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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.
Dungeon of NO RETURN
Name: Dungeon of NO RETURN
Genre: Horror and Mystery
Created by: Starmoonie
Rating: R
Number of chapters: None yet

Original run: Unannounced
Status: Abandoned

Preceded by: The fall of Twinbrook

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This story takes place back when Nova was first working on a project to test the Sim mind. Creating a dungeon with levels of tests, Nova also created several more to examine if any of her victims are smart enough to find a way out with out being killed.


Dear to Who ever this letter reaches:

I am trapped in a mad house with a crazed woman who sees herself as a god. I need help, my friends and family are all locked in this horrible place and need assistance immediately! She is not who you think she is! This woman has been playing her little games on Sims long enough! I am in Section 32 with two other Sims, we haven't had any food for days! I'm almost dust and the walls of this place seem to grow smaller every minute! WE NEED HELP! SAVE US!

This letter was found by a local Sim in the area after six months of Nova's escape from the mental hospital. It is unknown if this is real or false. There are no evidence of these dungeons and Nova is long gone. The only thing that keeps the officers on their toes is that one known survivor has came out claiming this all happened. Listen to their story....



Coming Soon.


Located here: Dungeons


Coming Soon.


  • This story is based on the game, Amnesia of the Dark Descent.
  • Its also based on the Saw series, but Nova is present on all of them.
  • Izcrazi is not in this story because I felt there would be no place I could have fit him in.
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