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Demetria Mykenaia
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The Social Sim of the Beauty 4, Demetria aspires to be the life of the party: being the party-loving musical one with all the charisma one wants, Demetria's simply made to hit the stages. Despite that, Demetria doesn't really sacrifice the more techinical and practical things of life, such as logic, and henceforth served as the leader of the 4 for the time being, not alienating anyone, not even Kallisto. Demetria went through tougher times, starting with the mild but somewhat beneficial transfer of leadership to the upstart Hypatia, and later on, the dispute caused by Christopher Steel. Now that popularity was found to be an vain hope now that she's stuck in a tempestuous household, with Kallisto gone and Achaia and Thessalonike at unfriendly terms, she now holds on to one thing: her husband Abraham Finkel, who adopted her surname and now is called Abraham Mykenaios.
Name Demetria Mykenaia
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Normal
Education and Employment
Music career icon.png Rockstar
Scholars' Alliance
Parents None
Sibling(s) None
Romances Abraham Finkel husband
Child(ren) None
Trait Friendly small.png Friendly
Trait Charismatic small.png Charismatic
Trait Virtuoso small.png Virtuoso
Trait Adventurous small.png Adventurous
Trait Party Animal small.png Party Animal
Hidden traits
Trait Rocker small.png Rocker
Zodiac sign LibraLN.png Libra
Lifetime wish
LTW Super Popular.png Super Popular
Fav French.png French
Fav Stu Surprise.png Stu Surprise
Fav Grey.png Grey
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3.jpg Brown
Eye color Eye-grey.png Grey
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Bridgeport
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Demetria Mykenaia, born October 16, 1925, was the former leader and the musical sim of the Beauty 4 as well as a member with good standings even at the height of the Scholars' Alliance, of which she is now a member of, as well as serving as the effective leader of it even though chain of command of the household has effectively collapsed. Demetria has a respectable set of skills that includes the mastery of Guitar, 9 points in Charisma and Gardening, 7 points in Athletic skill and Logic, 6 points in Handiness, 5 points in Drums and Martial Arts, 3 points in Cooking and 1 point each in Nectar Making and Writing. Demetria is of blood type AB.

Demetria stands as the most popular sim in the neighborhood, having the necessary perks such as the Celebrity Charisma challenge, Super Friendly Charisma challenge, and the Attractive lifetime reward. Demetria however suffers her share of scandals, some probably from false accusations, and also has the largest share of negative opinions in the neighborhood, followed by her fellows Thessalonike and Kallisto. However, the move to Hekatonschoinos negated all of this, and Demetria wishes to take a break from the hassle of dealing with ever-so-constant scandals, most of them for no reasons.

Demetria, despite becoming the de facto leader of the Bridgeport celebrities, has a grudge against them given the cold shoulder they presented to the group in their short visit to Bridgeport in the first timeline.

Anabasis[edit | edit source]

Demetria was the de facto leader of the Beauty 4, leading the Beauty 4 to the Sunset Valley now that the Attalids generated some local fame with their legendary parties, which featured many exotic stuffs. Demetria's party loving attitude was much in line with the Attalid party-mongering in general, and to impress them, Demetria started learning skills, particularly guitar, to entertain the crowd certain to appear at the Attalid doorsteps.

Demetria is at the second to the left. Demetria's original appearance.

That policy was quite successful, and in a blink of an eye, the Attalids found themselves quite friendly with the Beauty 4, save for the outliers Kallisto and Stratonike, who would find themselves in a different dimension, befriending each other and rather aloof to the others. Demetria knew that things won't work without money, and with her newfound guitar skills, blitzed through the Music career, eventually becoming a rockstar of local fame, and when the Attalids went through their slumps, Demetria led the Beauty 4 to assume the role that Attalids once took, substituting exotic stuff for greater entertainment and higher quality music.

When Demetria took note of the wild nightlife of the Bridgeport, Demetria immediately took the Beauty 4 to a short visit at Bridgeport: it wasn't intended to be short, but Demetria soon saw the snobby celebrities, who scoffed at them despite the standing celebrities' vastly inferior statuses. Demetria was not amused, and after gaining some celebrity status of her own (and distributing that to her housemates), got out of Bridgeport and returned to Sunset Valley.

Using their immense celebrity status as well as the previous infusion of celebrities for unknown reasons, Demetria successfully spread Celebrity culture for better or worse, helped by Kallisto's construction of the Laborers' Playground club in Sunset Valley which would be the hottest place in town, and for Kallisto, additional revenue. Their domination was pretty much uncontested, and in fact, Demetria and others never knew what would hit them when a new upstart...

Hypatia[edit | edit source]

came in and subjugated them through virtue of raw skills and massive mastery comparative to the time, although it would pale in comparison to the eventual development. Demetria was rather reluctant to see a change in direction: Hypatia was that sim that would institutionalize the idea of academic monasticism, and Demetria was not eager to see a change that would lead to less parties, and Demetria only accepted this change due to encouragement in study in just about any field, although Demetria found music department less than adequate for most, despite Hypatia's neutrality (or rather, apathy) towards spending money to buy new tracks, since money never was a serious issue ever since Beauty 4's establishment of hegemony. Demetria and Hypatia were friends, although in reality, the it was rather nominal at best, and friendship was only there for practical reasons: a feud would not be welcome, as well as the presence of the de facto watchdog Thessalonike and Kallisto, latter still a minor force in the actual operation of what was then Scholars' Alliance, which led to the introduction of Stratonike to the house.

Although there were no impetus and thus no hostility between Demetria and Hypatia for some time, the facade of close friendship was quickly dismantled when Christopher Steel came into play with the introduction of the second timeline that included the return of the Alkmaionids. Demetria's inherent discontent to Hypatia's new changes, along with Hypatia and Achaia's romance with Christopher Steel, led both Hypatia and Demetria to dislike each other intensely, and the Scholars' Alliance started to fall apart, further sped up by Stratonike and Kallisto's declaration of secession and the creation of the Union of the Insane, eventually taking Hypatia away from the old house. With the sudden implosion of the household, Demetria once again assumed leadership, although it was now rendered meaningless due to the collapse of the command system, as well as the growing independence of the members due to romance.

Marriage[edit | edit source]

Sooner or later, Demetria would end up with Abraham Finkel, whose traits were quite a good fit: first, he was easily impressed, which was certainly fitting since Demetria's high status was already more than enough, and he was a mooch, and thus Demetria hailing from the once the most powerful and richest family of them all was a good choice, although similar things could be said regarding Thessalonike, if it weren't for her initial lack of humor. Marriage itself was quite a process, despite the fact that Abraham and Demetria were engaged relatively early, at the middle of the nascent stages of the Union of the Insane. Even Hypatia, who had quite a negative history with Demetria, offered words of congratulations, although Kallisto didn't care at the slightest: Kallisto cared more for Demetria's academic development than any of this romantic nonsense (even before Kallisto establishing the Church of Alexandros).

However, despite this seemingly happy turn, Demetria was far from content: the Scholars' Union was in shambles after the departure of Kallisto, and the growing rift between Achaia and Thessalonike certainly did not improve anything: it was all because of romantic preferences: Achaia stood faithfully with Christopher even when the environment was at its most hostile against Christopher, while Thessalonike wasn't afraid to move on, and despite Thessalonike's (eventually proven) faithfulness to Dave Ramsey, Demetria was worried about Dave Ramsey's transfer to the house. In addition, Lilian and Salina were quite independent, although thankfully neutral to the growing order of things, and Salina's eventual opposition to Kallisto did little to settle the travesty that Demetria was placed in. However, things grew better slowly: first, Demetria eventually got married to Abraham (and from him taking the surname, it is confirmed that Demetria proposed to Abraham, opposed to Thessalonike and Dave where Thessalonike assumed the surname Ramsey), and Achaia also decided to lighten Demetria's burden by leaving them, going to Christopher Steel's abode, while Lilian and Salina grew tiresome of the increasingly static life and split off to make their own household, the Relic of the Past household.

Solicitations of the Church[edit | edit source]

"Ok, the Church's core members have the persistence of zombies, but despite their looks, have not their charisma. Reminds me of the Zakarumites, oh dear, Diablo reference." - Demetria regarding Church's moves toward her

Demetria, as mentioned before, was quite Charismatic, and was an adept practitioner of speechcraft. This was critical, since Demetria was the best practitioner in the Diocese, followed by Thornton, who was a member of the Church. Thornton was more interested in getting personal prowess through the Church rather than to carry out tasks, and as such, Demetria was sought after by the Church especially after the reversal of their initially Paulist attitude toward speechcraft. This was especially so since none of the three core members in Hekatonschoinos had any skill in speechcraft, even though there were two experieced practitioners back in Sunset Valley Chapter, Eurydike and Lysistrata.

Demetria knew that the Church's plans for her weren't too benefiting on her part, since Demetria already had enough money to live off of, and Demetria was already skilled to the point where Demetria fulfilled the first part of the requirements for a Core membership. But since Demetria has not fulfilled the second aspect, Demetria was not terribly interested in joining or a partnership with the Church yet. However, Demetria was quite interested in Esomena, who shared many of Demetria's traits. Demetria believed that Kallisto was wasting Esomena's talent: why force Esomena to be skilled in many secondary interests such as Invention and Nectar Making without taking care one of Esomena's primary interest, music. As such, Demetria was all too eager to make a counteroffer to the Church: Demetria's offer was that Demetria will assume partial control of Esomena's education, which Kallisto saw and put on hold.

Bridgeport and the cooperator to Slaanesh[edit | edit source]

"The Church certainly is snuffing out Esomena. I shall make my own path in Bridgeport."

The Church under Kallisto was only as predictable as Kallisto was, which meant that Church was very unpredictable, and Demetria shook her head in disappointment when Kallisto temporarily left Hekatonschoinos to visit Sunset Valley. Demetria was there when Thessalonike helped out Antigone and Achaia, and Demetria grew increasingly tired of Kallisto's subjugation and conquest-oriented goals and plans. As such, Demetria decides to ditch Hekatonschoinos, and with Attalids gone as well for a time being, essentially led to the complete depopulation of Hekatonschoinos.

Now that she has built quite a skill base and a reputable celebrity status, Demetria was confident that Bridgeport's preexisting allies will be far more welcoming of her than the horrid experience that she had her first time visiting Bridgeport. Heading there, Demetria without difficulty was accepted by all but the top, Matthew Hamming and Lola Belle. What Demetria didn't expect was Antigone: "What on earth is that Kallisto clone doing in Bridgeport? Don't tell me that Kallisto's gonna blast this entire place to smithereens!" Even more surprising was Antigone's revelations; Kallisto's own clone disowned by the Church? Demetria was more than happy to forge an alliance with now-excommunicated core member, Antigone all too powerless to even consider rejection.

Demetria found a need to establish a power base herself: despite Antigone's presence, Antigone was too powerless to even hold at bay whatever Kallisto might throw at the last haven of popular culture. Demetria turned her eye to the pro-Slaaneshi Elect, which centered on Laan Blueshore had an interest in making a band. Surprisingly, Demetria despite being a "ubermensch" of sorts, was scorned by the Elect for being Greek, save for Edith who had an keen interest in apprenticeship. Demetria found Edith agreeable, and challenged the Elect, decisively defeating the Elect in a playoff. Ray Dann was infuriated, but decided that becoming Demetria's clients to be the rational choice, believing Demetria to be a patron that the Elect will need at its nascent stages.

Having the Elect under her influence, Demetria sought to expand her sphere of influence, doing so by becoming a 5-star celebrity, thus able to challenge any of the superstars directly. Demetria's next target was the Big Bling household, believing its musical affiliation would make it easy for Demetria to appeal to. Tom, due to his mean-spiritedness, was not really interested in any sort of partnership, much less an informal "colonialization." Demetria found Lil Bling to be much more amiable (helped by the fact that both her and Lil Bling were of air signs), and decided to gain some leverage by both befriending Lil Bling and scoring a hit, both done successfully. In fact, in the process of getting a hit album, Demetria also found Lola Belle quite eager to cooperate, and Demetria and Lola Belle collaborated on a huge concert. Demetria in the process was also able to build up capital: much would be needed if Demetria is to buy land and expand her holdings. Meanwhile, Demetria's growing fame (especially in the light of her being snuffed out by the all-famous Church) started to gnaw at Tom: he was simply far inferior skillwise to put up a fight, and Demetria's growing fame had took a toll on Tom. As such, Tom initially decided that enmity with Demetria would be the right thing, but when Lil Bling threatened to transfer (by then, Lil Bling was more attached to Demetria), Tom accepted Demetria's move to take him in her sphere of influence.

Council of Bridgeport[edit | edit source]

After having settled in, Demetria heard of rumors of series of what the eyewitnesses called meteor shower. Antigone herself also witnessed 2 of the many "meteor showers," and Antigone found no kills reported from any of the showers. Antigone however found several disturbing data: many people were burned, several of them innocent. However, Antigone and Demetria received complaints by their lesser (and equal) companions that showers were concentrated on regions of importance, although Demetria cited the first series of strikes, which landed near the bridge and caused no harm. This led to the Council of Bridgeport, headed by Demetria and Antigone and attended by few other important figures, such as Lola Belle, Tom Wordy, and Matthew Hamming.

The Council was originally there to figure out a way to quell the potential unrest caused by the multiple strikes, but Antigone brought up a different theory: these were not mere meteor showers. Antigone had picked up several "meteors" from the barrage at the Plumbbob Filming Grounds, and found very suspicious elements in the large meteors. (which Antigone conveniently sold for profit, since Antigone was strapped for cash) Demetria dismissed Antigone's theory, since Demetria believed not even Kallisto, who Demetria believed was one of the few who might be ABLE to pull this feat, would commit such acts of terrorism. Of course, the others were very angry, and they were all too ready to believe Antigone's theory, stating that there's no way dozens of meteors fall in clusters: Matthew Hamming particularly not amused since he lost a hot tub to the strikes.

Despite her role as the de facto leader of the Council, Demetria herself was one of the minority opinion, the pro-compromise side, as compared to the majority opinion of the nationalist side, headed largely by Antigone. Demetria was largely able to coax the nationalists not to ostracize the minority, although Demetria's speech was quite winding to the point where even Antigone found it difficult to determine Demetria's real position. However, Demetria's position is threatened by the arrival of Baron Uranium and Lord Plutonium, the two new elites of the SimNation's military that were relocated presumably to pacify the panicking population.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Demetria, along with, Achaia, are the only two sims outside the ranks of the Alexandreian Church to have an aggregate skill of 70 and above.
  • Demetria has the greatest set of instrument skills, mastering Guitar, 5 points in Drums, and 1 point in bass.
  • Demetria, despite her massive popularity, had ben only a 4-star sim until her migration to Bridgeport, which is very ironic since the loner Beauty 4 member Kallisto is a 5-star celebrity. Also, in the extended First Timeline which is not canon, Demetria is a 5-star celebrity, although as an elder.
  • Demetria's birthday is an homage to Slaanesh, whose sacred number is 6 (16 - 10). Despite this, Demetria isn't completely up for Slaaneshi feel, since Demetria's pursuit of popularity is more of an natural tendency than an thing taken to extremes, and most importantly, Demetria is not obsessed with WooHoo, not by a long shot.
  • Using the Modern Greek transliteration, Demetria would be transliterated Dimitria as η is treated as i instead of a long e as it was with the Ancient dialects (Attic and Koine)
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