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Dina Caliente
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Dina Caliente TheLopman
Ever since her son Alan's untimely death, Dina has been looking for a way to bring him back.
Name Dina Caliente
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Alien Alien-Sim Hybrid
Education and Employment
Paranormal career Conspiracy Theorist
Caliente family
Parents Flamenco Caliente, Nighat Caliente Deceased
Sibling(s) Nina Caliente Twin sister
Romances Michael Bachelor, Mortimer Caliente Deceased, Don Goth Fell in Love with -Sim-
Marital status Widow
Child(ren) Quinn Caliente Daughter, Alan Caliente Deceased
Caliente Family
Roommates Quinn Caliente
Zodiac sign Libra (sign) Libra
Aspiration  Fortune
Lifetime want
Achieved 5 Top-Ranked Businesses Own 5 Top-Level Businesses
Turn ons
Formal Wear Formal Wear
Black Hair Black Hair
Turn off Stink Stink
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-medium Medium
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Pleasantview
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Dina Caliente (formerly Bachelor) is one of my Sims 2 Sims, living in Pleasantview with her daughter Quinn Caliente. She is the daughter of the deceased Flamenco and Nighat Caliente, twin sister of Nina Caliente, the widow of both Michael Bachelor and Mortimer Caliente, and mother of Quinn Caliente and her deceased twin brother Alan Caliente.

Adulthood Edit

It was not hard to see that Dina was after Mortimer Goth's fortune. I married the two promptly, and he came into the household with about 50,000 Simoleons, leaving his children Cassandra and Alexander to stay at his sprawling mansion. After the marriage, Nina moved out into a condo of her own, and Dina found that her love for Mortimer was real. Soon after WooHooing with Mortimer, it became clear that Dina was pregnant.

Dina and Mortimer

Dina and Mortimer cuddle on the loveseat.

Dina's pregnancy was painful for everyone involved. She had to break up her relationship with Don Lothario now that she was going to have a real family to commit to. She was eating constantly, yelling at Mortimer, throwing up, and taking up all the space on the couch. She had an unusual craving for Baked Alaska, and was crabby about the fact that no one in the household knew how to make it. Mortimer painted and furnished Nina's old room for the baby. Everything was ready for their new bundle of joy.

Finally, after suffering through the three trimesters of pregnancy, Dina was ready to give birth. To her surprise, she gave birth to not one, but two babies, a boy and a girl. Dina named the boy Alan and the girl Quinn. Having two babies wasn't good for the current situation. This meant that Dina and Mortimer had to buy an extra crib, and Dina even wanted to repaint the nursery entirely. Eventually, they did this, and the babies were settled in.

After a few days with his new kids, Mortimer passed away in the kitchen. He bemoaned the unfairness of his demise as the Grim Reaper came to take his soul. He tried to tell the Reaper to let him stay in the mortal world for a bit longer, to watch his kids grow up, if only a little, but it was no use. His time had come, and there was no more arguing to be done.

After Mortimer's death, Dina cut her hair and became noticeably more reserved towards her children. She noticed that Alan cried much more after the death of Mortimer, but Quinn didn't seem affected by it much at all. On the twins' birthday, Dina bought cakes for both of them and helped them blow out the candles, and they grew into toddlers.

Life became much harder for Dina after Mortimer died. She was now a single mother with two helpless toddlers to take care of. She often found herself calling the nanny just so she take a shower and/or get some sleep. It was very hard for her to split her time between Alan, Quinn and herself. She managed to teach Alan how to walk, and tried to potty train Quinn, but there just wasn't enough time.

When the time came for the twins to age up to children, everyone had low Aspiration and were all pretty unhappy. Dina helped her kids blow out their candles, and they aged up without any sort of celebration or fanfare. Later on, she bought them some new electronic entertainment because she felt bad about doing nothing for their birthday.

Time passed. Dina didn't do much to raise her relationships with her kids. They got good grades in school and started making friends on their own. Quinn took up baking in her toy oven and Alan got into playing computer games. At some point their computer broke. Dina, not wanting to have to call a repairman, tried to fix it herself.

The Fire Edit

Dina, possessing no knowledge in repairing computers, attempted to repair the computer. It seemed to be going well for a while. She was happy and nothing was going wrong. Unfortunately, she she turned a screw the wrong direction or something and it nearly shocked the life out of her. Dina was okay- a little singed, maybe- but she did end up starting a fire.

Dina Gets Electrocuted

Dina is electrocuted by the computer. This sets the desk ablaze.

Dina, still feeling tingly from the shock, did not know how to react and simply stood near the burning desk, jumping up and down and screaming. The twins, hearing her screams and the sound of a raging fire, came downstairs to find their house in flames.

The fire spread around the house with ease. It swallowed the desk chair, then Dina's houseplants. It climbed up the walls. The flames grew to a height so large they licked at the ceiling. Quinn and Dina backed away towards the stairs, but Alan made a lunge for the front door; this was a fatal mistake.

Death of Alan

Alan burns to death, trapped in the raging flames.

The orange flames of the raging fire caught up to Alan, and spread to the front door, trapping him in an inescapable wall of flames. Smoke clogged his lungs and he was unable to scream for help. The shouts and screams of his mother and twin sister were inaudible over the noise of the crackling fire. It wasn't until after the fire had burnt Alan to a pile of ash that it began to die down a bit. An opening to the kitchen was made available, and Dina dashed into it to retrieve the fire extinguisher. She put out the rest of the fire with with a combination of sadness and rage mixing around in her head.

Aftermath Edit

Dina mourns Alan

Dina mourns Alan after his untimely and horrible death.

Dina learned two things from this situation. One was to call a repairman if the computer ever broke again, and two was to have a fire escape plan. She had Alan buried in her backyard near Mortimer and Michael's graves, and she and Quinn had a small funeral together.

From that day fourth, Dina vowed two things- to spend more time with Quinn, the child she had now, the one she was lucky wasn't lost in the fire as well- and to bring Alan back to life. Wanting to learn more about necromancy, she joined the Paranormal career and is trying to climb the ranks to find out if there's any way to bring Alan back.

Renovated kitchen

Dina's kitchen, with new paint and floors to get rid of the colors red and orange

Don and Dina

Dina started a new relationship with Don Goth, but it went downhill pretty quickly.

Dina has been taking steps to deal with Alan's death. She tells herself every day that she's going to get him back without a doubt. She has reconciled with Don Goth (née Lothario) and started a new relationship with him to have something else on her mind. A strange thing she did was remove the colors red and orange from her home- those are the colors of fire.

Relationship with Don Goth Edit

Dina became romantically involved with Don Goth again after Alan's death. For a while, they dated, and WooHooed together periodically. It was something fun to take Dina's mind off of the untimely death of her child. It all went south one day when she went shopping for a new outfit and saw Don flirting with another Sim. She had already known that Don was a bit of a snake, but didn't think he would go so far as to flirt with some other person right in front of her. She ended the relationship promptly, and she is now furious with Don.


Image Name Relationship level
Quinn Caliente (Teen) Quinn Caliente Friend
Brandi Broke Brandi Broke Friend
Don Goth Don Goth Acquaintance
Nina Caliente Nina Caliente Acquaintance

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