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Contessa Natasha Houwdegen
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FanonNatasha HouwdegenAdult
'Finally, Natasha has a happy life. But will the past haunt her?'
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Human
Education and Employment
Entertainment career Round Table Knight
Fischer family, Una family
Parents Alexei Una, Katerina Una Deceased
Romances Count Radbout Houwdegen Married, John MoleEx-fiancée
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Anastasia Houwdegen Daughter
Zodiac sign Sagittarius Sagittarius
Aspiration  Family
Lifetime want
Reached Golden Anniversary Party Reach Golden Anniversary
Turn ons
Skill Creativity Creative
Lycanthropy Lycanthropy
Turn off Zombiism Zombiism
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-medium Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Desiderata Valley

Contessa Natasha Houwdegen (née Una) is the second wife of Count Radbout Houwdegen and the mother of Anastasia Houwdegen. She is the ex-fiancé of John Mole.


Earlier lifeEdit

Natasha went on a vacation to Three Lakes. She met there the lonely Arthur Bigfoot and they became friends. Natasha asked him to move in and he agreed. Back home with her new roommate, Natasha contacted her friend John Mole. He helped here to change her aspiration from Grilled Cheese to Family. However, Natasha and John became more than friends and fell in love with each other. They woohoo and Natasha got pregnant. So, John proposed Natasha and he moved in. John and Natasha were making weddingplans, but he had still feelings for his old lover Sharon Wirth. John told Natasha he had to go on a secret misson, but actually he went on a vacation with Sharon. When John returned from his 'mission', Natasha got a miscarriage. John also committed the truth and Natasha went through a depression. She hoped she could fix their relationship, but she didn't succeed. Then she met Contessa Willow Houwdegen


Willow was interested in Natasha because she was the ideal mother for her husband's wanted child. She invited her for a dinner and Natasha agreed with their plan. However, Willow noticed the Count and Natasha loved each other, but Radbout didn't want to cheat his wife. And then Willow made an unexpected decision: she didn't want to be a vampire anymore and she wanted to divorce Radbout. He was shocked and she told him she couldn't fulfill his want and she was to old to be a good wife. She also said Natasha was a better wife for him. Radbout didn't agree and he said he really loved her and not Natasha. But Willow knew Radbout was in love with Natasha and she asked her for a favor. So, when Radbout was working, Natasha and Willow bought a Vamprocillin-D and Willow drank it. Radbout came home and he discovered the human Willow.

Radbout and Natasha married after Willow's leave and they went on honeymoon in Twikkii Island. After the honeymoon Natasha discovered she was pregnant and gave a birth of Anastasia. Natasha received a letter of Bigfoot in which he told he didn't like John and Sharon (who lived in Natasha's old house). So, she put them out of her old house and gave Bigfoot the opportunity to move to Fear Valley. Although, John and Sharon weren't happy with it...

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