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Donyelle Amanda Langerak is a member of the Langerak family. Dustin and Iliana's third child, Zelda and Leighton Sekemoto's niece, the sister of Parker, Kaylynn, Bennett, and Layla Langerak, the stepcousin of Sam Sekemoto, and the cousin of Link, Varina, Ganon, and Yumiko Sekemoto. The wife of Snuggies Langerak, the mother of Donyne, Calypso, Xuric, and Reid Langerak, and the mother-in-law of Huggles, Spring, Notch, and Thwomp Langerak. Grandmother of Donni and Danni Langerak through Donyne and Huggles. Grandmother of Rose and Thorn Langerak through Calypso and Spring. Grandmother of Adric and Nyssa Langerak through Xuric and Notch. Grandmother of Lerran and Sabina Langerak through Reid and Thwomp.

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A supergenius who just married her childhood Imaginary Friend!
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png young adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png genetically engineered human
Zodiac sign Pisces.png Pisces
Other Information
Game Sims 1

As a baby\toddler[edit | edit source]

Iliana got pregnant for the third time when she and Dustin were adults, Zelda an young adult, Parker a teen, and Kaylinn a child. It was a rather smooth pregnant and she gave birth at the hospital. As a baby, Donyelle was rather quiet and well loved by all members of the household. She did'nt do much. By the time she turned into a toddler, Parker was an young adult going to college, Kaylinn was a teen, Zelda had just married Leighton and was pregnant with Link Sekemoto, and Iliana was pregnant with Bennett. Dustin taught Donyelle to walk, Leighton taught Donyelle to talk, and Kaylinn potty trained Donyelle. Donyelle did'nt do much interesting stuff as a toddler, she was mostly playing with her imaginary friend doll which was named Snuggies.

As a child[edit | edit source]

When Donyelle turned into a child, Parker was living with his girlfriend River McIrish, River's adoptive moms Fiona and Molly, Molly's biological daughter Sandi (now Sandi McIrish!), River's much older friend Claire Ursine, and Claire's daughter Tabby, who is the same age as Donyelle. Kaylinn was an young adult and had become a NPC maid because of some stuff involving a llama god that needed acolytes (read: service NPCs) to do stuff for them. Yumi Sekemoto was dead of old age and buried in the graveyard next to Sam's mother Annabelle Oinkslopes. Zelda, Leighton, Sam, and Link were back living in Plus Plus, Bennett was a toddler, while Layla and Varina were both on the way.

Donyelle had a pretty nice childhood, her best friends were two local children her age, Selena Bunch the third daughter of Jack and Judy Bunch, and Shamus Wainwright the son of Boyd and Susan Wainwright. They often hanged out by the backyard of Selena's house, making firework stuff using a special kind of firework invented by Selena's sister Darlene. Once they also tried to grill hot dogs using fireworks. It did'nt work. One accident also left Donyelle's skin much charred and thus visibly darker than her siblings.

One of Donyelle's aspirations was that to turn Snuggies real and she succeeded in that, Snuggies and Donyelle then became BFFs with each other.

As a teen[edit | edit source]

When Donyelle turned into a teen, Parker was dating Bebe Hart and living with his workplace boss Nancy Landgraab, Nancy's husband Geoffrey, Nancy and Geoffrey's son Malcolm and daughter Penelope, Malcolm's wife Darlene (yes, Selena's sister), and Malcolm and Darlene's daughter Dyreball. Kaylinn was still a maid. Bennett and Link were children. Layla and Varina were toddlers. Ganon Sekemoto was on the way. Sam was a teen and was currently dating Sandi McIrish.

It was as a teen that Donyelle maxed the logic skill and learned to make all ten potions. She also started dating Snuggies, they joined an international club of occults and those who were dating and\or related to occults, and often, Donyelle and Snuggies went to SimCity for club meetings. She was still friends with Selena and Shamus.

After logic, Donyelle went on to Inventing skill. She and Snuggies used their scrap-made time machine twice, once to travel to the past, and once to travel to the future. Is it then that she decided to max the science skill.

As an young adult[edit | edit source]

When Donyelle turned into an young adult, Parker was still living with the Landgraabs and dating Penelope, Kaylinn was still a maid, Bennett and Link were teens, Layla and Varina were children, Ganon was a toddler, and Yumiko was on the way. Sam was an young adult and was still dating Sandi, living with her, Fiona, Molly, Claire, and Tabby.

Donyelle and Snuggies went to college and then moved together to a town named Serene Swirl, famous for having the highest count of Imaginary Friend occults. Is it there that Donyelle maxed the science skill, thus cloning herself making Donyne, and also getting a plantbaby named Calypso. After maxing the science skill, Donyelle moved on to the science carreer, starting at level five due to having graduated college and having level 10 science skill.

It is also around those times that Snuggies got "alien pregnant", giving birth to Xuric.

As an adult[edit | edit source]

When Donyelle turned into an adult, Yumiko was the only one between her siblings and cousins to still be a teen and thus still living in Sunset Valley. She was dating Rita Alvi (Rita Davis-Welles), the daughter of VJ Alvi and Lisa Bunch. Donyne and Calypso were teens and dating their respective Imaginary Friends (Huggles and Spring). Xuric was a child and was BFF with his own imaginary friend Notch, planning to date her. Donyelle had become an highest-rank Mad Scientist shortly after becoming an Adult.

Is it as an adult that Donyelle accidentally gets pregnant, and gives birth to Reid. Eventually, Reid also gets an Imaginary Friend turned real named Thwomp, who also marries Reid.

When Reid is a toddler, Xuric a teen, and Donyne and Calypso young adults in college, Donyelle befriend a strange man from the far future named Emit Relevart (Emit Relevart is actually a legacy identity owned by more than one person. The Emit that Donyelle befriends is Fenton Wainwright, direct descendant of the son of Shamus and Selena. The first Emit Relevart is Skip Broke Jr. - the kid who Brandi is pregnant with at the start of a new Pleasantwiew.) and ends up bringing Utopia to Oasis Landing. She also buys an holographic pet named Bobble and a Plumbot named X8t3-v33. (pronounced Sotevì)

As an elder[edit | edit source]

When Donyelle turned into an Elder, Donyne, Calypso, and Xuric were all Young Adults, and Reid was a Teen. Donni and Rose were toddlers, while Danni, Thorn, and Adric were on the way.

Donyelle keeps on working at the Serene Swirl science lab, and buys it, renaming it to Langerak Innovations. She becomes a local heroine and five-star celebrity, and introduces far-future technologies to Serene Swirl. She also finds and adopts an unicorn named Swift, and maxes the Riding skill, competing with Swift in some horse racing tourneys.

Of course, Reid also turns into an Young Adult, goes to college, and moves out alongside his fianceé and imaginary friend Thwomp. Donyelle and Snuggles decide to leave their villa (and Bobble\X8t3-v33\Swift) only to someone great enough to follow in Donyelle's footsteps.

One fateful day, Snuggles dies of old age, and a few minutes later, Donyelle dies, also of old age.

By then, Donni and Rose are young adults, Danni, Thorn, and Adric are teens, Nyssa a child, Lerran a toddler, and Sabina on the way.

X8t3-v33 continues to take care of Swift by themselves, until someone great enough goes to live in the villa.

Centuries pass, and someone known by F4stw1nd D3styny moves in the villa.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

I never made\bred a Donyelle sim in my games, but I know that someone propably did even if just in sims 1\2\4 and not 3 (where Donyelle was suppose to be a premade sim in).

Donyelle is actually an early, female version of Parker. The early Donyelle is a dark skinned blonde, or at least described as having lighter hair and darker skin than Kaylinn. Thus, this Donyelle has blonde hair (Dustin's), light cyan eyes (from Dustin's side), and dark skin (from a firework mishap as a child)

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One of the newest heroines of science.
Age TS3-Adult.png adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png genetically engineered human
Zodiac sign Pisces.png Pisces
Aspiration  knowledge
Other Information
Game Sims 2
Playability not in game
Neighborhood Serene Swirl
The Sims 3 Logo.png
Unborn Baby Langerak-Mae, third child and second daughter to Dustin Langerak and Iliana Mae (Langerak)
Age TS3-Baby.png unborn
Life state CAS Human icon.png human
Lifetime wish
reach the top of both science skill and science career
Fav Electronica.png electronica
Fav Spaghetti.png spaghetti
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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