Doctor Who Sims 3 Adventures




Publisher(s) Manyfestation
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Ratings All Ages
Media YouTube

For the series created by Bhind45, see Fanon:Doctor Who: The Sims 3.

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Doctor Who: Sims 3 Adventures (more known as Doctor Who Sims 3 Adventures) is a Science Fiction YouTube web-series created, developed, written, recorded and directed/realized by Manyfestation (aka The Sim Doctor). The series, inspired by the long running British BBC TV Show "Doctor Who", is currently in his third series, beginning with the Christmas Special.

The Series follows The Doctor as he's sailing off the universe in a Time-Machine known as the TARDIS, with some companions, currently Lexie Coleman & Mathis Dowe (now married), who travels with him. Through their adventures in space and time, they faces numerous enemies, from the original BBC series or created by Manyfestation.

You can access Manyfestation's YouTube channel right here : .


If the first series wasn't very good, quality began to increase during Series 2 and is still progressing. The very first episode was released on October 14, 2011. The next episode was released on November 7, 2011 and the third one was uploaded on November 9, 2011. Since then, episodes began to be released quite regularly. The first series concluded on February 19, 2012, after five months. Nonetheless, several episodes were taken down by the BBC because the opening title music was utilised in episodes.

On February 19, 2012, Manyfestation announced that a second series will be released the same year. On February 25, 2012, Manyfestation released the very first trailer for Series 2, showing new Cybermens, Weeping Angels and Silents but also introduced new enemies such as a Barlok, Kyneptons and an unnamed woman. On March 5, 2012 was released the new opening title for the series (that didn't used the opening titles and music from the original series), the following day a prequel to "The Dreams of the Thirtheenth" was released and on March 7, 2012 was released the first episode of Series 2.

Series 2 contained 13 episodes, which included 3 two-parters episodes and 7 one-part episodes. Series 2 ended with a two parter story named "The Last Time Lord Prophecy" and "The Last War". Both of thoses titles were chosen because the "Last Time Lord Prophecy" was a recurring theme across the series, and the "Last War" was a "war" that lots of species told about (hinted at, because they didn't knew anything more than its name) to the Doctor (who wasn't aware of it at all) across the entire series before its reveal on the final episode "The Last War". The Last War was hinted by the Weeping Angels (describing the Last War) : "All planets, periods and others are concerned. As if the galaxy moved towards a final point of destruction, while all periods would be at the same distance from that point". The Last War was described as the "worst war ever" and finally took place during a unique day, the 21st December 2012. Series 2 concluded on February 12, 2013, nearly a year after the end of Series 1. A Minisode Series called "Life ..." was released between February 18, 2013 and March 10, 2013. That minisodes series consisted of unused ideas for complete episodes or deleted scenes.

A Christmas special episode was announced on March 24, 2013 with a 50 seconds long teaser trailer : "A Christmas Honeymoon". A prequel to this episode was released on April 5th, featuring a younger version of Lexie Dowe and Cybusmens. This minisode also featured the great return of the "Secret Council", last seen in Series 2, Episode 2 "Plan of the Kyneptons". The Imperatrix Shantor 7 said in that minisode that they launched their "plan" a year ago. As that scene took place on April 5, 2013, their plan was launched on April 2012 but the date of creation of the council is not specified yet. Bad Celly didn't met the other members of the Secret Council since April 2012 but said that she needs the Doctor's TARDIS for some reason, hinting at that she could be the next big bad of Series 3. The Christmas episode should be released in May.

Series 3 is currently in development. Manyfestation will write all episodes, again, and has already written episodes 1, 2, 3, 11, 12 and 13 but has all the scenario for others episodes in minds. On May 1, 2013, Manyfestation revealed on Tumblr the name of the first four episodes with hints of what we could see in it.

For a list of episodes see List of Doctor Who: Sims 3 Adventures episodes

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