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Sims 2 Doctor Who 2013

Sims 2 Doctor Who 2013

The Teaser Trailer

Doctor Who: Sims 2Edit

Coming Soon from SimamonProductions is a new Sims series based on the BBC television show; "Doctor Who".

So far the series is only planned for one series with five episodes for viewers.

It is still in production and episode one will air sometime during 2013.


The show opens with only one confirmed main character.

  • The Doctor (Eleven), a mad man Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.


Season OneEdit

Image Title Episode Description Director Producer
Tumblr majeqpb9lZ1rze0h8o1 1280 The Beginning of Time 1 The Doctor, a Time Lord from outer space lands in 2005 London after regenerating from his tenth incarnation. SimamonProductions SimamonProductions
Tumblr m9e1l6FpnJ1rze0h8o3 1280 Blaidd Drwg 2 The Doctor meets a young woman from 2005, she decides to travel with him. But something strange is happening. . . SimamonProductions SimamonProductions
N/A Breath of Steel 3 The Cybermen fall out of time and into the Doctor's hands. SimamonProductions SimamonProductions
N/A Death to the Doctor 4 The Daleks return with envy as they bring revenge for what the Doctor has done. SimamonProductions SimamonProductions
N/A Time and the Doctor 5 The Daleks chase the Doctor and his companion throughout time, from victorian London to New Earth. SimamonProductions SimamonProductions
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