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Constance Garvouis
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'Constance sacrificed her calm lifestyle when she married Isaac, she had to keep up the appearances, balance family life, celebrity life and romantic life. Although, she has had much work, if she could go back to the past, she wouldn't change anything. She's happier than ever.'
Name Constance Garvouis
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Elder.png Elder
Life state CAS Human icon.png Normal
Education and Employment
Journalism career icon.png Star News Anchor
Garvouis family
Romances Isaac Garvouis Married
Child(ren) Wyatt Garvouis Son, Alfred Garvouis Son, Ursula Garvouis Daughter
Trait Neurotic small.png Neurotic
Trait Absent-Minded small.png Absent-Minded
Trait Bookworm small.png Bookworm
Trait Perfectionist small.png Perfectionist
Trait Clumsy small.png Clumsy
Lifetime wish
LTW Professional Author.png Professional Author
Fav Classical.png Classical
Fav French Toast.png French Toast
Fav Pink.png Pink
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3.jpg Brown
Eye color Eye-blue.png Dark Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Riverview
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Constance Garvouis (née Shelley) is the matriarch of the Garvouis family. She is known for being a great journalist.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

Constance moved in to the Riverview when she was still very young. She was soitary, preferring books to social life. She advanced quickly in the Journalism path due to her notable writing skill, there she met her boss, Hannah Jones. She soon got the news that her boss, Hannah and her husband, Aiden Jones had died by drowning and that a new resident, Isaac Garvouis had moved to their house just after their death. She met Isaac, and they loved each other, it was like "love at the first sight", they didn't share any passion together, but there was some chemistry that united the two. They advanced quickly and went steady. Constance was delightful about her lover, and surprisingly for her, he proposed her to marry him. They agreed to hire a new butler, Irina Bulls, she helped the family a lot, especially when it came to the marriage preparatives.

Constance and Isaac wanted a very special occasion for their wedding so they remodelated the third floor and decorated it nicely. That was where many next generations would marry.

Isaac and Constance married after all the party, marvelous food, joy, dance, drinks, music, everything was there to make it a perfect wedding and all the guest congratulated them, this popular and fabulous wedding made them celebrities. This also made the couple earn many influent friends, among them some really known celebrities. The paparizzi started to follow her everywhere she went.

After the marriage the house was a mess. Irina Bulls started to work harder, but she couldn't handle it alone, which made Isaac repair the broken instruments, while Irina and Constance cleaned all the house from upstairs to downstairs, left to right. The house was now brighter than ever.

Then Constance had her "wedding night" with Isaac, the two went to the hot tub and woohooed there several times. Isaac wanted to be sure that an heir would be produced.

Constance realized she was pregnant after some nausea and pain and she immediately took the maternity leave and stayed home. It was a very joyful moment in all her life. Contrary to what she thought before, being pregnant was a very pleasing sensation. Isaac was pleased too and he played with Constance's tummy several times.

After moments of extreme pain, Isaac took her to the hospital. Wyatt, the heir, was born. The couple couldn't be more happy about it, and while Constance felt the need of nurturing the baby, Isaac invested his time and money on inventions in order to earn money and enlarge the family fortune.

Marissa Perez was hired as a personal stylist when Constance and Isaac agreed to keep up the appearances. However she quickly resigned, she didn't really have a notable job. Although, Isaac made friends with her. Marissa ended up moving out and Constance taught Wyatt his toddler skills, while this happened Isaac started to visit several times his "old friends", she didn't suspect of anything, even though, she had reasons to do so.

Constance discovered that she was pregnant some days after woohooing with Isaac in the hot tub, the baby was born a boy and named Alfred. The couple gave him slightly less importance, considering he was not the heir, so they made a room quite distant from theirs, where Alfred could sleep, while Wyatt slept in the same room as Isaac and Constance.

Constance finally taught the last toddler skill to Wyatt. His birthday was very close so they made some arrangements to perform a discrete birthday party, but very joyful one. Wyatt grew up well into a child and Constance realized that he was in love with Sports. Sometimes he even sneak out at night to practice some exercise at the TV, of course, without Constance's permission. Wyatt went many times to sport plays at stadium and with his friends as well.

Wyatt's room was also remodelated to make it less "adult".

Constance wrote her first book, its theme was about gender differences and stereotypes, Constance tried to explain in her book that there are hormonal differences in both genders that instigated different behaviors, still most stereotypes are exaggerated and not always valid. Her book also explains that men and women tend to have different abilities, but life experiences can revert, neutralize or strengthen this, brains are changeable and abilities and facilities are not determined forever.

After going to a party, she re-met an old friend, Buck Broke, and she felt romantically attracted to him, the two went nude to the pool and then cuddled in the bed, but she didn't consummate an infidelity. There she also met her good friend Sherman Bagley.

By this time, Alfred grew up into a toddler, Constance realized that she was pregnant and Isaac was caught in a serious problem for detonating public objects. Constance realized that he had a murderous power, so it was best to be careful.

Wyatt got in the honors and Isaac a robotic invented a toy for him to play. Isaac still invented little things but Constance knew that her husband's creativity would change this.

A birthday party was organized by Isaac to celebrate his birthday, but something almost destroyed it, Constance was heavily pregnant and couldn't support it anymore, when the guest came, she started to give birth. The people went almost insane and started to scream and panic, and this resulted in Isaac and Constance's stuck in the kitchen, they couldn't move to anywhere, due to this, Constance gave birth in the kitchen to a beautiful girl who was named Ursula. Her husband quickly reverted the disaster party into a successful one, by extensively talking to the people, going with them to the hot tub. Isaac grew up successfully into an adult.

Constance's birthday didn't begin very well, Isaac got electrocuted and Constance was really frightened by this, thankfully Isaac survived. She, relieved, marked the birthday party and went to Brokes's house, where she met Skip Broke and then came to her house to celebrate her birthday party, her party went well and the guests felt satisfied, Isaac went to his inventions again and developped his athletic skills as well, working out at gym.

Constance, nervous, went to work again after the long break, she left the butler caring for her children. She also changed her look to something more professional, just like her husband, who also felt the need to vary a little. It was very hard to teach the toddler skills to Alfred since she had amounts of work to do and Isaac was not very caring, but she did it.

Wyatt also grew up well, but Isaac was mad at him due to his radical appearance change, this argue was finally shut when a fire aroused upstairs, Irina who was trying to fix the broken radio was electrocuted and then "eaten" by the fire. The fire was extinguished by the firefighters, who couldn't save poor Irina and she died. Her grave remained in their home, in the "Heavens" section, where people considered good by the Garvouis family are buried.

A new hired butler, Adrien Duncan then arrived.

Ursula grew up well into a toddler after the tragic event. She was easily taught and potty trained. Alfred learned the last skill from Constance, he also loved to play with blocks, Ursula enjoyed it too. Wyatt changed his appearance after being obliged by Isaac, and while he was changing his clothing, Constance kept talking to the stylists and made a new friend - Carlotta Lobos.

Without Constance and Isaac's noticing, Wyatt went away at night with his friends, he was later brought by police, it was the Curfew time. Isaac who was woken at the moment, was irate at him.

Constance once met Billy Caspian at his home. The two were attracted to each other and they cuddled in the bed and then went to the hot tub, where they started kissing and couldn't stop, they made out and woohooed on it. But it was only a one-night stand, Constance couldn't stand the regret feelings that rose to her and broke off the relationship they had, he was very offended and they stopped meeting, but later they re-developped their friendship.

Due to her popularity and good relations with people she was invited to a party at Sherman Bagley's home, there she met Rhoda Bagley and Ma Bagley, both being somehow dubious and it was rumoured that Ma was besides a criminal, a vampire. Sherman Bagley was actually a more friend with benefits, as the 2 woohooed at the Stadium, without a romantic attachment.

Wyatt was now behaving more properly, he also trained himself and got some athletic skill points.

Alfred grew up well but he got an inappropriate flaw and that didn't please the Garvouis much. But he was very interested in his father's inventions and rapidly got some inventing skill points.

Ursula also grew up well, and she took after her mother her taste for clothes, but an even better taste! Things went very well from here, Isaac successfully learned to make a Time Machine and she was proud of him, the couple got even more attention from the media and partying was now a new hobby of Isaac. Wyatt was given a laptop by Constance and Isaac for his recent good behavior, excellent grades and teaching Ursula to study. Ursula learned how to cook muffins and the family persuaded her into selling them. While this happened Alfred enjoyed collecting bugs and at night Constance realized his love for talking to spirits and ghosts, this was a bit more scary for her...

She was very happy to see her husband finally fulfilled he had mastered 3 skills just before Ursula got in the honor roll and Wyatt grew up well.

Unfortunately for Alfred, he grew up badly to his grades and all the family, particularly Constance felt guilty for it, however Alfred was focused on inventions and gardening something he started to enjoy. Wyatt also was successful in his attempt to conquer a heart, the girl was MaryKay Shallow and she moved in to Garvouis home, however she quickly fled due to her hate for children, Constance was very sad, she thought her son would finally marry, fortunately the family provided the emotional support Wyatt needed, with the exception of Alfred, whom Wyatt blamed for MaryKay's leave and that made them enemies and Alfred started to prank a lot on him.

As Alfred turned into a rebellious teen, Constance and Isaac started punishing him, demanding him to stay all day at home, he still had good grades like Ursula who just grew up into a teen well. They also prepared themselves for the prom night.

Constance got in the top of her career and that made her very happy, and in order to have her logic skill trained she star gazed with her friend with benefits: Skip Broke and then befriended the muscular Trigger Broke, but she was terrified after seeing the house next to Broke's burning down, her son who was a firefighter arrived and extinguished the fire and saved [[the person who was inside.

The family agreed to buy new stuff and started to enjoy having more family fun, however, Alfred was more interested in getting his inventing skill mastered and demonize his brother's life,a burglar came and attempted to rob their furniture but the alarm saved the family and a policeman came and arrested the silly burglar.

She got free vacation as well as Isaac and Wyatt and they left the teens alone, when they returned, Constance felt very pleased that the teens didn't misbehave as she expected, at least she thought so.

A new butler was also hired, Feliciana Dantas, as Adrian left due to his no connection with the family members.

Isaac also found some tips for gardening and immediately got life fruits by persuading Meadow into making them, since he didn't have enough skills for it. Constance was offered the life fruit and ate it as well as Isaac and the couple rejuvenated a bit, they now enjoyed the water slide and they became more distant from their careers, they wanted to enjoy the last days of the adult stage.

The days after were suddenly more dedicated to gardening than to writing or reading, this was the new hobby of the family, perhaps because they were in Riverview? She also visited many of her friends such as Billy Caspian and a new best friend she made, Ryan Cole. She quickly got the notice her son was about to marry a young woman, Melanie Cole, who came from humble origins but involved in the politics of the neighborhood, and she indeed the older sister of Ryan. The marriage appeared to be very happy and fun itself, but Constance wandered where Alfred was, he had not shown up yet. The two vampires deaths ruined the end of the party and the days after were lived with such gloom, till Melanie announced she was pregnant.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Constance is a 5-star celebrity.
  • Constance has 8 points in writing, 9 in charisma, 5 in logic, 3 in cooking and 1 in handiness.
  • Constance's paranoia led her to the extreme of her mood many times, she felt very good when people praised her, but felt completely miserable when people insulted her. This resulted in a mid-life crisis after Wyatt's birth.
  • Constance had many male and female friends throughout her life.
  • Although Constance cheated one time on Isaac with Billy, she ended the relationship right on the spot after WooHoo. She also got the lifetime reward "Clean Slate" and after many days of dedicating herself to Isaac only, she got the "Eternally Faithful" reputation.
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