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Davina Amethyst
Davina Amethyst
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Alma Mater School High School
Grade A
Career Comedy Branch
Family/Families Blanchard family
Parents Morgan Blanchard Jennifer Rogers
Siblings Wilson Blanchard Male
Alvin Blanchard Male
Marital status Single
Hair color Eye-custom Pink
Eye color TS2 Red Eyes Red
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Medium
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Fire
World Willow Creek
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Davina Amethyst (born David Rogers Blanchard) is a transgender adult comedienne Sim from Willow Creek. She is the daughter of Morgan Blanchard and Jennifer Rogers, and has two younger brothers: one named Wilson Blanchard, and one named Alvin Blanchard.

Early lifeEdit

David Rogers Blanchard was the first child of Morgan Blanchard and Jennifer Rogers. The birth of this child caused Carson Rogers and Bianca Black to become grandparents for the first time. During his toddler years, he socialized pretty well with Jennifer, and found it easy-going with Morgan. There were a few times where he was seen by Sawyer Curran, a nanny who was hired by Jennifer to take care of him and Wilson (who was the second child) when they were gone.

When David entered elementary school, he thought of an idea to become a girl by the time he reached middle school. This resulted in major criticism by the other students in his class, who stated that he should not pull this off and instead do more man-like things. However, his problems with gender identity persisted and as a result, he started seeking help from Jennifer and Morgan, who told them to embrace his transition.

Secondary educationEdit

Once David completed his primary education, he began enrollment at Buckingham High under the name "Davina Amethyst". The gender reassignment surgery took place shortly afterward, making Davina the first transgender woman to be in Carson Rogers' extended family. Davina, as she became known, joined a part-time job in order to raise enough money so that she could become an entertainer, which is her absolute goal. She graduated from high school when both Morgan and Jennifer became elders.

Comedienne careerEdit

Davina began working in the entertainment career having been laid off from her part-time job as an economic measure. She began playing the guitar and telling comedic jokes on the microphone, and eventually gained enough skills in both categories to be promoted to a comedienne. Over time, she was required to greatly increase her comedy skill to remain eligible for promotion and to receive a huge amount of publicity.


After Jennifer and Morgan died, Davina had sole control over the house that she and Alvin lived in, while Wilson accepted an offer to go to a college outside of Willow Creek, causing him to move out. However, a few months after they took control over the house, a major conflagration caused the house to burn down to the ground. Both of them were not able to evacuate the house as the house's front and rear entry doors were locked. Once the fire was extinguished, the house collapsed on both Davina and Alvin, crushing both of them to death. The cause of the fire remained unknown.


Image Name Relationship level
Jennifer Rogers Mother
Morgan Blanchard Father
Wilson Blanchard Brother
Alvin Blanchard Brother

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