This is "Part Two" of The Destruction of the TARDIS, it is Proceded by Missive, and is followed by Lost, and Sabotage.

The Destruction of the TARDIS:
Part Two: Divided
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Katarina encounters a menacing Cyberman.
Publisher(s) Bhind45
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Creature Cybermen
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"The Destruction of the TARDIS": Divided (Part Two) is a Doctor Who: Sims 3 episode, that was uploaded on July 21 2012. It was the first episode to feature the Cybermen.



While listening to the Doctors Hologram message, the TARDIS activates the Self-Destruct as a result of a myserious unknown circumstance.


The Doctor runs outer the Console into a corridor, only to see the corridor consumed by fire, but he runs anyway. Katarina, hesitant to run, is cut off from the Doctor, she runs into a room, only to reveal the room is huge and cool. The Doctor, roaming a corridor in the TARDIS, is myseriously trapped, because the doors disappears. Looking for a way out, he starts touching the wall, in the hope that it will reveal a secret door. After touching the wall, he was indeed correct. A secret door appears, so he procceds to walk through the TARDIS. Katarina continues to look at the super-cool, TARDIS room. The Doctor opens a door to reveal the Vortex, sucking the Doctor into it. Katarina looks around the Secondary Console TARDIS, after hearing loud sounds, she runs to the bridge, only to see a group of cyber-netic Robots called Cybermen, she turns around to see a Cybermen walking towards her. TO BE CONTINUED...



Guest StarringEdit

  • Christopher Eccleston as Ninth Doctor (credited as Hologram)
  • Peter Hawkins as Voice of the Cybermen


Music ComposersEdit

  • John Debnry
  • Murry Gold
  • Dominic Glynn (Music Theme)

Music NotesEdit

  • The music featured in the Recap is from the new series episode "Parting of the Ways"
  • All music featured (expect theme song and recap) is from the "Doctor Who: Movie".


  • To be divided is to be separate or be separated into two groups. This refers to Katarina and the Doctor getting "Divided" by the fire surrounding the TARDIS.
  • From August 2012 to July 2013, this episode was only given the title of "Part Two". It wasn't until the planning stage of the Uncut versions that it was given the title of "Divided" as so to remain consistent with the remaining episodes of the series.

Production NotesEdit

  • Although it is never stated in the series, the huge room that Katarina finds, is actually the secondary console room.
  • The secondary console room makes its first outer three appearances in the series. It would appear again briefly in "Lost" and then it's final appearance in "Catacomb".
  • This is the first episode to feature no "TO BE CONTINUED..." caption on the cliffhanger This would stay like this until "Catacomb", where it would than become a common occurrence.
  • Despite making only an appearance in the recap, Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) is still credited for this appearance.


  • The voice of the Cyberman was achieved by using a Sound Clip from the Classic Series episode The Tomb of the Cybermen.
  • The noises the Vortex makes is the same sound of the Vortex used in the New Series during the eras of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.
  • A secondary console room was previously featured in the Classic Series in Season 14.
  • The scream of The Doctor is actually the scream of The Tenth Doctor in "Doomsday", When Rose is being sucked into the Void.


  • The music in the recap to "Missive" is different to what it actually was in "Missive". The music in the recap is what the music was going to originally be in "Missive", the music was changed quite close to uploading. So by than "Divided" was already edited, and to late to be changed. This same error would occur in the next episode. The reason for that episode is also the same reason in this episode.
  • Also, in the recap the Ninth Doctors hologram line is different to what it is in "Missive". In "Divided" he says "I like bananas", while in "Missive", He says "Have a wonderfull life". Originally, "I like bananas" was the line in "Missive", but was changed not long before upload. As a result it was to late to change it for "Divided", as it had completed editing.
  • The TARDIS monitar changes different texture in-between episodes. In "Missive" it is Metal looking, in this, it is Wooden looking.
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