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The following was posted to ModTheSims on June 9, 2017. The original post can be found here.

Day family update[]

So, a few updates to the Day family.

Cody Day

Cody asked Beth Love, his landlord, out on a date. They met up at Bernard's Botanical Dining.

Cody and Beth meeting up for a date.png

A table for two, please.

Cody and Beth chatting at dinner.png

Some hand caressing...

Cody and Beth caressing hands.png

Cody ordered Beth the most expensive item on the menu. That's fine; I mean, it's not like there are five kids at home to take care of, right?

Cody and Beth eating out.png

Cody invites her back to the apartment. She wants to WooHoo with him... in the elevator?

Beth wants WooHoo in the elevator.png

Of course Cody says yes to that!

Cody and Beth WooHooing in elevator.png

The date ended well. Very well.

Dream date message.png

Cody's back! Cody is definitely back! He can't wait for the next date. He's at the top of his life all over again, and he can still go higher!

The boys

Meanwhile, all the boys got D report cards today. Well, except Taylor, but even his grades aren't impressive. Bradley was hard hit.

Bradley reacting to D report card.png

Yes, he does care about his grades, despite what you might think.

Bradley crying over D report card.png

Ethan was quite melancholy about it. He stared quietly out the window for several hours.

Ethan melancholy over D report card.png

Christian tried not to let it get to him, but later that evening, he really could feel it.

Christian Day moping about D report card.png

Jaden was especially devastated by his grades. Ever since the boys were thrown together, he had been trying to make himself a good role model for his younger siblings. He was patient and calm even when the boys argued. He put himself last as often as he could so his brothers could forge ahead. And he had voluntarily chosen to do the dirty work when no one else was willing to do it. But focusing all his attention and energy onto that has left him with no time to complete his homework, and his grades came back to bite him. Cody might actually be glad to see his kids be taken away by social services (But I'll make sure that doesn't happen, because that will almost certainly result in the boys being separated, and they've come too far together to have to part ways now), but Jaden's not a bad kid. Why can't other people understand?

Jaden crying over D report card.png

Why can't other people understand? Now that's a good question.

Jaden crying while townie ignores him.png