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Dawn of The Sims
Name: Dawn of The Sims
Genre: Horror
Created by: ColinThePanda, AsherÉire
Number of chapters: 14 entries

Original run: August 9th 2012
Status: Finished

Succeeded by: Dawn of The Sims (page 2)

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Dawn of The Sims is a fan fiction created by ColinThePanda. This story is supposed to be like a blog by the sim who goes by the name Jason. Jason is a survivor of a recent zombie outbreak that has infected the whole of Simnation! Jason will meet other survivors, who can also add stuff on to Jason's "blog".Jason will be telling stories about Jason's travels through Pleasantview and his expirences.

Rules of adding a new blogEdit

  • Only add a new blog once a new survivor has been introduced.
  • Only one person per survivor.
  • You must ask me before adding a part

Known SurvivorsEdit

Week 1, Day 3 13:20, August 9th, JasonEdit

Ok, It's been a week and 3 days since this stuff started. I decided to create a blog, to see if there are any more survivors out there and to help anyone who is struggling to survive. I doubt much people with have a working computer with internet though, so this could be pointless.

It all began as a normal night. I was getting ready for a date downtown with a girl who was called Nina, we had a couple of drinks and we danced. I even tried out the Electro Dance Sphere, but that didn't work out well. Anyway, the date was like a dream! I don't know why people told me to stay away from Nina! She's a really nice person. I'm get distracted again. So we partied Downtown and then I remember walking home. I was a bit tipsy but not too drunk. Then I think I just blacked out. I woke up in someones home and I was aching! I searched my body and I had bite marks and deep wounds all over my body! Did I pass out form blood loss? I struggled to stand up and I collapsed, I heard footstops outside. The people outside were making strange noises though, like groaning sounds.I managed to get up and I headed towards the door.

I opened the door a little bit and then peeked through. These people were covered in blood! The people I saw looked familiar as well, I soon realised that it was none other than Jennifer Burb. I used to have a crush on her. We'd play soccer in Old Town for hours! But anyway, what had happened to Jennifer? She was limping about the place, was she OK? I then saw her head turn and dashed towards the door with rage. What was happening? She barged in to the room but then she suddenly collapsed. A small figure appeared in the room.

It was Jennifer's daughter, Lucy. She explained what has happened these past few days, apparently I was passed out for 4 days! She killed her mother and her father but didn't seem to have any emotion over it. She was a strong girl.I promised that I would look after her and that I won't let anything like that ever happen to her again. She's still ok though, she's a quiet girl. I remember Lucy being quite a little trouble maker but this thing that's happening must of really wiped her emotions away.

We decided to take refuge in her house. We're running low on food and I think that I should go out tomorrow to the groceries. Maybe we will find more survivors. Bye everyone, and just hang in there! - Jason

Week 1, Day 3 19:43, August 9th JasonEdit

I was wrong. There really isn't enough food! Poor Lucy is starving. I don't feel too hungry though but I really need to feed Lucy. I'm not sure about leaving her on her own but it'd probably be even more dangerous if I brought her out there. I've peeked through the boarded up window several times and there are loads of them! The only weapon I have is a large kitchen knife. Maybe I could try and use stealth...


I just got back from the groceries. I'm lucky to be alive and lucky to even have found food. We have a guest with us now though, which I don't think was a good idea. It's enoguh hassle taking care of one girl but two? I believe her name was Angela Pleasant. She was only a kid, I couldn't leave her behind. I found her locked in a bathroom at the groceries. She was crying and afraid. She told me all about how her parents,her maid and her twin sister are missing. Anyway, I got to the groceries by running and killing one of those things every now and then. I attempted stealth but I think those things can smell sim blood. One odd thing I've noticed is that all of those things have bite marks in them similar to mine. Am I going to become one of them? How long does it even take to turn?

Lucy was so happy to see me again and also quite mad. I was away for quite a while, I don't blame her. She's munching on some chocolate right now. I better cook the dinner soon. Our food supply should last for a good while. The grocery store was almost all out. We almost took everything they had left. I guess it was a sort of good thing that I found Angela, she could carry extra food and she even had a rather deadly butchers knife! Too bad she didn't know how to use it. I just sure hope that Nina is alive and managed to get food. Until next time guys, remember to survive! - Jason Oh, and one last thing! I told Angela about my blog, so expect to see stuff from her! - Jason

Week 1, Day 5, 14:46, August 11th, AngelaEdit

So, this is my blog. I've been crafty enough to encript the entire thing. All my blog entries will unscramble if I don't update it every 72 hours, allowing anyone to read it if we've moved our base, or we've all died. I don't like people looking through my stuff.

So, I managed to find my little cousin, Lucy. I've lost Lilith and my parents. By lost I mean, they've gone missing. I hope they're safe. I hope Dirk's protecting my little sister. I hope my parents are looking out for each other.

Pff, what am I saying? My parents are dead. 15 and orphaned. I swear, if Lilith dies and Dirk lives, I will cripple him.

I've broken my right hand.

I'm defenseless. Just typing this now has been a bigger pain than trying to cope with hayfever. I'm dripping with sweat due to the summer weather. I'm a poor aim with my left hand. If something happens, I'm dead.

I don't trust Jason. I have to, but there's something about him that strikes me as odd. He looks like he's been run over by a tractor, yet, he can do anything. He reminds me of one a main character from one of Lilith's favourite movies- The Terminator. When old Arnie has had some serious damage done to him, he's still an unstoppable force.

Now that I think of it, this whole thing is reminding me of a game Dustin used to play.

Dustin always used to play Resistance: Fall Of Man. There was one guy who got infected with an alien virus.

Everyone died. Everyone except the main character.

That's why I don't completely trust Jason.

I hope he's not one of them.

~Angela <3

Week 1, Day 5, 17:38, August 11th, JasonEdit

Sorry for not uploading in a while. The pain of my wounds are really starting to kick in. Am I turning into one of those? I remember watching a horror film where a monsters would bite people then the people would turn into the monsters, but that's just fiction, right? I know I said that I would be looking after Lucy but she's been the one looking after me.

One thing I don't have to feel bad about is killing those "people". I've only been here for 2 weeks so I don't know many people. I did live here when I was younger but I moved out when I was about 10. It wasn't even named Pleasantview when I lived here. It was not a very busy town.

We've still got a fair amount of food. I just hope it lasts. Another thing I discovered was that Lucy is Angela's cousin. It's good that she's still got some family left. Poor girl. We haven't left the house since that time we went to the groceries. We're just too afraid and Angela's got a broken wrist.

I think the military are coming soon! I can hear loud noises coming from outside. I doubt the military can even handle it, those things are really strong! I think I'll wait for tomorrow and see if they have any goodies for us. Maybe we will even find another survivor, that would be a good but a bad thing and I don't even know if I can go out there again. At least Angela can look after Lucy if I do go out. My wounds aren't all that bad, Jennifer done a pretty good job.

I think that's all for today, I'll need to prepare dinner tonight. I've decided to make my family's comfort soup. It's a recipe passed down from my family for generations! I hope it'll lighten everyone's mood up. Until next time! -Jason

Week 1, Day 6, 11:57, August 12th, JasonEdit

Ok, I woke up about an hour ago and I'm ready to go out there. Angela and Lucy are still sleeping but I might have to awaken Angela so she can keep guard. This is a 3 bedroom house, I sleep in the master bedroom and Angela and Lucy sleep in Lucy's room so I think there'd be enough space. I've gathered some weapons, stuff like the butcher knife Angela had... That's it, I'm going out.


That was the best find EVER! I was right about people fighting those things! Unfortunately for the Zombie Slayers (that's what the group named themselves, not very original don't you think?), they're almost all missing or dead. One remains. A kid, called Dirk. The Zombie Slayers had all sorts of vicous weapons! They're all ours now. Angela is practicing to use a machete this moment. She's getting there, she does have a broken hand after all.

Speaking of Angela, I haven't seen her post anything onto the blog. Maybe she's not interested in the idea of the blog. Another thing, I don't think she's too happy with me right now. She was looking through the letterbox at the door just as soon as I walked in. Her face is all bruised. I feel quite bad. Also, when Dirk came in she didn't seem too happy to see him. He seemed pretty relieved to see her though.

I've told Dirk about the blog. Hopefully we'll see stuff from him soon. It didn't take long to find him. He was just around the corner shouting for help. Since he was heavily armed we decided to scavenge for some more food. I'm really optimistic now. Hopefully things are going just as well for everyone else. I know it's not for the zombie slayers. Dirk said it was a group of 6 people: Him, his girlfriend Lilith, his dad Darren, his dad's girlfriend Cassandra, Lilith and Dirk's friend Meadow Thayer and finally their other friend Ricky Cormier. He knows that his dad and Cassandra are dead. The teens are all missing, he think's they're dead too.

Something that happened when we scavenged houses has scarred me for life. We went into one of the trailer homes. This family must have been REALLY broke, I don't even think the house looked any different before this thing happened! Anyways, there was a young woman with short black hair. The sad part was that she was pregnant. I couldn't look at her. I just couldn't find the courage to kill her. Dirk was able to though. That's not the thing that made my heart ache. It was the fact that she had a child. A TODDLER. It was just in its crib sticking it's hands through the gaps trying to grab us. I told Dirk that it wasn't worth the ammo to shoot it. This disease is really messed up. Apparently this was the home of Dirk's best friend Dustin, whom we found in his room. Dirk dealt with him as well... poor kid.

One thing I've noticed is that Dirk doesn't have a problem with losing people he loves. It's as if he has already lost someone close to him, maybe he knows how to cope. He could help Lucy out a bit. Now she has come to realise what she has done. She's in the state of devastation but I WILL look after her for the rest of my life and I'll never leave her, that is a promise.

anyways, I think I'm going to go train my melee skills. So once again, remember to survive! -Jason

Week 1, Day 6, 12:54, August 12th, AngelaEdit

I've done a bit more hacking. I've now changed the layout so Jason definiately cannot see it if he doesn't type in a specific phrase before adding an entry.

In short- you guys can see it, but he can't. He creeps me out.

Life's getting hard. I smashed my face against the door frame when I heard a huge crash by the front door. Half my face is purple now. Great.

The crash was Jason trying to open the door with his hands full. He managed to pick up loads of weapons- machetes, handguns, you name it.

I tried attacking a sack of straw with a machete in my left hand. I didn't do too bad, but I've cut the floor to pieces, and I nearly sliced my foot off a couple of times. Too many near misses for my liking.

If we get attacked, I probably won't make it- unless I become ambidextrous.

I'm sure my hand's getting worse. I can't even touch it without a bolt of pain shooting up my arm.

We've got another survivor. Yeah, I know I don't sound too excited. It's Dirk Dreamer.

He just turned up without Lilith by his side. He said she's gone missing.

I punched him in the face. Hard. He deserved it. If he's going to make it up to me, he has to find Lilith.

Lilith, if you're reading this, make sure you look out for yourself. I'll find you. I'm sorry for blaming everything on you. You were the best thing in my life. If I lost you for good, life wouldn't be worth living without you by my side.

~Angela <3

Week 2, Day 1, 14:17, August 14th, JasonEdit

Just when I thought my heart couldn't break anymore, something happened AGAIN! Why does this world insist on making my life a misery? What does a man have to do to survive!? I would've committed suicide by now if it weren't for Lucy.

Why did all this crap happen not long after I moved back into Pleasantview?I had NOTHING before I moved here. I lived with my parents and once they died I realised it was time to get my life on track. I got kicked out of college and I had no love life. I just took everything for granted. So after my parents died I decided to move back to the neighbourhood I had lived in as a child and get job and eventually be happy with my life for once.

Then she came. The most beautiful woman ever. I knew I was in love. Her fiery, glossy hair looked like silk. Her perfect facial features, she was the one! We were friends for a few days. She was one of the people that greeted me into the neighbourhood. I finally gained the courage to ask her on a date. My life really was beginning to get better! People warned me to stay away from Nina Caliente, but there was nothing wrong with her. 1 day and 2 weeks ago, we had our date. It truly was a dream.

The only problem was, those people were right! She was a horrible, nasty, being! I'm just glad that she's gone now! That's right! She's dead!

Me and Dirk were doing our usual scavenging then I guess we came across her house. I never have been to her house. It was rather nice and modern. That's not the point though. So we went inside and there was no food. We went upstairs and there was nothing. Not even Nina's sister Dina. I wonder where she is, she wasn't as bad Dina but she wasn't as beautiful in my eyes. We checked the rooms, but we then came across a locked door. I sliced down the door with my machete but while slicing it two of those things came running to the door and tried to grab us through the gap I had made. It was a young man with tan skin and black hair and, yup, you guessed it! NINA! You may think that maybe they were just in a friend relationship but do friends hang out with each other in their underwear?

The room had a double bed with a leopard print and the bed had food all around it. It was also connected to the bathroom which was also locked.They were planning on living in that room forever! She was a cheater! She never wanted to settle down with me and have children! That's what I want! I want a normal happy family like in the TV shows!!

I think I've had enough heartache for today, I'm going off guys. Once again, survive yadda yadda yadda. -Jason

Week 2, Don't Know, Don't Care, AngelaEdit

I'm really crying right now. Dirk gave me a little present.

It was Lilith's iPod. I started listening to some of her music. Before I used to hate it. Now I love it to bits. She's got Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Bullet For My Valentine, System of a Down- everything.

The guilt of my childhood is really starting to kick in. I used to treat Lilith in the most unfair way possible. I always knew my parents preferred me, but I've only just realised- Lilith did care about me.

There was one time when I was twelve, and some girl was giving me a hard time by calling me a nerd. I think Dirk, who was in my class, told Lilith and she put a stop to it.

There's one big difference in our personality. I'm the sensitive one and I've noticed I cry at almost everything bad.

Lilith, who's my younger twin sister, acts like she's the eldest, and she's always kept an eye out for me one time or another.

I hate this. It's not fair.

~Angela <3

Week 2, Day 3, Still Don't Know, Still Don't Care, AngelaEdit

I have good news, and I have bad news.

The good news is I found Lilith. She was propped up against a tree a few metres outside our base and her side was bleeding heavily. When I asked, she had been in some kind of explosion in an attempt to kill a whole wave of zombies. She had caught herself on a jagged plank of wood that was used to barricade the door.

I cleaned her up, and thoroughly checked for suspicious bite marks, She had none. As soon as I finished my first-aid work, I gave her a huge hug. I started crying.

Then Dirk and Jason got back. After that, it all got worse. Dirk and Lilith went all lovey-dubby and Jason had a go at me for leaving Lucy.

Well, I got right in his face. I shouted and swore at him, and gave it my best. I got dragged away by Dirk and Lilith. I then shouted something like: "Wait till Dustin hears about this! You're so dead!"

Then they broke it to me. Dustin was dead. I'll tell you what I did- I kicked the wall. There's a hole in it now.

The one boy in my life, the one who truly cared about me, was gone. Victim to this disease. And Dirk was the one who pulled the trigger. He didn't tell me. I can't even look at him now.

I thought life couldn't get worse: parents who could be dead, your missing twin sister who was last seen by her boyfriend, and he magically turns up on your doorstep without her.

The one person who meant everything to you, gone.

And I typed this whole thing with both hands. There's too much pain in my life to notice a busted wrist.

Dustin Andrew Broke- I will always love you. RIP

~Angela </3

Week 2, Day 3. 15:56, Augist 16th, JasonEdit

Nothing has been happening these few days. I kind of hope it stays that way. However, something did happen today, we have a new survivor with us.

That's right. Angela's twin sister, Lilith. I feel happy for Angela but I'm also mad at her. She doesn't seem to realise that trust is something we all need to survive right now! She went outside and left Lucy on her own to go save her sister! She started cussing and went all violent because I shouted at her and during all of this all Dirk and Lilith could do was suck face! After Angela's rant she punched me in the face. My nose started to bleed. Nothing serious. Lucy was crying over all of this and ran to her room. I was furious.

Angela went all crazy and said something about a boy called Dustin hearing about me. Then I remembered that Dustin is the boy that Dirk killed in that horrible trailer home. So we had to break the news to Angela. I think it's fair to say she wasn't to satisfied. She left a hole in the wall! I just hope something will come and help us. This apocalypse is bringing out the worst in everyone. I don't want to live like this anymore.

That's all. I'll have to go and cheer up Lucy. I can still hear crying. Until next time -Jason

Week 2, Day 4, 21:08, August 17th, AngelaEdit

I've got to get a grip of myself. I've been crying too much. Dirk and Lilith have been getting along well, but they've completely ignored me.

My constant crying has made those two dub me as "the baby". I don't care. Really, it's gotten to the point where I don't care about anything anymore.

Everything's been a huge mess. I don't want to go through this anymore. I wish this was all some kind of bad dream.

Lilith looks different. She looks more like me. Well, her make-up's all gone, what else am I supposed to expect?

I remember going on a school residential trip to Strangetown when I was about 13. I met this one guy called Ripp. He was a bit of a loner.

Strangetown was the origin of the virus, so he's probably dead too.

Shame. He was kinda cute, in a geeky-loner kinda way. We were good friends.

You never know- he may have gotten out. He's quite slim, but very speedy. He can run. But running along 60 miles of open desert road?

No chance. I heard he could really drive and stuff. Part of his "military training" his dad pushed him through.

But there's a huge risk of taking survivors from Strangetown. But Jason, Dirk, Lilith, Lucy and I all made a pact. For anyone to be accepted, there would have to be a thorough check for any suspicious-looking bite marks. Anything that looks septic and infected. Anyone who could be infected, gets turned away.

And everyone has to be 100% honest if they get bitten. They have to leave. Go far away.

It's the rules.

I'd rather die than become one of those things and turn on my "friends".

This sucks.


Week 2, Day 5, 05:12, August 18th, JasonEdit

It's REALLY early. I've been in agony since yesterday. My nails are going really solid and even starting to get pointed! It's Summer and the other's are wearing clothes that'd keep them cool (only inside of course, if they wore that stuff outside it's be like teasing a dog with a piece of chicken!) but I'm still wearing my coat and I'm still absolutely freezing. Another thing, I've been out a lot and I've not even developed a tan or even gotten sunburn. In fact my skins getting paler. Is this it? Am I turning into one of those? If so then I better get out of this room. Lucy has been sleeping in bed with me these past few nights. She's been having nightmares. Maybe I'm just ill with a normal disease. I'll go see how I look in the mirror...

... WHAT! There's a tiny bitty problem here, THERE IS NO REFLECTION. I'm really freaking out right now! What could be going on!? Am I vampire? That can't be, I don't burn up in sunlight. Then again, Lilith has been saying that my eyes look a brighter shade, but vampires don't exist!


I know I said I feel cold but now I feel like my blood is boiling. What is happening to me? Maybe those things don't have reflections either! I'll have to leave as sooxdgfvhbjnkml;'#


I just passed out. Lucy woke me up telling me she was hungry. I told her to just go get some cookies. I thought it was all a dream until I read this. I also realised that I can't be one of those. It's been 2, almost 3 weeks. It takes much quicker to turn.

Anyways, I'm just going to see what happens. I'm going to make a real breakfast for everyone. Adios -Jason

Week 2, Day 5, 17:00, August 18th, AngelaEdit

I've figured out some really weird stuff.

I noticed Jason would only wear jackets- and it's the summer. Dirk and I figured out why. He was trying to hide a bite mark. Dirk and I did some analysis and we came to a very bizarre conclusion.

First of all- it wasn't a zombie bite mark. These zombies have had a serious decrease in speed, intelligence, and agility. Jason seemed to have been developing the complete opposite. He was stronger and faster than all of us combined. We asked where he woke up. He told us he woke up near here. I asked where he had been. He said he had been around Downtown Pleasantview.

He had been bitten by a vampire. That explains everything.

Dirk then asked: "If you're a vampire, how come you look fairly normal, beside your teeth? And how could you survive in daylight?"

Jason said he didn't experience any discomfort. I pointed out that there was a very chance he was a daywalker.

A vampire who could withstand daylight.

Lilith did some research, and she found out that vampires are immune to zombie bites, and vice versa.

We're all geniuses.

Later on, Lilith complained that our hygiene had been the least of our concerns. So we all took a trip to a clothes shop, just for a change. We all went.

We got some new stuff, and Lucy pointed out a small teddy bear on a very high display shelf. There was no way to get it, unless I climbed.

As I reached the top, the shelves below me gave way. The sound was deafening, and I was just hanging from this piece of plastic. Then we all heard a snarl. Nobody moved and everyone stopped breathing. Then the shelf I was hanging onto gave way, and I landed hard on my backside. The zombie, which had been hiding, leapt from a rack of clothes and charged towards us. Jason, Lilith and Dirk all started firing. I grabbed Lucy and ducked away. After they killed the zombie, we all ran as fast as we could.

When we all got back, I said one thing that made everyone stop.

"That thing was waiting for us."

I then explained about how these things eventually get smarter. I started talking about a film called I Am Legend and explained how this mutants made the main character get caught in his own trap. He nearly got killed.

Lilith then started to understand what I was getting at.

"We all need to change our routines. If we keep going out at the same time everyday, they're bound to learn and catch us out." she said in one of the most serious ways I have ever heard her speak.

Well, we did benefit from that trip; we've learned from our near-fatal flaw.

And Lucy got her teddy bear.


Week 2, Day 6, 5:17,August 19, LucyEdit

Hello Didi,

You are my favorite diary I have ever had. I guess I need to tell you what has happened.

There are bad guys, and they are dead but alive and they eat Sims. I wonder what a Sim tastes like? The survivors that I am staying with are Jason, he's a Vampire. Everyone thinks that because I'm little it means that I'm not smart, I am smart. There is also Angie, she's my favorite, she got Thea, my teddy bear, for me. Lilith is her twin, she's strong, they are both my cousins, but I think i like Angie better, and Dirk is smart and I don't know much about him.

Everyone is asleeep, but me and Thea. I miss my mommy and daddy, on the inside I didn't want to kill them. They were going to eat me Didi! But, I always will have them because of Thea. My mommy and daddy were going to buy me her. I know they want me to be strong, so I will be.

I'm getting sleepy and so is Thea.

Night, Night, don't let the walkers bite!


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