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The Dortheimer family may be old and huge legacy but it's members all are acquainted to the others. All it's household are rich beyond belief and most of them are highly powerful in SimNation. They are however also known for the evil side that lurks deep inside some of this legacy's heirs' hearts.
Number of generations 20 generations

How it all began

Once upon a time,

A young woman from Veronaville, Neptuna Dortheimer

Married a handsome young man named Saturnin Loviper.

She was happy with him, but she passed over

Her newlywed husband's twisted and mad nature.

She had three lovely children with him:

Auda, Jeanne and Célestin.

After the kids reached the age of twenty,

Neptuna discovered her husband's insanity,

But too late: for apparently no reason,

He chased her in their luxurious mansion

And when he finally reached her,

He whacked her with a huge hammer.

The three children, seeing their mother dead on the floor,

Cried upon Neptuna's death.

They decided Saturnin wouldn't kill anymore

And made him give up his last breath.

They drowned him in one of the nearby rivers

And sunk the body into the dismal waters.

They swore to each other that never ever

Would any Dortheimer perish like their mother.

They would narrate the dire events

To any of their descendent

As such they wouldn't ever

Trust anyone like did their mother.


The Dortheimer family is an enormous legacy with actually counts 20 generations. It's members are presents in most cities from SimNation, and some even had taken part of SimNation's government. They all stacked mountainous amounts of cash for the past centuries and gained power, fame and wealth.

However, they are also known to count a wide number of evildoers, criminals, black widows and corrupted politicians in their ranks. Most of the Dortheimer's spouses generally don't last long: this is the result of the first generations of the family who taught their children to never trust anyone: they should never ever marry anybody in order to preserve themselves from Neptuna's fate as much as they could. However, Astrid Dorrtheimer, the first really evil Dortheimer, shuffled the tale and taught her own and her sisters children that the should marry and them eliminate their spouses in order to protect themselves from being killed by them. In fact, Astrid mostly had after the in-law's money.

The most famous and evil Dortheimer also are generally very intelligent and ruthless, making them dreadful: many are proficient and greedy sharks that would never stop at anything to get what they want. Adn they are either loaded or bright enough to avoid slammer.

There hopefully also are some Dortheimer that are highly caring and good-hearted, but they often are intimidated or overshadowed by their evil relatives. They are sometimes stronger than those, however, like when the honest Pulchérie won the presidential elections against her evil, cunning and demagogic relative Marie Rose.


The Dortheimer are or have been very influent in most publics domains, most notably business, the Underworld and Politics (usually assorted with many sordid cases of corruption). Here's a non exhaustive list.


The legacy bears among its members some of the greatest criminals of all the time. First, spouse murdering is almost a family tradition. And even if they genarlly are highly suspected, no one could ever have gained enough evidence to send them behind bars. Moreover, despite their gruesome reputation, the Dortheimers usually find a husband/wife.

But there are some who in addition to this are members or leaders of criminal organizations searched by all the polices of the world. The best examples would be Rénata and her great grandmother Astrid who ruled over the Underworld for their entire life and gained millions of Simoleons with blackmail, robberies, hold-ups, murders and kidnapping among others


Many Dortheimer are involved in Politics. But the honest ones are ralmost inexistant. They all have been involved in cases of misappropriation of public funds, rigging markets and many others. They generally are members of one of the big political party Democratical Sim Union (DSU), which has always been stuffed with occult funds gathered by its many members.



The Dortheimer all have a natural sense for business, and this led many of its members to become CEO of many world-sized enterprises. For example, MorcuCorp has been directed by the Barnacle Bay lineage of the family for centuries, since Vanda Dortheimer. They, pretty much like the Landgraabs, own various shops, restaurants, enterprises. One of the most notable Sim from this category would be the first owner of the restaurant Le Dindon Gras in Riverblossom Hills, Gladys Dortheimer who died while she was trying to make costumers happy and manipulable.


Some Dortheimer also are prodigeous Scientists. The great Inventor Claudia Dortheimer and the university teacher Simone Dortheimer are classifiables in this category.

Life States

Although most Dortheimer are being normal Sims, some of them have had a strong contact with supernatural. There have been for now:

  • 1 Mummy
  • 1 Werewolf
  • 2 Playable Ghost
  • 6 Vampires (and one of them was cured)
  • 5 Genies
  • 5 Aliens
  • 11 Witches (2 were Neutral, 5 were Evil and 4 were Good)

Houses and Properties

Being present in many many SimNation towns, the Dortheimer legacy owns a large number of houses which usually are rather costly. (This gallery is not exhastive for now)

By Town


The town where everything began. In my games for now, the "veronavillian" Dortheimer are from the 6th and 7th generation, being called Marguerite and her two children Adeline and Théo. Marguerite bought the Lighthouse Garden Shop on the river banks but the business is in serious trouble.

Barnacle Bay

Here lies MorcuCorp's head office directed by the local Dortheimer branch. Decades after the harsh and deadly rivalry between Margaux two heirs, MorcuCorp is now lead with an iron fist by Christine Dortheimer, while the latter's cousin Chantal is running a nice inn in the center of Barnacle Bay with her best friend Samantha to welcome tourists.

Hidden Springs

The 6th generation member and actress Gorgonie Dortheimer moved here to gain eternal youth. However, her daughter Ursanne didn't want to see her mother live forever and therefore keep all the money for her. She decided to polish her off to inherit. Some time later, Ursanne's descendants Charybdis and Scylla underwent a frightfully evil life and were turned into Demons.

Sunset Valley

At first, the town was inhabited by the criminal Astrid and her descendant, but later, her descendants Sierra and Orsolina sold the house to one of their old cousins Lily. Lily's descendants still lived in the town, in a Tudor house near the cliffs until it's utter obliteration cause by the crazed Wanda. The latter's daughter fled to Moonlight Falls.


Gisèle Dortheimer was the first one to arrive in this town. She moved twice, but her last house burnt and her son Lucas bought a new house on the hills, which is still inhabited by his sister's descendants. The house is notable for the enormous underground maze where many people are buried. For now, the ghost hunter Pascaline is the only remaining member of the Riverview branch of the family, as the rest of it had been entirely annihilated by the spirit of an envious ancestor.


The Dortheimer own a marshy mansion in the expensive part of the town. At first inhabited by Clara Dortheimer's daughters, the latters' descendants swapped theitr house with their cousin from Pleasantview. Now, Florence's acrobat daughter Raina lives here with her 2 genies children Robert and Brigitte, as well as her niece Mina and the latter's daughter Mireille and Mireille's daughter Martine. The house was also inhabited by Florence cousins Hortense and Francine during their youth.

Sunlit Tides

Delphine Dortheimer bought an enormous villa in this shiny tropical atoll when she got fed up with Twinbrook's fog. She there fell in love with a native, that did not love her in return...

Lucky Palms

Armelle Dortheimer moved in a house on the Lucky Palms pier with her fortune-telling daughter Arachné, being attracted to the big Casino. The entire Lucky Palms branch of the family has been turned into vampires, except for the last one, Ursule, who is a ghost.


4th generation's Pekoe and her two daughters lived here for a while before moving out. 9th generation's Mallorie became the town's mayor but she was murdered by a crazed maniac. Centuries later, the celebrity-thirsty businesswoman Queenie Dortheimer bought a large house on the hills.


The pharmacist Barberine moved in here after her evil vampire cousin Lulu had been vanquished by the Hero. She was at first rejoined by her other cousin Odette's daughters Lisbeth and Claudette, but after Barberine's death and Lisbeth's twin's birth, they needed a bigger house and they swapped theirs with the one of her distant relative Angèle, in Twinbrook. From now on, Angèle lives here with her two daughters Armande and Armelle.


After selling their Tudor house from Pleasantveiw, Orsolina Dortheimer moved here in a Moroccan Manor. She currently lives with her newlywed husband and her daughter Marie-Dominique. The latter became the town's mayor, but as time passed, she had become a ruthless tyrant. She was murdered by some rebels, but her spirits remained on Earth and continued to spread chaos in town with her help of her trio of Henchwomen and witches, the Shadow Sirens Marjolène, Maryline and Viviane. After centuries of her ruthless reign, the town had been completely isolated from the rest of the world and nearly destroyed, when four heroes finally sealed Marie-Domnique's spirit in her Shadow Palace. Yet she has not been completely vanquished, and the Shadow Sirens still are on the loose.

Desiderata Valley

Marcia moved here after fleeing away from her family. Another branch which is not really developped. Currently at 7th generation.

Belladonna Cove

10th generation's Adelmire just move here. The least developped part of the legacy.

Starlight Shores

The Amazing Hortense, world famous magician, and Francine, detective, moved here with their mother Lisbeth when the latter was thrown out of their manor in Twinbrook by their cousin Florence. Currently, Hortense's four granddaughters Pallas, Judith, Rachel and Argine live together with Judith's husband and her daughter Babette.

Riverblossom Hills

Many Dortheimers lived here. At the fifth generation, Astrid's niece Charline moved here. The family remained here until Gisèle's fiancé's murder. Some years later, the house was bought by Gladys, from the 13th generation after her seashore villa from Huntsville burnt to the ashes. She also bought a successful restaurant, Le Dindn Gras. Her granddaughter Arlette sold the house and bought a semi-greenhouse manor. When it was destroyed by an incoming satellite, they moved back in the sleepy town of Huntsville where they rebuilt the ruins of the red seadhore villa. Shortly before their return to Huntsville, another part of the family moved in: Phyllis moved here from Sunset Valley. They first bought Gisèle's old home but then moved into the biggest house in town when Phyllis' Great-Great-Granddaughter Victorine became mayor of SimCity. Currently at 19th generation.


A self-created town. Dorothée moved here from Pleasantview with her daughter Magdala in the red seshore villa mentioned above. A large proportion of the family remained here family remained here until the villa's destruction. Some time later, the villa was rebuilt and the family came back. Currently at 18th generation.

Moonlight Falls

The crooky medium Marie-Soleil moved here when she was called by Annalove Ivy to help her into freeing her family from the grasp of two great evils. She loved the town and fell in love with a fairy. She got married to him and got a daughter Farore. And Marie-Soleil invited her cousin Ozalée to live with her when she learnt that the latter's mother obliterated the town she lived in. Currently at 20th generation.

Monte Vista

Annick Dortheimer came here in search for a husband, and she brought her elderly mother Armande with her. Now they are all enjoying a peaceful life in this sunny town.

Aurora Skies

When the twins Cléa and Traudel returned in thir great-grandfather Fenrir's birth town, they realized that it was a tad too peaceful and kind and they decided to bring some animation to town. Cléa created her own crime syndicate while Traudel wroke havoc by spreading heinous rumors and creating tensions between the Aurora Skies natives.

Family Tree


-The family is in fact a puzzle of all my games. My computer often crashed and I therefore often had to recreated everything.

-As a result, many of my Sims that have lived in the same towns even if many many years have passed will always meet the same other NPC and neighbors afs if the latters were immortals. This also happens in the Sims 3 since I never activate the story progression.

-Most Dortheimers are women. And Dortheimer men are generally slightly nicer that females.

-As for the family Tree, I realized it's rather small but the full resolution image is much bigger and accessible via the image details.

-The name Dortheimer originates from Agatha Christie's novel Lord Edgware Dies which I read when I was ten years old. The name is mentioned somewhere in the book and I liked it. When I had to chose my newest Sim family name, "Dortheimer" is the one that came to my mind first. The other name I considered was Carbonnet.

-The first Dortheimer I created was not the legacy's matriarch Neptuna but Huntsville citizen Dorothée. I created after some computer crashed other Dortheimer families until I had the idea of linking all the previous families into one big legacy.

-I created this family in 2006, when I was 13 years old.

-Actually, the only Dortheimer which took their spouse's name are Pélagie Horsepurple and Lady Arabelle Armataren.

-Carole's four daughters Pallas, Judith, Rachel and Argine are named after the four queens of the traditional French playing cards -A common family feature is their eyes, that slightly point downwards toward the sides of the face. -A strange oddity, the two Aliens Bella and Barberine are exact clones of one another, yet they are not even sisters, their respective fathers (who ironically bear the same name) being cousins once removed. -I greatly enjoy to link the family to many other things I like, most of them being video game series:

  • Etoiline is based on the character called "Becky Walters" from the Quebec comedy serie called "Le Coeur a ses Raisons".
  • Herlinda, Belinda and Lucinda are the Three Sisters from the Nintendo game "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon".
  • Marie-Dominique and her town are based on the Shadow Queen and the ancient town that was destroyed 1000 years prior the events in "Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door", while Viviane, Maryline and Marjolène refer to the Shaow Sirens from the same game.
  • Huguette and her husband are based on the elderly and incredibly mean couple fro the popular French TV Serie "Scènes de Ménages".
  • There are countless references to the Mystery Case Files serie: Marie-Soleil arrived at Fate's Carnival from "Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate", Pauline is based on the daredevil Diva from the said game, Marlena has the design of a puzzle in the same game on her skirt, Hortense's stage name is based the magician from Fate's Carnival called "the Amazing Larry", Emma, Charles Dalimar and the Ravenhearst Manor all hail from "Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst" and it's sequels, Wanda is loosely based on the professor Luna H. Tick from "Mystery Case Files Huntsville", and so do the fanmade township of Huntsville and the crime syndicate operated by Bella, Anneliese is a parody of the culturist Elizabeth Wright from "Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects", Octavie's extraterrestrial pranks, and her best friend are based on a case in Mystery Case Files Huntsville entitled "Spaced Out", like Octavie's pet store.
  • Charybdis ad Scylla refer to the monsters Ulysse had to face during the "Odyssey" from the Greek author Homer.
  • The Krusty Lobter and it's owner, mentioned in Berthe's bio, are based on the Krusty Krabs and Eugene Krabs from Nickelodeon's "Spongebob Squarepants" cartoon.
  • Astrid's husband's last name, "Octonnet", is the French name of Capamari, a boss from "Kirby's Epic Yarn".
  • Sibel is based on Meryl the Mermaid (her French name being Sibel), from one of my childhood games called "Insaniquarium" from PoCap Games.
  • Adèle, also known as Agent 000 is a parody of James Bond. Also, in Margaux" bio, the sentence that says she has the Midas touch refers to the movie "Goldfinger" opening credits.
  • Chantal is based on Chantal Mathieu, from the French comedy mini-series "Samantha Oups"
  • Being an avid politics follower, the entire political system described on various pages directly refer to the French Political world.
  • The Enigmansion (mentioned in Aliénor's bio), the Bafflewood and the Whitecap Beach (mentioned in Norma's bio) are based on the areas on the same name from "Paper Mario: Sticker Star".
  • The Kalle Demos, created by Barberine and that killed Adelmire, is based on the boss of the same name in "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker".
  • The various references to the Lanayru province (Madeleine's mining facility and Gwenaëlle Sandship, as well as what happened to them) all hail from "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword".
  • Farore's first name refers to the Goddess of Courage Farore in "The Legend of Zelda" serie.
  • The sisters Pelly and Phyllis are based on the pelican sisters from the Animal Crossing serie, and so is the Crazy Redd shop mentioned in Gundrun's bio. Also, Ankha's overall appearance is based on the cat villager from the same name.
  • Jubileus and Sheba's names and appearance are  loosely based on the eponymous characters from the 2010 game "Bayonetta".


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