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Doomsday Neptune is a Sim living in Starlight Shores after moving out of her family's home in Riverview. She is at level 10 of the Music career (Rock branch) and is at level 10 of the Guitar level. She also is at level 9 in Painting and level 6 in Mixology.

She is friends with the Luck brothers (being a bandmate of Isaac herself), and is also friends with Becky Lack. She likes to go to the local clubs and Moonlight as a Mixologist there.

As a teenager, she was a loner; this carried on to when she aged up. Wanting to distance herself from Riverview, she moved out of the family home and took her electric guitar with her. Her guitar is what she calls her "best friend". Deciding to take up a career in music, she moved out to Starlight Shores and was welcomed by the Luck brothers.

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