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Council of Bridgeport is an important entity in the Fanon Time Paradox, which is a loose coalition of existing Bridgeport stars and the Greek arrivals either ostracized by the Ecclesiarchy or simply drawn into the Bridgeport's party life. It is created right after Kallisto's bombardment of Bridgeport , and has since met once to discuss potential defensives, should Kallisto mount an offensive against Bridgeport. It is currently headed by Demetria, although Antigone and Lola Belle also exert significant influence. The other members are Tom Wordy of the Big Bling Household, Matthew Hamming, and Richie Striker.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Demetria Mykenaia: De facto leader of the Council, despite several issues.
  • Antigone Syrakosia: Another leading member of the Council, given the intense experience of the Greek members.
  • Tom Wordy: Killed by Kallisto's Rod from God
  • Big Hartley: The succeeding representative of the Bling Household, after Tom's death (Sugar and Lil Bling are also technical members, but not present due to their status, former a simple "trophy" girlfriend, and the latter a minor)
  • Matthew Hamming: One of the major members given (probably solely due to) his high celebrity status.
  • Lola Belle: Like Matthew, recognized as a major member due to her celebrity status, as well as her cooperation with Demetria.
  • Abraham Finkel: By default as Demetria's husband
  • Emmy Starr
  • Elvira Slayer: Questionable, although still at very least closely related to the Council given her offer to get the Vampires on the side in exchange for aid in getting her hegemony.
  • Jeffrey Cook: The political representative
  • Littler family: Renee and Reuben are active members, particularly Renee
  • Lord Plutonium and Baron Uranium: Not a technical member, but rather advisors and trainers of any paramilitary efforts of the Council

Organization[edit | edit source]

As mentioned, the Council is an very loose group, and it isn't even an official group. Nonetheless, the prospect of celebrities uniting under one banner has gathered enough attention, especially the celebrity-oriented media. Despite the lack of solid organization or legal status, it has generated plenty of responses: for one, SimNation's pro-Bridgeport sects have dispatched Lord Plutonium and Baron Uranium to aid them, while it has also attracted the attention of the Vampires, particularly Elvira who has shown interest in a mutual deal between her and the Council.

The Council in fact exists almost exclusively of Demetria giving the shot on hosting an meeting, which results in some discussions, albeit usually without substance, regarding potential hostilities of the Papal State under the archenemy of the celebrity culture, Kallisto Syrakosia. However, since then the Council has made some moves, such as introducing Martial Arts facility to the town, although its efficacy is limited by the lack of space that is an chronic issue in Bridgeport.

First Meeting: Planning the Defensives[edit | edit source]

Demetria: I presume all of you are well aware of the recent catastrophe. What say you?

Matthew: The meteors destroyed my hot tub! No, it wasn't just a meteor: I got a shower of them!

Antigone: I have a feeling that this is no mere meteor shower.

Tom: Go on.

Antigone: I've collected several "rocks" fallen from the Filming Grounds some time afternoon. It seems like the rocks aren't "rocks": That is, someone deliberately dropped all these projectiles trying to cause some ruckus!

Matthew: No.

Antigone: Yes, and I can only think of one organization which is capable and willing to pull this off: that which I swore allegiance some time ago. The Church headed by my very progenitor, Kallisto.

Tom: D**n those uncool Ecclesiarchy hokeys! Why don't we just bust in and show them who's boss?

Demetria: One does not simply fight against a stronger foe. Secondly, I do not believe Kallisto is really intent on destroying...

Matthew: Are you seriously kidding me? Just because Rods of God didn't fall on your property because of your ethnicity doesn't mean that your mad buddy over there is gonna offer us some sort of apology, much less a reparation. I'm telling you, Demetria. Your buddy back at Hekatonschoinos or whatever sent SPIES. Yeah, I am sure Kallisto over there is trying to enslave our arses right now!

Lola: Yes, especially since your all-seeing Kallisto bombed MY OWN SON OVER THERE! Surely if Kallisto was all-seeing she'd consider sparing the innocent children?

The crowd murmurs

Demetria: Order! Alright, let us assume that Kallisto is hostile. Even so, what is our option? One does not simply fight against a stronger foe. If Kallisto is indeed bent on taking over this land, then we might as well ask for protectorate status with autonomy.

Antigone: And Kallisto will be satisfied with that? No, Kallisto will send in some inquisitorial officer and pretty much suppress culture here. Demetria, you haven't seen Kallisto lately. She's nothing like Kallisto that you knew back in your days. Kallisto sees all.

Demetria: Yes, but even if Kallisto's offenses are inevitable what are we going to do? We are severely outnumbered and outskilled. Even if we had Achaia and Thessalonike over in our side, which in itself is highly unlikely, There is no way we can fight off Kallisto's offensives, especially not with Kallisto having that bombardment weapon right at her fingertips. And let us remember, Antigone, that Kallisto can pull clones out of nowhere!

Antigone: And what is the alternative? Simply give up? Will that save all the partying and the celebrity culture?

Matthew: Exactly. Kallisto's already messing with our private regions: capitulating will completely destroy our lives! Secret Cameres for all the publics to see! Do we want that?

Lola: Whoa, calm down, guys...

Tom: To the h**l with that! I got my girlfriend! According to Antigone's tale this pretty much damns me into the inquisitorial court! If that Church is going drag people for dating, they aren't dragging me or my girlfriend without a fight!

Demetria: Hold, Hold! "Angry murmurs from the crowd" ORDER!!! Now, before going overboard, how many of you practice Martial Arts?

Matthew: The Sim Fu stuff? I've acted in Sim Fu movies some times.

Tom: Sim Fu? Well, we can go Sim Fu those Greek zom...

Demetria: Ahem.

Tom: I meant Church bogeys with ease! Look at my muscles! They won't stand against us!

Antigone: Muscles do not win fights. Tom, I hate to break it to you, but our foes are full of Sim Fu masters. Tom, you are going to get your arse handed over to them.

Tom: So not cool. Why is it that the bad guys always get the advantage? Oh wait, we are rich, right? So why don't we import some training dummies?

Demetria: Hmm...

Antigone: Ah, a sound plan, Tom! We should organize an expedition to Shang Simla at once!

Demetria: However, we should still look for a diplomatic solution to this. We still are vastly underpowered and Kallisto is not a predictable one.

Lola: Enough discussions. It is time for us to cast the vote.

All: Yes.

Second Meeting: Unexpected Visitors[edit | edit source]

Demetria held a second meeting: like the first, Demetria hosted a party, but unlike the first time, Demetria held it on her own, and most of the people actively invited were quite surprised. In fact, such was the timing that even Kallisto did not bother to spy on the meeting, believing it to be an utter mess, instead focusing on the development of the Chrononomion as well as building the Simbot expeditions alongside Helle.

Few new faces appear, such as Emmy Starr and Elvira Slayer.

To Demetria (and Antigone)'s surprise, the Second Meeting involved new faces: faces which were not there on the first meeting, and one of them were of the demographic that was neglected the last meeting: the Vampires. Not only that, some of the more conservative figures, such as Jeffrey Cook joined as well, which meant that the Council was now developing into a representative entity.

Demetria: So, here we are again. Welcome those who were not here in the first meeting: Allow me to fill in with the information that you might have not accessed already. As most of you know, Bridgeport was hit by a rain of fire which was so intense and concentrated that some suspected that this was not an natural event. Antigone, who is a former member of the Church as you know, states that it is her old Church under Kallisto who did this thing. I myself had been an old friend of Kallisto, and I fear that me hosting the last meeting has alienated me from Kallisto. Anyhow, according to Antigone alongside my personal experience, I and the other members of the council fears that Kallisto might be sending an occupational force, which in turn will suppress the celebrity and partying culture here in Bridgeport, which cannot stand if we're to live the star life.

Elvira: Hmm. Ok, I believe we Vampires had no say in the previous meetings.

Demetria: Sincere apologies for that, Elvira. However, I believe your demographics have your own troubles, how is the internal strife working out?

Elvira: Yes. I am in a struggle against many of the Vampires who are not willing to accept my authorities. However, I am quite disappointed that you guys would not give us a say in a meeting that would determine the future of Bridgeport.

Demetria: As I said before, apologies to you. But has any of your dissidents made some suspicious contacts?

Elvira: Not as far as I know. But what is up with all the singed people?

Emmy: Well, all was going well until a meteor fell from the middle of nowhere...

Antigone: Yes, are we all aware of the threat that looms around us?

Emmy: I think my body answers that for me.

Elvira: Anyways, I still have a coalition of Vampires loyal to my cause: Morrigan and William are very eager to help out with the cause should you require it. However, this may result in turning many of my enemies, such as Wogan and Beau against us, which may result in them allying with your great enemy.

Antigone: Yes, and I fear that the Church always have some sort of bait... such as top quality plasma fruits...

Elvira: Hmm. Your Church is as powerful as we've heard it to be.

Jeffrey: May I have a say?

Demetria: I hear you, go ahead.

Jeffrey: It is possible for the city council to direct fund to the town's defense...

Emmy; Oh for the love of god, I appreciate your offer, Jeffrey but...

Demetria: Is there an issue with the government being involved in this?

Elvira: Long story short, Jeffrey isn't the most cleanest man in politics. I couldn't help it, but I concur with Emmy's sentiments: having Jeffrey involved in this will hurt our PR.

Jeffrey: Aww, come on? What is corruption anyways when things are going to fall apart anyways? Hostess, you might have heard this, but your Church is no longer a simple organization: it is now an official state.

Antigone: And?

Jeffrey: This means that the Church can declare war upon SimNation: They don't have the embassy set up yet.

Demetria: Oh Kallisto, what have you done?

Renee: And we are still going to go to China, right?

Elvira: Beg your pardon?

Antigone: Sorry, Elvira. Renee's husband was one of the spectators in the first meeting, and one of the eyewitnesses of Kallisto's attacks. Anyhow, the resolution that we came up in the first meeting was to go to China: our adversaries are masters of Martial Arts, and if we are to push them back, we will need some experience of our own.

Elvira: I believe that to be fruitless.

Antigone: How so?

Elvira: From what I've seen, what good with Martial Arts do when we have bombs falling from space right in front of our heads? Believe me, I can assure you that if Kallisto is that all-seeing wizard that she is famed to be, China will be in Kallisto's reach.

Antigone: And what do you propose then, Vampire?

Elvira: Help us resolve the strife: if we vampires can be united by a concord of sorts, we might be able to aid in your defense: our Vampire skills shall be invaluable in service to our city.

Emmy & Jeffrey: You wish for us to unify the vampires so that you will be the ruler of the city!

Elvira: Wrong, Emmy. I do it because if we don't, the Church will suppress our way of life. You know this from your own experience, Antigone. You know the Church's agenda. Terror bombing the city is only the beginning of Kallisto's imperial designs.

Jeffrey: True... But...

Antigone: and what shall we do?

Elvira: First, we must level the playing field. We shall need to get our own source of high quality plasma fruits: as far as I know, no shipment of high quality plasma fruits have reached Bridgeport.

Antigone: Yes. I believe that is feasible, since Kallisto never led a plasma fruit breeding program. With a head start, we might just make it.

Elvira: Yes.

Demetria: but what about us? We will need to be able to retaliate, and for that Martial Arts is a must.

Elvira: I concede the point there, since we won't be neutralizing their artillery any time soon. But please, keep the unification of the Vampires the primary concern. A divided Bridgeport will be open to Kallisto's invasion at any moment. I may wish to rule over the town, but I can't do it if Kallisto comes up and rolls over our arses right now.

Jeffrey: Perhaps. But what assurances do we have that your potential rule will be any better than that of Kallisto?

Elvira: The only assurance so far that I can make Jeffrey, is that with Kallisto on power you will probably be sent to court in charge of corruption and heresy.

Jeffrey: Hmm, a fine logician you are, Elvira. Fine, I shall stay out and keep this matter discreet among the political system here, but this better save the city.

Elvira: And so shall it be.

Demetria: Elvira sounds quite confident.

Division Begins[edit | edit source]

With the loss of Tom Wordy in the China trip as well as the successful acquisition of the training tools, Big Hartley is sworn in as a replacement to Tom Wordy. Its members mourn for the loss of Tom Wordy. As the citizen are in panic, the civil government entrusts the Council with emergency powers. With it, the Council has set password protection and other measures to prevent shipment of materials of war which could be used by any infiltrated personnel inside the city.

A impromptu funeral for Tom Wordy

Demetria: As you all know, Tom Wordy was wiped out in a fiery blast in the Chinese expedition. We do know that Kallisto could be behind this, although we have no definite proof of Kallisto's intervent...

Big Hartley: How could you even consider an alternative? There is no way that a meteor could drop right on top of...

Antigone: As much as I wished you were true, Big Hartley, Demetria is right to be skeptical. You don't know much of the history of the members of the Church before its creation as we've been brought here by some strange forces, and it is known between all the Greek community that Stratonike was also killed there in China.

Big Hartley: And how does Stratonike still breathe, then?

Antigone: Death flower. You see, Stratonike was oblivious to the existence of the death flower and randomly collected seeds, hoping to find life fruit seed as to cultivate them for the Simbot. However, it was under Hypatia before in the first timeline that the item was properly catalogued, although Stratonike is said to have identified the death flower before then. However, the Attalid records did not record existence of unique plants.

Big Hartley: So, essentially these people over there can pretty much cheat death, is that right?

Antigone: Not necessarily. I myself having been a member of the Church have one in possession. It is true that death flowers will allow you to cheat death, but death flowers by themselves will not grant invincibility: if you are killed, the death flower is consumed in the process.

Big Hartley: And the Church has figured out a way to mass cultivate these things?

Antigone: Thankfully, not to my record. However, it is an possibility now, given the Ecclesiarchal megalomania.

Big Hartley: Alright. In a way, I am thankful that Lil Bling is spared the brunt of the pain shifting tutors...

Demetria: ...

Elvira: Tom Wordy has been a proud man, and he has passed away. However, we have a serious problem.

Demetria: Go on.

Elvira: Friendly vampires report that there are Simbot parts being transferred into the town. Whatever the source is, I am pretty sure you Demetria nor Antigone don't have the intention of building one...

Antigone: Rats, they've cracked our defenses already?

Matthew: What's wrong?

Demetria: As you all know, the Big 6 are as of this moment the only ones to have actually successfully built Simbots. To my record, the only person who might be able to build a Simbot would be Parthenope, but Parthenope and the rest of the Attalids have emigrated out of the city, driven by the xenophobia against the unestablished Greeks in general.

Elvira: and this means that it is possible that one of them may be at the city right at the moment.

Matthew: What will we do?

Big Hartley: Wait, didn't we just establish a password protection some time ago? If so, how did the simbot material pass through? I am sure you've informed them about this...

Demetria: Come to think of it... Yes.

Antigone: And there were no traces of air drops or bombardments as of this moment... Let us open the transmission logs. Hmm... Some transmissions are heavily coded... I shall return momentarily.

Demetria: Very well, but take Hartley with you.

Antigone: Certainly.

-Some time later

Antigone: Things have just turned from bad to worse.

Demetria: How?

Big Hartley: You might want to listen to this transmission:

Identity Unknown: Here's the password to get your shipment through the trade gates...

Identity Unknown (2): Understood, you shall be greatly rewarded for this.

Elvira: What? Someone betrayed us!

Matthew: But who?

Emmy: Oh my...

Richie: How? Who could do such a thing?

Demetria: Alas... we are indeed in a bind. Well, get to the new training centers: our frame of preparation grows even shorter with every reversal. Do not forget, the enemy is upon us.

Matthew: Right.

Elvira: As you say.

SimNation Protects?[edit | edit source]

And finally responding to the Papal State's expansion (or better said, the loss of Twinbrook), the SimNation deploys their newest aces, presumably to replace Stratonike, Baron Uranium and Lord Plutonium.

Out in the streets of Bridgeport, people murmer about the new soon-to-come heroes (well, in SimNation's POV).

Lala: Have you heard?

Lisa: What?

Lala: Some new heroes are coming to protect us from that evil state!

Lisa: Really?

Lala: I've heard that they were really manly.

Lisa: Ohh... Heroes to save us...

Lilly-Bo: Really? They must be handsome.

Lala: Well, if news are correct, that should be true!

Lisa: Whee! "Fangirl squeal"

Back to Demetria's abode...

Demetria: So, we should listen to that transmission again.

Abraham: Yes, definitely.

Identity Unknown: Here's the password to get your shipment through the trade gates...

Identity Unknown (2): Understood, you shall be greatly rewarded for this.

Demetria: Well, I've found more, but the identity is still hidden.

Identity Unknown: Demetria et al. have us keep meeting in her abode disguised as parties. They know about me... that is that I exist. Only the encryption software have kept my identity hidden thus far.

Demetria: This means one thing: The traitor is here, in the Council. He or she is one of us.

Abraham: Chilling. We must share this with the others.

Demetria: Yes.

And so Demetria holds another meeting.

Lola: You have called?

Demetria: Yes. I and Abraham also attempted to find the traitor by listening to the transmission, and with this additional data, we have made a progress of a sort.

Matthew: Let us hear it then.

Identity Unknown: Demetria et al. have us keep meeting in her abode disguised as parties. They know about me... that is that I exist. Only the encryption software have kept my identity hidden thus far.

Demetria: As discussed with Abraham, the traitor is here, in the Council. The traitor is one of us.

Lola: And to have thought that it might be some discontent rabble...

Jeffrey: But who? Why would one of us turn against our own kind?

Matthew: Well, I certainly don't want to live in a no WooHoo world.

Stella: Yeah. I love night parties!

Demetria: We shall have to discuss more about this some time later. However, we must address other news as well. I presume all of you are aware of the reinforcements?

Jeffrey: Those Uranium/Plutonium people?

Demetria: Yes. However, it seems like they shall not be arriving today.

Stella: Aww, that's a shame. Gossips say that they are handsome.

Elvira: And how's the plasma fruits going?

Demetria: Apparently we have some new supplier who is eager to sell the goods. That might help you stem the tides and unite the vampires to the cause, Elvira. Here, take the contacts.

Elvira: Alright.

Lola: And what of the blockade?

Demetria: We did not detect any of the simbot ingredients as of now. If the needs are dire, we shall be able to shut down that junkyard to remove scraps from the formula.

Antigone: And what of the defensives?

Demetria: Given the nature of Bridgeport, It is safe to say that we have no land. So we had to do with rented space in the Gym.

Antigone: I guess that is fair enough.

Nihil tam munitum quod non expugnarni pecunia possit[edit | edit source]

It was only a matter of time before Lord Plutonium and Baron Uranium to arrive to Bridgeport: Their arrival was pretty much the talk of the city, and the new arrivals were met with adulation by the pro-celebrity people, who were all too eager to see new heroes defeating the "villainous" Papal forces.

Lord Plutonium on the left, Baron Uranium on the right

Lord Plutonium: Ah, a bit too excited out there, don't you agree chap?

Baron Uranium: Meh, They need none but to COME GET SOME.

Lord Plutonium: Right, then. Let's see, Who in the world is Phil Geiles?

Baron Uranium: Beats me. But I am going to rip a new one.

Lord Plutonium: Ok.

-At Geiles' abode-

Lord Plutonium: Greetings.

Phil: Ah, here are the guests. Hmm. I expected two muscular men. I got one.

Baron: Beats your expectation? But fear not, I shall go kick some gluteus maxi... That doesn't fit my one-liner trend.

Phil: I see. But have you heard of the first task?

Baron: What?

Phil: We're cleaning up.

Baron: I did not sign to be a city janitor.

Lord: Relax, Baron. We'll get ourselves some hefty boost. these rods aren't cheap, and even the husks of such things fetch 3000§. Besides, it ain't just us. The other celebrities are taking part as well...

Baron: Now you're speaking my language. I may not like cleaning up, but at least we'll get some good money. Funny how this ain't about beating church dudes in the butt.

Phil: Shall we go?

Baron: Alright.

-Hamming's abode-

What remains of Matthew's car after Kallisto's bombardment.

Matthew: My car... my beautiful car... Oh, that Church is going to so pay for this! But then I gotta clean up those rocks. This sucks. I wonder if anyone got it worse.

-Big Bling House-

Big Hartley: This may be old news, but why? WHY? Why Tom? But then I have to clean up on top of all that. What is this?

Sugar: Look at our house! Scarred by all these rounds we will never pawn our house should we need to emigrate!

Lil Bling: Sigh. Demetria is my savior at the moment: if it weren't for Demetria my entire career might have been screwed...

Big Hartley: Lil, this is not the time to talk about...

Lil: Yeah? As if you're over there able to stop that mete...

Big Hartley: Don't push it. I could say the same, so unless you've got an solution for this I suggest you shut it.

Lil: Well, the Greeks got something, and I know it! Only if you were so active on hearing the news about the...

Big: Oh so when were you rooting for the Greeks? If I recall none of us were supposedly open to the newcomers when-you-know-when! This includes you.

Lil: Big. I don't know where, but if rumors were correct, they had been able to resurrect the dead.

Big: Ah, so you're going to kowtow to them just for an uncertain chance of doing so? If you haven't researched on the rumors, here's the news. It's our enemy's doing.

Lil: Exactly. And we can replicate this.

Big: How?

Lil: Using a former member.

Big: Hmm. That Antigone is as ostracized by them Church people as any of us are. I suppose your argument has some merit. But even so, does Antigone have all the parameter for doing so?

Lil: I don't know, but it's worth a try, right?

Big: But then how did Demetria come into all of this?

Lil: Because Demetria leads the council, and none are closer to Antigone than Demetria.

Big: Hmm. Alright. But then we will need a lot of money.

Lil: Then let's go clean these up. If I recall, engineers in this country love the stuff that Church produces.

Big: Sounds like a proper plan. -Demetria's Abode-

Demetria: Strange, Kallisto is not the kind to give up and do something else. Something' going up over there.

Antigone: What is it?

Demetria: This has been weeks and there has not been any new bombardments or any visible threat posed by the Papal State.

Antigone: Come to think of it, yes.

Demetria: Perhaps they've gone over and made peace with the SimNation?

Antigone: Not likely. We haven't seen engineers and scientists celebrate.

Demetria: Right. Then what could it be?

Antigone: How can I know? I'm not the psyker in the level to go astropath any time soon. Speaking of that, I would like to hear that transmission again. The one from the traitor, that is.

Demetria: Yes, but then what good could come of it?

Call for Peace[edit | edit source]

And on a very early morning, Antigone summons Demetria to divulge the latest telegram.

Antigone: Demetria, I've received an telegram seemingly directly from the Ecclesiarchy. I feel like this is a trap.

Demetria: What is it?

Antigone: It apparently is a peace offer.

--- (telegram): Greetings, Antigone. This is from the Ecclesiarchy: We have come to offer you peace between the two seemingly incompatible cultures. (pause)

Demetria: Ah, so the identity is masked. Perhaps it's one of Kallisto's ploys?

Antigone: Not likely, given that Kallisto is not the type to speak secretively behind a persona. If I recall, we did hear about an urban legend in which some weird paranormal sound propagated from an orphanage, calling them to move to the shores. If the legend is true, I presume Kallisto is a probable candidate.

Demetria: But why did you summon me alone? Why not summon the rest of the group?

Antigone: Because of the latter statement.

--- (telegram, resumed): We are offering some restitution money, as well as a covenant not to use the strategic weaponries. All your council have to do is simply to have you return to the fold.

Demetria: Ah, so they're calling you back?

Antigone: What for? Shall I return as a shameful heretic?

Demetria: That is a tough call. The council will have to be held to decide upon that matter.

Antigone: Curse the Council! These celebrities make fun of the very ones that have power, and use other people as shields! Never have they ever come to anything productive, while deceiving the masses that something will be done!

Demetria: Perhaps you are shaken by the offer of reacceptance? Why be so wishy-washy?

Antigone: ...

Demetria: But perhaps you have a point there, as the Ecclesiarchy also does. Indeed, the current nature of celebrity doesn't promote true skills: I know this, as I've been subject to the very hellish experience of exclusiveness of the unabashed celebrity culture that excludes anyone, even the skilled, from gaining respect simply for not having the clout.

Antigone: Your point?

Demetria: Why not have a centrist system? Surely the answer lies in moderation.

A New Ally[edit | edit source]

Antigone: So, Demetria. You may want to hear this.

Demetria: Ah, Antigone again, what's the news?

Antigone: It seems like we aren't alone in the fight.

Demetria: Is that so? Seems like we shall need to hold another muster.

-At the Muster-

Matthew: This is getting pointless: We may have established some systems but how are we...

Antigone: Hold your horses, Matthew, this time we are bringing in tidings of a new ally.

Lola: Wow, and I thought we were going to do this all by ourselves...

Baron Uranium: Heh, friends. Like we need any to kick some gluteus...

Antigone: We may be in a harsh reality, but hear this, there is none more truer than the adage that there are nothing more invaluable than a friend: Allies save lives.

Demetria: Wasn't it blood saves lives, sweat saves blood, and brains save both?

Antigone: No, but nice Rommel reference.

Demetria: I must have read one too many of Kallisto's tomes.

Lord Plutonium: Antigone's right. An ally at this point is very invaluable. Our report says that he has drawn the aggro away from us to Moonlight Falls.

Matthew: I suppose that is a good thing? Or bad that we got rods of god falling at some place now?

Antigone: That is up for questioning, admittedly. But what we are sure of is that we aren't going to have to worry about rods of god for some time.

Matthew: Them orbital bombardments... taking my precious car away...

Demetria: Surely you are wealthy enough to afford another one? Anyhow, here's the news. We got the leader on touch. Please welcome Ezekiel Gretchyn.

Ezekiel (transmission): Greetings, noble opponents of Kallisto! I bring tidings to those who are fighting against the forces of the Ecclesiarchy!

Stella: We aren't going to do actual fighting, right?

Demetria: Hopefully with diplomacy we won't have to. Now, Mr. Gretchyn, what news do you bring?

Ezekiel: I bring to you a formal proposal for an alliance.

Antigone: Excellent!

Matthew: Now, now, didn't we just establish that Ezekiel has drawn away the aggro?

Demetria: Your point?

Matthew: If we ally with them, isn't there a chance that Kallisto might bomb the sky down upon us again?

Geoffrey: That is a valid point...

Lola: And we don't want Jupiter or any of our children burned.

Demetria: Indeed, that is very true. Now, Antigone, what is your position?

Antigone: You celebrities are lily-livered cowards! We were provoked by Kallisto, our livelihoods are in stake, and all you have to say is we don't want more fireballs falling down upon us?

Demetria: A fine display of oratory passion.

Antigone: Enough with your distanced attitude, Demetria. We need to think as a team, and we must unite with any willing allies.

Lord Plutonium: In this matter I am inclinded to agree with Antigone here, as our objective is to check the aggressions of the Papal State.

Emmy: Now, hold on a second there, Mr. Plutonium. We aren't here to take on the Papal State, do we look like soldiers here?

Lord Plutonium: I must be misunderstanding here then, surely Council of Bridgeport was formed to address the actions of the Ecclesiarchy?

Emmy: Right, but we've only done this for defensive reasons, and we have no remedy against rods of god.

Ezekiel: Relax Emmy, there is an easy solution.

Emmy: Indeed, Mr. Ezekiel? Enlighten me.

Ezekiel: Build underground bunkers.

Demetria: Hmm, seems like we are going to have to make some financial investments.

Matthew: This is insane. What the hell is that, some sort of joke?

Ezekiel: Hmm, perhaps you aren't aware of what happened to Sunlit Tides.

Matthew: And what does that have to do with us?

Lola: Meh, Let's just build some bunkers and get over it. It's not like a couple thousands of simoleons are going to hurt us in the long run.

Matthew: With all due respect, Lola, are we to store cars underground?

Lola: Is there a problem, or your car has more worth than lives?

Matthew: Sigh, you got me there, Lola. .

Emmy: Now what, Mr. Ezekiel?

Demetria: Seems like something's due to the words of wisdom.

Antigone: Hmm, an alliance fund, eh? Ah, only if Kallisto hasn't frozen my assets...

Lola: Fear not, Antigone. I shall repay Ezekiel's kindness in cash.

Matthew: Well, I may not like this, but Lola's got my tongue, I'm in.

Lord Plutonium: Excellent.

Demetria: Very well, seems like I shall have to pitch in as well. Mr. Ezekiel, we shall send you some funds. Hope you invest wisely.

Ezekiel: Great thanks, Demetria.

Demetria: Seems like the alliance has been formed. Meeting adjourned.

Anti-Greek Sentiments[edit | edit source]

With the Ecclesiarchy having struck Moonlight Falls, the Anti-Greek sentiments started to grow on Bridgeport. This grew to the point where it was convenient for paparazzis to make false stories implicating Greeks, whether they be celebrities, commoners, or even fictional, to Ecclesiarchy. Needless to say, public opinion of Antigone and Demetria soured rapidly.

Demetria: Greetings, Antigone. What subject are we to discuss today?

Antigone: We should have a private talk, as the regular members will probably not appreciate the contents of the talk.

Demetria: Very well, what of it?

Antigone: As both of us are now painfully obvious...

Demetria: The paparazzis are making bogeymen out of the Greeks.

Antigone: A classic heresy that the likes of Kallisto would have denounced. Kallisto may be crazy, but Kallisto has no love for xenophobia and media-based scapegoating.

Demetria: So you wish to side with Kallisto now?

Antigone: I would feel shamed if I said yes. However, the paparazzis are biting the hand that feeds them.

Demetria: Yeah. Now, both of us are aware of what is going on at the other side, right?

Antigone: Yes indeed. Now we have to deliver the message, which will be the challenge given the paparazzi's influence over the media prevents those disgraced by it to change it.

Demetria: Antigone, money solves this problem, and in this case, bribery can shift that away.

Antigone: As far as I am concerned, I do protest that the solution is too simple: sure, the paparazzi can be temporarily swayed, but then what can we do if there is a malicious one having figured out the weakness in the system?

Demetria: Your point?

Antigone: If one paparazzi finds out that we have to keep bribing them into not making us the bogeyman, sooner or later they will continue to release false accusations periodically, forcing us to keep up. However, this also puts aside a question of media credibility, as a media that goes obviously inconsistent will pose some problems with the people.

Demetria: Antigone, you are thinking too hard. We may be Greeks and we may be bogeymen thanks to the paparazzis, but there is one thing that they do not consider: the fact that we are leading the Council of Bridgeport and hence are responsible for preparing the defenses. "Phone rings" Ah, Hello? this is Demetria, what is it?

Lola: -on the phone- Pardon me, girl, but you girls are in a heap of trouble.

Demetria: How so?

Lola: It seems like the anti-Greek sentiments have reached our own Council, and some of the members not acquainted well enough with you are trying to throw you out.

Demetria: Oh... Great. Lola, how did you get note of this?

Lola: It seems like one of the members have noted you going in to Antigone's place, and the member must have thought it as a secret meeting to hand the city over to the Ecclesiarchy.

Demetria: You hear that, Antigone?

Antigone: What?

Demetria: It seems that we're branded traitors by our own.

Antigone: By the gods, this cannot be happening...

Lola: Anyhow, I'm with the rest of the members, who are angry that you are not present and have jumped to the conclusion that you are indeed traitors.

Demetria: Where?

Lola: At my place. You may want to hurry...

Antigone: Blast.

Demetria: We best hurry.

-At Lola's place-

Big Hartley: Look who decided to show up.

Demetria: Cut to the point. What are you trying to imply?

Big Hartley: Don't play dumb. You Greeks are all the same, always scheming, always looking for things to exploit.

Demetria: What kind of insanity hit you? How the hell did you even come up with such conclusions?

Big Hartley: Then tell me what significant thing we've done to stop those madwomen over there. You guys led the group, and all we did was fruitless and useless! How are we going to avenge Tom, huh? Don't give me Moonlight Falls alliance, either.

Lola: Shut up, you! These two probably have enough problems to deal with and you're not helping!

Big Hartley: Oh, how much bribe did your Greek masters and overlords forked to you, huh? Apparently you got some confidence that your position is secure, because the way it's turning out things aren't going to be happy-diddly.

Lola: Now you've just crossed the line! Stop this paranoia before someone gets hurt.

Big Hartley: Only people who are going to get hurt are the Greeks and traitors who aid them!

After that, Big Hartley swings at Lola, knocking her down, then proceeds to dive against Demetria. Demetria dodges him, and Antigone swiftly suppress Big Hartley.

Antigone: I didn't want to do this, but we need all the unity we can get. If you're going to be so obsessed about the Greeks and revenge, go find your own way. I assure you, you're not going to go far. -turns to the rest of the group- If our ethnicity creates more issue than our allegiance here, I suggest you go away and find some other right-wing group to associate with because this is going to be a civilized group and such irrational nonsense has no place in this resistance. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Richie Striker: Alright. I'm okay with that.

Matthew Hammings: O... K. I'll be cool, just be more proactive in protecting our things, will ya?

Antigone: Ha.

Lola: Damn, so this is what happens when you piss off those who were close with the Ecclesiarchy.

Antigone: Damn right. However, Matthew and Hartley both point out that our organization have been lacking in both focus and drive. I have come here to discuss some moves.

Lola: Really? I'm all ears.

Matthew: Does it involve more bombing of private property?

Antigone: Shut up, you're making yourself look like a libertarian. However, this action may draw some attention to our group.

Matthew: Dammit, I think I'll need a reinforced bunker now. But that's so unfashionable...

Demetria: But then that's how war works, pillaging, destruction, and adaptation.

Matthew: This is why I prefer peace and acting to politics and ideology!

Antigone: The price of indifference to politics is to be ruled by evil men.

Elvira: Then I'd benefit from that.

Demetria: Oh, shut up. Anyhow, Antigone, continue with the plans?

Antigone: Yes. Our primary concern is Ezekiel's position in Moonlight Falls, where the Ecclesiarchy and their lackeys have currently vested themselves.

Lola: What about that town of fairies and witches and werewolves?

Antigone: I'd like to note that the unfortunate truth is that the general popular sentiment on the witches have falled primarily favorable towards our enemies.

Lola: Oh crap. That's what magic and technological madness do you people, don't they?

Antigone: Yes. While there are some cults who side with us, the vast majority of the powerful cults align with the Ecclesiarchy.

Richie: So what's the move?

Antigone: I will personally visit Moonlight Falls.

Richie: What for?

Antigone: Rallying the populace. While Moonlight Falls isn't just all supernatural, when it comes to power balance we are in the losing side. Sim Fu may help in evening the scales, but the biggest part is to rally up the regular sims, and perhaps draw more witches to our side.

Elvira: Why don't you invest in my proposition? If we had a unified vampire population here, we can go take the fight to the enemy: with the werewolves at our side, we'll have the upper hand at night!

Antigone: I seem to recall witches having sunlight spells. Against a powerful witch a typical vampire is like an ant fighting a man equipped with blowtorch.

Elvira: Isn't that limited to the higher ranking witches?

Antigone: Yes, but sadly Ezekiel reports that one of the strongest witch cults, the Silver Lilies, have plenty enough of them.

Elvira: Ok.

Antigone: Nonetheless, if you're so willing to prove yourself to the group, you can tag along. Your advantages at night will provide us plenty of services, and you'll be rewarded justly.

Elvira: I'm listening.

Antigone: Ezekiel reports that the Silver Lilies have quite a bit of agricultural capabilities as well. If you're lucky, we might be able to find that plasma fruit that you desire so much, and perhaps use that to draw the vampires here to your side.

Elvira: Hmm, a tasteful deal.

Lola: So it's settled, we're going to Moonlight Falls, eh?

Antigone: Some of us. And I'm under the notion that you've got quite a busy schedule this month?

Lola: Hmm. Alright, leave coordinating the celebrities here to me. You go ahead to Moonlight Falls and save that neighborhood.

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