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The following is a list of minor and/or mentioned characters in Diary of a Young Alien.

Bold indicates that the character has somehow a direct relation to Xandria Kliper or Zrala Maitolia.

WARNING: The following section of this article may contain spoilers to a fanon story. Proceed at your own risk.

Minor characters that appearEdit

  • Co-pilot - The co-pilot of the ship that transported Xandria, Zrala, Rghenot Freigkolz and Wrelis Khitomer to Earth. Perished in the subsequent crash of the ship.
  • Farmer - A farmer who was on his way to market in Sunset Valley when he was asked by Xandria and Zrala for a ride to the town. He agreed, and took them to their desired destination at Central Park.
  • Head Nurse - The primary caretaker and manager of the Sunset Valley Orphanage.
  • Hitchhikers - A large group of people gathered at the bar of the Stop-n-Rest Cottage.
  • Howard - One of the children living in the Sunset Valley Orphanage.
  • Mrs O'Hara - The owner of the Stop-n-Rest Cottage.
  • Pilot - The pilot of the ship that transported Xandria, Zrala, Rghenot and Wrelis to Earth.
  • Policeman - During their first night in Sunset Valley, Xandria and Zrala are caught by a policeman, who initially believes that the two are up to no good, sneaking out past curfew. He is convinced to see otherwise, and brings them to the police station for collection by social workers.
  • Xandria's mother
  • Xandria's father

Minor characters that are mentionedEdit

  • Xicorith Zrlonzip - The headmaster of the Sixamian Imperial Academy for Space Exploration. He has thus far only been mentioned as the writer of the introductory letter to Xandria's journal. He appears as the narrator of Diary of a Young Alien 2
  • Xujjar - The incumbent Emperor of the Sixamian Grand Empire. As of the beginning of DYA, Xujjar is in the 35th year of his reign.

WARNING: Spoilers end here.

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