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Dennis Thilbodeaux
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10-07-16 11-18-27 PM
Name Dennis Thilbodeaux
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Thilbodeaux family
Parents Unknown parents
Sibling(s) Unknown sister
Romances Johnny ZestPartners
Trait TS4 Good Good
Trait TS4 Creative Creative
Trait TS4 Jealous Jealous
Trait TS4 Muser Muser
Aspiration  Painter Extraordinaire
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Oasis Springs

Dennis Thilbodeaux is a Sim living in Oasis Springs. He owns a retail store called Thilbodeaux Fashion. He had a dream of owning a store since he was 15. He runs his store in Magnolia Promenade. His walk style is "swagger walk" and he has no known relatives yet. He is 25 in the beginning of the story.


Not much is known about his life before he was a young adult, except he no longer has contact with his family. He is also fashionable.


Wednesday, October 4th 2017: DAY 1

Today is the day that I've finally opened my store Thilbodeaux Fashion! It's a pretty small store, but I'm okay with that. I can expand my store as I get more money. So today was an okay start! I hired my first employee, Anahi Means. I chose her because her resume was very impressive. She has a lot of experience in retail and says she wants to work for me. That's great!

Well, the day we had today wasn't very good. I didn't earn any money and Anahi didn't do very much work. Nobody wanted to buy anything today. Odd, huh...

But tomorrow I can do better! I can prove to my family that I actually can make it. Anyway, I'm going to go and finish my painting. It's called "Cherries In Despair."

Thursday, October 5th 2017: DAY 2

Today we got 4 sales at about 4 hours in to the opening hours. Which is great, for a while I thought that the customers would not buy anything. But I am little grumpy with Anahi because she has mostly been taking selfies and just chatting with the customers. She isn't doing what I ask! Frustrating! I think if I criticize her enough, she will get the message and work harder.

We did get many customers today! We've made about 900 simoleons. I think I will invite Anahi over tonight so we can get to know each other better. I can make a dinner for her and stuff. Be a good boss. Yep. I'll tell you how it went later.

10-08-16 12-04-20 AM

Anahi and I chatting.

It started out a little rocky. Anahi seemed a little annoyed because I had berated her at work the other day, so I apologized but also asked her if she could work harder and we came to agreement. Then we got into some actual conversation over our dinner. We discussed world peace and made jokes about politicians. It went pretty well. Anahi is an awesome girl. I noticed she has freckle all over her face and she is bit of a tomboy. She told me she hated wearing makeup and shopping. Understandable. Plus she looked great without fancy clothes and makeup. Anyway she had to go later so I just searched art stuff online after that.

Friday, October 6th 2017: DAY 3

The weirdest thing just happened to me. So I get up, use the bathroom, eat some scrambled eggs, shower, get dressed and go to work. Then I opened the store, at about 1 pm, while I was doing a sale, suddenly everything went dark. An hour later I suddenly "woke up" and found myself eating dinner with Anahi again, wearing the same clothes I had wore yesterday. It was October 5th again at 8:50 pm.

According to myth, there is a watcher who watches over all Sims, and we are just a simulation game. And things like this happened when our watcher's game crashes. I'm not a believer of Simian Mythology, but I'm not quite sure how to explain the whole "reliving a day" thing. I watched the romance channel after she left, then went to bed. It was about 5:15 when I woke up and I felt very inspired!

Dennis Inspired

I know pretty much know what will happen in here now. So I can fix any mistakes I made, like when I took too long of a shower and was almost late for opening the store. And I can redo my conversations with customers that didn't go so well. I guess deja vu days aren't a bad thing after all! It did feel a little weird though. I knew that Anahi would walk in on her cellphone and give me a half-hearted hello as she walked in and I knew every person who would come in today. I knew my internet advertising campain would end at 8:13 am. I knew that the man with the pink mohawk would come in and get angry that we had no punk clothes. I knew that same blonde woman would walk in buying some clothes for her teenage son. I knew Anahi would be slacking off again. I just knew what was going to happen until 1 pm hit, because that's when that same customer I was ringing up when the "game crashed" yesterday... er... today?

10-08-16 11-24-27 AM

At about 5 pm, Anahi invited me and other people to her house because apparently, today is her 24th birthday! Her house is pretty small, but cozy. I could tell she was happy to see me. She says I'm a good boss. She even hired a caterer to bake a cake for her party. I got so tired at 9 pm so I had to leave and go home. But it was always nice to get to know people. In fact, tomorrow is Saturday, so I'm going to meet one of my neighbors then.

Wednesday, October 11th 2017: DAY 8

I have not written in a few days because I have gotten a job in the artist career. Mostly to help me with the store so I can pay for stuff and on the weekends I will continue the store. Anyway, since it is the Day of the Dead event, I have already gotten 4 sugar skulls, was of them was even from Johnny Zest, who I'm dating right now. Have I not told you about Johnny? We met in 2014, when first moved here. When I first moved here, I had a job at an office and that's where I met him. We both bonded over having families who didn't like us. His was because he dropped out of school. Mine is because my parents thought that painting wasn't a real career and neither is owning a fashion store. In fact, I don't think I have seen my parents since 2013. However I saw my sister just last August. Anyway, we are still dating and we are neighbors. Although something is telling me we aren't really "meant to be" though.


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