopoulos
  • Steven Allison

Neutrals[edit | edit source]

  • Lynn Barkley
  • Lissette Cantor
  • Zenobia Miles
  • Kyle Miles

Background[edit | edit source]

It has been some years since Kallisto bombed Bridgeport and stuck to developing Heptanomis. With Heptanomis running, Kallisto was able to turn to other matters, including resuming the crusade to remove WooHoo, spread the great Greek culture to replace the old one, castrate everyone, and make cyborgs, androids, and artificial sims.

This took several unexpected turns. Belinda Limpwort wished to bring an end to the current order by showing the magicless the power of magic. However, in Belinda's quest to fulfill a legend, Belinda had become gradually open to influences from the outside. As Belinda grew closer to fulfilling the legend, less purist Belinda became, and so Belinda met the new power that is the Ecclesiarchy.

The Silver Lilies formed largely as a society of magic users, promoting academic study of magic as well as utilizing them to show that magic can play a role in society. All seemed well, and as Silver Lilies tapped into the Ecclesiarchal assets, it seemed like Moonlight Falls would find a new order as the popular opinion of the Ecclesiarchy grew positive thanks to Silver Lilies' community service.

However, it would all change with Ezekiel Gretchyn's arrival unto Moonlight Falls. He had one weapon to turn the tide of pro-Papacy popular opinion, WooHoo. As his campaign to stop Moonlight Falls from accepting Ecclesiarchal rule proved successful, it was only a matter of time before he dealt with Silver Lilies. The tension grew, and this trend continued even as Kallisto bombed Moonlight Falls. With the time starting at May 12, 2030, the deadlock continues, with the Bronzefangs and the pro-SimNationian populace fit and ready for combat standing on one side, and the Silver Lilies and the pro-Papal populace such as the Lizardworts at the other side, compensating for their relative lack of physical strength with technical means.

May 12, 2030[edit | edit source]

Ezekiel Gretchyn[edit | edit source]

May 12, 2030. It has been several months since Kallisto's initial attacks, and thankfully, the vast majority of the Moonlight Fall's citizens stand with me in the fight against the suppression of freedom. Things seem to be quiet for the time being: I wonder if the Bridgeport's allies have anything to say about this lack of action. However, this also gives me breathing space, allowing me room to deal with internal enemies as well. There are the witches: although to say that all witches are allied with Kallisto would be a blatantly false and hasty generalization, the witch cults have been demonstrated as ones most open to Kallisto's influence. Silver Lilies in that matter are the most problematic: they were never ones to be moved by appeals to WooHoo, and the fact that their very rigorous structuring makes them all too compatible with Kallisto's lot.

Ever since Ayden van Gould's plot, it seems the business leaders in Moonlight Falls have the idea that deals with the Papal State are doing much good to Moonlight Falls. Admittedly, the economic impact that Kallisto had on this town is strong, and the once great elixir trade have left the witch cults all the richer. I fear that my actions against the elixir may be interpreted as a pogrom against the witches, although witches such as those of Roseblooms have thankfully understood my position. Indeed, this is a difficult position, but I must continue the fight. The rights of citizens of Moonlight Falls fall to my hands, and I shall not give up as long as there is one ounce of strength left to fight.

It seems like here and soon will be the showdown between the two ways of life that may decide the fate of Simkind... May the fortune smile upon us for the sake of liberty.

Belinda Limpwort[edit | edit source]

So the day has dawned. May 12, 2030. An auspicious day as May 12th was the day when we first made contact with the Papal State. Ah the Papal States, the one faction that have opened our eyes to the untapped power we could get. I have been a blind and simple one, much like the Spartiatai of the old as Aikaterine would constantly say. Dealing potions and playing a positive role in the community to prove magic's power has been our goal. However, the Papal State introduced to us a new community that more than embraces most of our ideals, unlike the tyrant Ezekiel Gretchyn who continues to delude people with the allure of WooHoo. On top, it has been the Papal State that have helped in establishing the large elixir market. Relatively isolated by the fact that the supernatural isn't looked with great acceptance by the majority, it is surprising that the Papal State, one that is most science aligned of them all, would embrace it and allow for a development that have made us far more wealthy. It was their openmindedness that won my heart, and it is by their benevolence that we shall direct the community towards the direction they point. There is no turning back, and the Silver Lilies shall not rest until we have overthrown those who continue to deride our ways.

There is tension. There will be violence, I can smell it. Here, we can finally show the world that our way has a place in the society, and if this means the old order must fall, then so be it, the new order suits us much better.

May 20, 2030[edit | edit source]

It all seemed like a typical day in Moonlight Falls, until there was a ruckus in town: Initially, people didn't understand why, until they realized that it was Antigone who arrived at the scene, which delighted the Bronzefangs and the other pro-WooHoo segments of the population. It was on the other hand viewed with a big groan by the pro-Papal factions.

Lynn Barkley[edit | edit source]

There was quick the ruckus in town: many people were waiting in line as if a major celebrity has arrived. The "as if" was to be proved true, since it is said that the person that just arrived in Moonlight Falls was Antigone Syrakosia, who is rumored to be an estranged cloned daughter of Kallisto.

The magic-wielders of the community was divided: most of the northerners didn't like this happening, such as those who operate the small academy to the north. The magic-wielders that were closer to the south, such as those who call themselves the Roseblooms, actively welcomed Antigone. This is in contrast to those who didn't wield magic, since they all generally favored Antigone and the big werewolf faction that is led by the current governor.

I really don't want to see any violence here, but then every day has been filled with festering tensions just waiting to explode. This whole thing's starting to get into my heads now...

Vivian Cosine[edit | edit source]

Alas, what we have feared has come true: the establishment faction have firmly shown that they would support one another. The Council of Bridgeport has dispatched one of the most significant members to town to further inspire the pro-establishment nonsense.

However, the internet rumors are telling a different story, assuming that the rumors are ultimately credible. Bridgeport has been since the second wave of bombardment become the hotbed of anti-Greek sentiments. If that is true, then Antigone is, I hypothesize, dispatched here to avoid the worst of these sentiments. The Attalid house, who had been in Bridgeport at the time of the Bridgeport bombardments, have disappeared very quickly just before the lynching against the Greeks occurred.

The question is, where would Demetria be positioned? Surely Demetria is in no shape to lead the Council if Antigone has been sent here, or are there some part to this that needs further investigation? I do wish that some friends of mine at Bridgeport would be more active in getting the latest news there...

Aikaterine Larissaia[edit | edit source]

So, the renegade has shown herself in Moonlight Falls. If I was able I'd personally go there and apprehend this traitor for our benefactors. Does she not know that the establishment has little tolerance for progress any faster than that of a snail? There's much to gain from making magic open. There's much to gain from all these... "unethical" technologies. "unethical" here is just another word for too open for the lily-livered fools, who thinks even the slightest deviance from their norm is somehow the end of the world as they know it.

Bah, the foolishness of uneducated people trying to find something to blame. Citizens of sane minds seems to be of very short supply in the current order, since we have foul xenophobic violence targeted against the Greek race, even those not related to our benefactors.

May 22, 2030[edit | edit source]

Ezekiel Gretchyn[edit | edit source]

Antigone Syrakousia[edit | edit source]

Winter Hester[edit | edit source]

Lissette Cantor[edit | edit source]

Tyler Young[edit | edit source]

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