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Demaris Bunch
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'Demaris Bunch is the laid back one of the Jade sisters. However, will her laziness prevent her from ever making her wish of becoming a charismatic guitar player?'
Name Demaris Bunch
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Normal
Education and Employment
Music career icon Band Manager
Jade family
Parents None
Sibling(s) Natalya Jade Female, Larissa Jade Female
Romances Arlo Bunch Married
Child(ren) Nia Bunch Daughter, Parker Bunch Son
Trait Slob small Slob
Trait Great Kisser small Great Kisser
Trait Never Nude small Never Nude
Trait Light Sleeper small Light Sleeper
Trait Friendly small Friendly
Zodiac sign ScorpioLN Scorpio
Lifetime wish
LTW Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
Fav Pop Pop
Fav Tri-Tip Steak Tri-Tip Steak
Fav Purple Purple
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Dark skin-TS3 Dark
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Teenage YearsEdit

Demaris was a decent student in high school, receiving As and Bs. She was an Honor Roll student and was one of the few students in advanced classes. Her GPA remained a solid 3.5 and she strived for excellence during all her classes.

In her junior year, she met Ethan Bunch, one of their four children in the Bunch family. Unfortunately, their relationship came to a quick end after she attempted to kiss him and he rejected her, with a firm belief that she was “the creepiest girl I’ve ever met.”

In her senior year, she met his brother, Arlo Bunch, who was quite a bit younger than her. She developed feelings for him, too, but never acted upon them for fear that he would be like his brother.

Their big move-in with Fiona McIrish and Molly French distracted Demaris from her love issues for the rest of her senior year.

Young AdulthoodEdit

When Brenden became engaged to River McIrish, the three sisters and Brenden ended up moving in with Fiona McIrish and Molly French to make the wedding proceedings easier. After leaving Claire, John, Jennifer, and Alex behind, the three sisters started their new life with Fiona, Molly, Sandi, River, and Brenden.

A year later, Brenden took on the last name of McIrish, and they moved out, across town. There were tears and regrets, but everyone knew it was for the best (the household was getting crowded, anyways).

Demaris applied for a job in the Music career, and was accepted into their program. Eventually, she would be able to choose Rock or Symphonic track, but all she cared about was honing her Guitar skills.

Arlo turned nineteen a year later, and they fell in love all over again. He came over almost every day off that he had, and they were dating for another year before he proposed marriage.

Unfortunately, their wedding had to be postponed because of a tragic chain of events, starting with the deaths of Fiona and Molly, the two who had accepted them into their home. Sandi was devastated, but didn’t want any sympathy from Demaris, Natalya, or Larissa.

Their lives began to take another uphill turn when Natalya began to help Demaris with wedding preparations again. Kia, Natalya’s adoptive daughter, tried to help as well, but seeing as Kia was only a few years old, she didn’t help much.

Demaris and Arlo ended up eloping to a forgotten island off in the uncharted waters of Sunset Valley, and though Demaris felt guilty for throwing away all the preparations, she had fun during their honeymoon. When they arrived back at the crowded house, Demaris was pregnant with her first child.

Nia was born about a year later, and Demaris was in love with her daughter. However, she thought it unfair that Natalya tried to make Kia and Nia play together, when Kia was almost five years older than her newborn. The two children didn’t get along very well at all. As a result, Demaris and Natalya had a falling-out that resulted in a relationship hit.

Sandi’s nineteenth and Kia’s fifth birthdays came and went, with no fanfare and barely any celebration. Tension and stress were high in the full house. A call from the City Hall about graduation sparked another falling-out between the residents of the household. Demaris graduated with Highest Honor like her two sisters, and was voted Most Popular, but Sandi ended up being Valedictorian. Demaris wasn’t mad about it, but Larissa and Natalya began to get closer over their dislike of Sandi. Both fell apart from Demaris slowly, but surely.

Just when things were starting to get a little better in the Bunch-French-Jade household, the three Jade sisters learned that their foster father, John Jade, was dying, from Kia, who all-too-happily told them that Alex was moving in down the street. They were too late to go and see him – he died shortly afterwards.

Taking her mind off of her troubles, Demaris visited Zelda Mae’s pool party on Leisure Day, and though she didn’t receive a promotion, she left with a raise. She resolved to work harder every day to get the promotion she so desperately wanted.

A few days after that, Demaris found out that she was pregnant with her and Arlo’s second child. Of course, she was overjoyed, but didn’t share the news with anyone – she wanted it to be a surprise.

Nine months later, it was Nia’s fifth birthday. Demaris’s due date was coming ever closer, but she still hadn’t told anyone. Unfortunately, when she was helping Nia blow out the candles, she began to start her contractions.

Arlo was gone for her birth, but she tried not to freak out and instead took herself to the hospital. All in all, it was a decent birth, and little baby Parker was a beautiful little boy.

When she brought Parker home, she learned that Arlo had finally gotten a promotion to Lyricist. She was overjoyed for him, but deep down inside, she was a little angry that Zelda had given him a promotion, but not her.

Demaris also began to get worried about Nia. She was beginning to display some not-so-good tendencies, and Demaris knew it was from Sandi. Sandi became a target in the crowded household, and it was clear that she would be the first to leave once overstuffing became a problem.


Image Skill Level
Culinary career iconCooking03
Fishing skill iconFishing01
Guitar skill iconGuitar05
Writing skill iconWriting04
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