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Diary of a Young Alien 2: Xicorith Zrlonzip
Name: Diary of a Young Alien 2: Xicorith Zrlonzip
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Scifi
Created by: WikiBuilder1147

Original run: 28 June 2015 - ongoing
Status: In progress

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Diary of a Young Alien 2: Xicorith Zrlonzip is a fanon story written by a Simming author whose head is always being assaulted by new ideas. It features Xicorith Zrlonzip, a young alien who is destined to become the future headmaster of the Sixamian Imperial Exploration Academy. This is a prequel sequel to the original, being set 41 years prior, and will run alongside it. It tells the story of Xicorith's past and his first assignment.

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A most hearty congratulationsEdit

To Mr Xicorith Zrlonzip
Room 50
Second Year Block

Dear Mr Zrlonzip,

I would like to personally congratulate you for your acceptance into this year's Accelerated Mission Assignment program.

To receive your first Assignment Journal at your age is a magnificent achievement. You will be able to travel to an uncharted world on your first official mission long before most others will get the opportunity. You have demonstrated outstanding abilities to have been selected for the Program.

For your first Assignment, you will be transported to the infamous Novasol III. Your team will include Frenilius Mrartok and Maoise Loizer, two more members of the select few chosen for their first assignment this year; they are ten years old, the same age as you. While you do not yet know who these people are, it will be a priority for you over the course of your six-month mission to get to know your fellow team-mates well, for you will conduct studies on the locals alongside them.

Please go through these reminders:

  • The planet we know as Novasol III goes by a different name to the natives, "Earth". The population as of this writing is around 3.195 billion.
  • The Novasolians, or "Sims", use a different dating system to our Imperial calendar. Theirs a system with twelve-month years, thirty- or thirty-one-day months, and seven-day weeks. Do keep in mind that a Novasolian day is approximately 24 of their hours long (35 Sixamian hours). The date at your arrival will be around the June 24th 1969, according to the Gregorian calendar. You can find more information about Novasol III's dating systems at the back of your journal.
  • Also remember that throughout your assignment you must maintain total comm silence with Sixam. The Novasolians have recently launched their first artificial satellites, so their technological capabilities may improve significantly during your stay. There will be two pilots to guide you through your stay, should you feel desperate to talk to someone about your findings.
  • Please see the Armoury prior to your departure so that they may create a disguise for you. You might need it should you wish to explore the surface (which I do not recommend.) Please proceed with utmost caution to the surface and do not engage in anything more than insignificant contact with any natives.
  • To make it easier for you, I suggest you pick up Simlish, the native language of the natives.

May you carry the blessings of His Majesty the Emperor (may his reign last forever), the staff of the Academy, and all who know you, to this most perilous world.
Eltmrist Konsrvtve
Headmaster of the Sixamian Imperial Academy for Space Exploration.
Date: Minerteg, 18 Sranzor, Ixenria 69

Minerteg, 18 Sranzor, Ixenria 69Edit

Novasolian Date: Tuesday, June 24, 1969

Greetings to all of you who are reading this!

My name is Xicorith Zrlonzip. I'm a second-year student at the Sixamian Imperial Academy for Space Exploration. I'm only ten at the moment, but I hope to become a published writer one day. So, why not start now?

I might as well tell you a bit about myself. I'm about 5.2 Kolkapeks tall (around 155 centimetres or 5 foot 1 inch in Novasolian measurements). My skin colour is a light shade of blue. I have red hair that goes down to my neck. It's relatively long than my peers' — some of my friends don't even have hair! My hair is also an unusual colour for my species, which I'm quite proud of!

I've never been into Deep Space before, so this is really exciting! For the first time I'll be leaving the confines of the Imperial borders.

I've wrote down a checklist to complete before I depart. I have a really bad short-term memory, so I find I'll remember things better if I write them down (hence this journal). I'm not sure if I should write down everything of what everyone says so I can put it down in this journal…Ah, no matter. I'll probably remember conversation. Here's the checklist:

☐ Get my disguise
☐ Get a data pack for Simlish
☐ Pack my bags
☐ Meet my teammates
☐ Say goodbye to my family, friends and teachers
☐ Get out of here!

First up:

☐ Get my disguise

I went to the Armoury immediately after I finished writing the checklist. This isn't exactly what was said, but this is the gist of the conversation:

"Good morning, Xicorith," the Head Smith said. "What brings you to the Armoury today?"

"Hello sir," I replied. "I'm going on my first Assignment, so I need a new disguise!"

"Ah yes, that's right," he laughed sheepishly. "I forgot about that. I'm getting a bit old nowadays…"

The elderly Head Smith beckoned me inside. In the room was a huge contraption with robotic arms, a platform, and a computer console.

"It's been a long time since I've done this…," he said.

"A year?"


I sighed. A year isn't that long. Looks like the man's sense of time is also out of whack.

"Right, one Novasolian boy, coming right up," he announced. He tapped on a few buttons and the platform came to life, producing a hologram of a Novasolian boy. He looked nothing like me, but I could tell he was around my age.

"Step onto the platform please," he said. When I stood on the platform, he positioned me to stand exactly where the hologram was. Then he continued to work on the console, looking at me periodically.

Eventually, he spoke up. "It's done! Check it out!"

I stepped out of the hologram, and there he was. The Novasolian now looked exactly like me! He had the same red hair, and was exactly the same height as me. He essentially had the same nose, although it was a little bit bigger.

But there were a lot more differences. He had olive-coloured cornea and white irises, whereas ours are completely black. He also had very different skin. His skin was a pale cream-like colour. He was wearing a shirt, a jacket, weird-looking trousers (they looked like they were made of metal) and red shoes.

"What do you think?" the Head Smith asked.

"Excellent!" The Head Smith, despite being old and all, is quite good at his job!

"Alright, now, for the final step. Can you go back onto the platform?"

I stepped onto the platform once more. He pressed a button on the console, and the robotic arms came to life, spinning around me increasingly quickly. The pale skin colour appeared at the base of my feet, then expanded to cover my foot. Straight after another set of arms went over the skin with my red shoes. My legs were covered with the pale cream of my disguise and then with the dark blue of my trousers. Next was my torso, then my arms, and my neck.

Finally came the head. I felt a rubbery fabric running up my jaw, and then my ears. The arms shot out more and more over my mouth and the back of my head, weighing my head down. Last was my eyes. I could feel everything getting dark as my disguise was completed.

Not fun.

It took a few seconds until I could see again. It felt as if the disguise was binding to my body. Then, suddenly, I felt like I wasn't wearing a disguise at all. I felt like nothing happened! The beauty of the disguise came into effect! It's simply magical…haha!

"How does it feel?" the Head Smith asked.

"Awesome!" I said.

"Alright," he laughed. "You might wanna take it off now before someone mistakes you for being an alien."

That's one thing off my list!

☑ Get my disguise

Well, I still have a few days before I leave, so I'll leave the rest for the days to come!

— Xicorith.

more to come...

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