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Cluedo: Murder At The Mansion!
Name: Cluedo: Murder At The Mansion!
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Created by: OfficialNathanBanks
Rating: Rated R (USA); 18 (UK)
Number of chapters: 13

Original run: June 2013
Status: Completed

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Cluedo: Murder At The Mansion is a 2013 Slasher story based on the board game of the same name. The story is based on the original Cluedo board game, although with some alterations. The story twists the aim of the Cluedo game and creates a horror/slasher version of the tale; for example, it will contain the "Whodunnit" effect of the board game, but the murders and the story itself will contain elements of horror and thriller.


"A Group of people are gathered at a Mansion in the middle of a forest as a free vacation break. As the guests are murdered one-by-one, in a mad, murderous bloodbath; the survivors come to learn that they are part of someone's sick board game"


All of the characters in this story are based off the actual "Clue" board game, with some extra characters being taken from the special edition version.

  • Miss Josephine Scarlett - Miss Scarlett is an aspiring actress, and the daughter of Mrs Peacock. She and her mother agreed to the free vacation to "patch things up", after their feud began in 2002.
  • Colonel Mustard - Colonel Mustard's character in this story is much younger than his board game version; he is an aspiring soldier and well groomed. His vacation at the mansion is so he can study the text books on becoming a soldier in the forces.
  • Mrs White - The cook and nanny at the Mansion, she is an elderly lady who has lived at the Tudor Mansion for most of her years. She isn't scared of anything...
  • Reverend Green - Reverend Green is a plump Vicar who has been allowed time off for all his hard charity work. He believes that the events of Tudor Mansion are a punishment for something he did in the past...
  • Mrs Eleanor Peacock - The Mother of Miss Scarlett, she has a string of dead, wealthy husbands to her name and is used to the pampered life. Mrs Peacock attends Tudor Mansion to patch up the broken relationship with her daughter.
  • Professor Peter Plum - An ex-curator at a Museum; he attends Tudor Mansion to escape the court case against his ex-employee's.
  • Dr Black - A wealthy man, who attends the Mansion on his only "one week a year vacation".
  • Rusty - Bitter and twisted, Rusty is the gardener at Tudor Mansion and dislikes almost everything about his job; he is seen as "the, old bitter gardener of Tudor Mansion".
  • The Butler - The Butler has worked at Tudor Mansion for many years, and has always been complimented for his generous, kind response to the guests.
  • Mr Boddy - Mr Boddy is the owner of Tudor Mansion...

Tudor MansionEdit

The Tudor Mansion in this story is an English Country House, although it serves as a vacation spot for visitors and guests. The owner of the Mansion is Mr Boddy, although the staff have never actually seen him. The Mansion consists of 3 floors, the 2nd and 3rd floor being the bedrooms and bathrooms. The grounds surrounding the Mansion are protected by high walls - there's a swimming pool, a maze and also a garage.

Chapter 1 - "The Guests"Edit

It was a warm night and Mrs Peacock couldn't believe her luck lately; not only was she a guest at the famous Tudor Mansion, but she was also dining with in the Mansion's restaurant with her daughter. "Tonight is going to be
truly wonderful
" said Mrs Peacock as she applied her expensive perfume. Mrs Peacock was a cold fish and took enormous pride in her appearance and how she presented herself to others. She would be seen in all sorts of expensive clothing and fancy jewellery - in fact, many have said they've never seen a day when Mrs Peacock didn't look her best. Her hair was black and permed - some may say that Mrs Peacock cared more about herself than anything else, but she'd like to think otherwise, as she did love her daughter very much. "It really is, I think the food here will be excellent..." said Josephine Scarlett, who was Mrs Peacock's daughter. Although they were blood related, Mrs Peacock and Miss Scarlett were quite the opposites in the sense that they both are driven by completely different things. Mrs Peacock was more driven by wealth and power; Miss Scarlett was more interested in fame and men - that being said, both really loved the finer things in life. "It seems like quite a nice night outside tonight, the summer has certainly got here just in time for this holiday" said Miss Scarlett as she looked outside the window of her room. Josephine Scarlett was well known amongst her friends and the people of New York, she was strinkingly beautiful and many men have fought for her attention. She is mainly seen wearing red, which is quite a representation of her name - her skin is snow white and her lips are as red as scarlet. "Yes...well I think that this vacation was just what we needed to sort out this bad patch
we've endured recently...
" replied Mrs Peacock, as she turned towards her daughter and walked towards her. Miss Scarlett moved closer to her Mother, still feeling a little awkward around her - she had no idea what to talk about to the woman that stood before her, so how would dinner actually be good? "Yes, I think so too..." said Miss Scarlett nervously - "I just hope we can put the past behind us Mother, that's all..." continued Miss Scarlett. Mrs Peacock smiled at her daughter and gently touched her cheek; "Darling, don't worry...everything is going to be okay, Mother will make sure of that" said Mrs Peacock reassuringly. Mrs Peacock turned towards away from her daughter and her handbag, she then faced Josephine again - "Are we ready?". Miss Scarlett smiled - "Almost..."; she turned around and scanned for her handbag, the small red purse of hers was always moving when she needed it the most. "Where's my bag?" asked Miss Scarlett; she heard the floorboards creek as her Mother joined her in searching. As Miss Scarlett looked near the old dressing table near the window, something caught her eye - in fact, since she appeared in the window Miss Scarlett felt eyes on her and after her numerous encounters with watchful men, she knew when someone had their eye on her. She looked outside the window, though her view was restricted by the darkness she
Cluedochapter1 (1)
saw a figure in the far corner of the Mansion yard - "could be a tree?" said Josephine's mind to her...mind. "There it is..." interrupted Mrs Peackock with the purse that Miss Scarlett had temporarily forgotten she'd lost - "Oh...thanks Mother..." thanks Miss Scarlett. As she took the purse from her Mother's hand, she turned back around to have a glance outside the window to see that figure one last time. No one was
Cluedochapter1 (2)
there...the figure had mysteriously disappeared. "Well are you coming darling?" said an impatient Mrs Peacock - although curious, Miss Scarlett had to put the figure to the back of her mind, as she had meal to attend and she was certain that it was probably just bad lighting...

"Colonel" Mustard sounded like a good title. Sure, it wasn't his official name, but Robert Mustard was pretty sure
Cluedochapter1 (4)
that the name "Colonel" sounded a lot more important than simply "Robert". Sergent Meadows believed Robert had potential, and that was all that mattered to him - he was going to be someone...someday and right now, he was enjoying the vacation whilst he could before putting some extra grafting into getting that Colonel Mustard title. Robert scanned the dining room of the Mansion - it was sure something, the room itself was well and the luxury decor just made it all the more magical. He was sure that the guests would be in the dining room soon, he had seen two well dressed women, a plump Vicar and of course the butler so far. Robert had heard a lot about Tudor Mansion, but he had never wanted to fully experience it; that being said, he never thought he'd get the chance considering all the hard work and training he put into becoming a soldier - still, Sergent Meadows insisted on him taking a break before being "thrown into the deep end". Robert's thoughts were interrupted by the presence of the two well dressed ladies he saw earlier - one of them looked older than the other, but there was no denying their beauty. The older lady walked with a slight strut and seemed a lot more confident than the younger one, she glanced over at Robert, and glanced away as she was seated alongside the
Cluedochapter1 (5)
younger girl. The woman in scarlett and black glanced towards Robert, but seemed to linger towards him for several seconds - Robert felt awkward, he didn't know why...maybe it was because she was looking right at him? Maybe it was because this was the first time in months an attractive woman had ever met his eyes for longer than 2 seconds? He wasn't entirely sure, but he didn't take his eyes away from her. Eventually the woman joined the older lady and sat down, she continued to glance towards Robert as the other lady seemed to be talking to her. As Robert took his thoughts away from women for a second, he felt a sudden urge for his food come over him - he had been waiting for almost ten minutes now and he had been saving his hunger for this meal...this late meal. Robert got to his feet and walked towards the doorway which he figured would be the
Cluedochapter1 (6)
kitchen, as the smell of food and the noise of cookery were quite distinctive. He walked through the door and saw...not the kitchen..but a small kitchenette, which seemed to be pretty small for such a large house. Robert glanced around, the sound of cookery and the smell of food wasn't coming from this room, it was coming from the stairs in the middle of the room. Of course! The kitchen was down here. Robert hated stairs, especially those that were almost basement-like - he had a bad experience in his basement when he was younger. He placed his foot on one step, the creeking noise seemed louder than ever as he didn't
Cluedochapter1 (7)
intend on just barging into the kitchen, so he thought he'd take it slow down the stairs. The stone floor seemed miles away from where Robert was stood, but he could only count several steps. "Stop being a coward!" his brain told him - he took a large gulp and proceeded to walk down the stairs. The large Kitchen smelt amazing, the stench of different foods made Robert's stomach groan all the more - "We're having a delay on dinner..."

Cluedochapter1 (8)
"It will be ready in a short while..." bellowed Mrs White. She was a little flustered, sure she'd made countless dinners and meals for guests of the Mansion, but she'd never had to do it without a sharp knife before. She still had no idea where that knife had gone, but she knew that she'd have to get another if she wanted meals to be prepared properly. The well groomed gentleman left the kitchen and returned to the Dining room - thank  god! Mrs White wasn't just feeling flustered about the missing knife, she was also facing the prospect that she couldn't do things as quick as she used to, and even though she was a strong old bird, she knew that age would...and probably was catching up with her. She had worked for Mr Boddy at the Tudor Mansion all
Cluedochapter1 (9)
of her life, she never believed that she'd have to retire, but the cooking for the guests was becoming a pain and Mrs White was getting...flustered with it. She continued to stir the pot of stew on the stove and began adding different ingredients to get that extra nice flavour to it. As she began making her stew to perfection, Mrs White felt a cold chill suddenly flow over her from the right - it was the wind. The door upstairs must have been opened, Mrs White was sure it was the well-groomed man. Mrs White left her stew for the moment and headed upstairs to see what had happened. As Mrs White
Cluedochapter1 (10)
arrived at the small kitchen area, she noticed the backdoor was swinging open as though someone had just run through the Mansion at the speed of light. "That's odd..." murmered Mrs White; she walked over to the door and looked outside, before quietly saying "Hello?" - Mrs White had no idea why she said it so quietly, maybe she was nervous about what the response may be? She wasn't scared of much, she just had a fright with a cat outside once. She
Cluedochapter1 (11)
slammed the door shut and locked it tightly, she took one last glance into the Tudor Mansion yard before returning to the kitchen to continue her stew.

The Dining room looked pretty full now, there was the two glamorous women sat in one corner, the young soldier type had returned to his seat and Reverend Green, who was quite popular for his hard, charity work was seated in
Cluedochapter1 (12)
the center of the room. How could Dr Black forget his friend...or...his adopted friend who was sitting right beside him - Professor Plum. The good Professor was babbling on about his ex-employee's and how unfair his work was - Dr Black wasn't really listening. He had important business to attend to...a good relaxing hour in the bath after this meal. "I just think I was treated unfairly..."
Cluedochapter1 (13)
said Professor Plum - Dr Black had regretted asking him if he was okay and if he was enjoying his stay...he was just being polite. Dr Black looked at Professor Plum and said "I agree with you, my I must dash, I won't be long...". He got to his feet and paced out the room, hoping the Professor wasn't offended - it's just Dr Black really wanted to relax...he had a job to do, he had prepared for this Mansion visit all this time and he wasn't going to lose track of what he was doing because of Professor Peter Plum. As Dr Black arrived at his room, he opened the door and slipped inside his room like a shadow in the night - he love
Cluedochapter1 (15)
d his room, it was relaxing and gave him time to think. He headed towards the bathroom on the landing of his room and began washing his face in the luxury, crystal sink. This visit had to be prefect, he had his heart set on it for some time and he was sick to death of his work. As the sound of the running water began to fade out as he turned the tap off, Dr Black felt a sudden uncomfortable feel, like a thousand eyes were looking at him at once. He glanced around the small bathroom and saw...nothing, nothing alarming anyway. As he left the bathroom to return to his comfortable room, he started looking around - why did he feel so uncomfortable? The silence filled the room and contributed to the uncomfortable atmosphere that had overcome the Doctor just now. If tha
Cluedochapter1 (17)
t wasn't enough, a small creek was heard from the oversized closet which contained most of the Doctor's expensive belongings. The Doctor's whole body froze, he didn't know whether to run towards the closet, or whether to leave the room and call for help, or whether to just stand completely still... What was that noise? The room looked blurred as the Doctor focused on the closet - he walked slowly towards it and prepared himself to open it up, could just be his mind playing tricks? In fact...yes...that's what it was...his mind playing tricks. Without hesitating, the Doctor flung the
Cluedochapter1 (18)
closet doors open and was greeted by..."Oh my god..."

Chapter 2 - "The Discovery"Edit

Laughter filled through the room, it was the laughter of people who were getting slightly tipsy - Peter could see this
CluedoChapter2 (1)
of the two women who were sat together. He knew they seemed drunk, yet they did He still would have loved to rant about his ex-employee's to that Doctor, he seemed quite rude to rush off, his story wasn't that boring? The laughter got louder, and as the women got to their feet the glamorous older one turned towards him, and began looking around the room like some sort of teacher addressing a class. "I think we should all go to the study to get to
CluedoChapter2 (2)
know each other" said the woman. Peter wasn't best fond of socializing, but whilst it was a holiday, he thought it best be polite to accept, especially as the other guests seem quite excited about the pospect of getting know each other better. As all of them got to their feet, Peter looked at the guests and all seemed to be smiling at him politely, maybe this wasn't such a bad idea? As the guests entered the Study, they began heading towards different chairs and seats.

"Would any of you like a stiff drink?" asked the warm spoken Butler - many of them nodded and off he walked, probably to the kitchen to fetch what the guests wanted.
CluedoChapter2 (3)

Reverend Green was delighted, he rarely had time to socialize, but when he did he loved it. The guests seemed quite nice so far, many of them had their own unique personalities considering there were so few of them. Of course, Reverend Green rarely felt any kind of hostitlity or bad feeling towards anyone. His job was the love and accept people for who they were, no matter if they had sinned or did anything the Lord may not approve of. He smiled as the beautiful lady in the blue began looking round at them. The well groomed man next to the Reverend spoke first - "So what's the occasion?" he asked - no
CluedoChapter2 (4)
occasion needed as far as Reverend Green was concerned, but he observed all the same. "I just though seen as we're all here in this giant Mansion we should take the time to get to know each other" stated the woman in blue - she seemed very confident, the kind of confidence even Reverend Green didn't have after years of speaking in Church. "My name is Eleanor Peacock..." she continued with pride; she then turned slightly to the left an
CluedoChapter2 (5)
d said "and this is my daughter..."; he daughter leaned forward, she was young and quite distinctively beautiful. "My name is Josephine Scarlett" she said as she looked around at the guests - Reverend Green glanced to the side and saw that the young man who spoke earlier seemed very much besotted with Miss Scarlett. Reverend Green decided it was his turn - "My name is Reverend Green..." he said as he got to his feet to address everyone in a proud manor. He took a little bow, and sat back
CluedoChapter2 (6)
down again, as he did, Professor Plum pointed towards the Reverend and said - "Aren't you the same Reverend Green who raised over seventy million dollars for the homeless children's charity earlier this year?". Reverend Green looked positively delighted, he smiled and blushed slightly as he nodded and replied with; "Yes, that was me, I had to do something for those children, what goes in is just horrible...".

As the Reverend returned to his seat, Robert felt he should follow in the Reverend's footsteps and got to his feet as he said "My name is Robert Mustard, I'm currently training to be a soldier..." - Robert glanced around at the
CluedoChapter2 (7)
guests, his eyes catching Miss Scarelett's again. Robert tried not to make complete eye contact with her, so he quickley sat back down and didn't look back towards that direction. Shortly after Robert finished speaking, Professor Plum stepped forward and said quietly "My name is Peter Plum, I'm just enjoying the vacation..." - Peter didn't want to go into detail about his backstory, he had
CluedoChapter2 (8)
no quirky little titbits to tell the others, he was in a bad place with work at the moment, so he felt that he was best keeping it brief. He saw Mrs Peacock nod her head at him in an approving manor, this must have meant she approved of whatever it is he said, or of how he looked.

"The guests would like some brandy..." said the Butler to Mrs White. Mrs White was getting ready to return to her room, she was feeling tired and really deserved an early night. "That doesn't surprise me..." she said, irritatedly -
CluedoChapter2 (9)
she opened the cupboard behind her and handed the Brandy to the Butler. He smiled as he grabbed hold of it and proceeded to leave the room - just then, the skinny, hunched elderly gardener came walking down the stairs of the kitchen. Rusty, like Mrs White, has been part of the family for several years and despite Mrs White have the occasional moan, he seemed to hate every single thing about Tudor Mansion and most of the guests who come to visit. "They want Brandy huh?"
CluedoChapter2 (10)
he snarled as he looked at the Butler and Mrs White - he moved forwards in the kitchen and Mrs White felt she could break the slightly awkward silence that was going on since he had entered the room. "Yes, what are you looking for Rusty?" she asked politely - he glanced around the room and began scratching his head. "I'm trying to find a spare set of keys..." he said, Mrs White was confused, what would he need a spare set of keys for? "What for?" asked The Butler, who had clearly read Mrs White's mind. "Well..." began Rusty - "it seems that someone has locked the front gate with the old padlock..." he continued;
CluedoChapter2 (11)
Mrs White and The Butler exchanged confused glances, the Mansion gate hadn't been padlocked in many years, not since guests began staying at the manor for a vacation. "But there's no key, one does exist...but I haven't seen it for many years..." replied Mrs White; she was confused though, who would padlock the Mansion gate at a time when guests where visiting? Also, who else apart from The Butler, herself and Rusty would know how to? "Well you must find it and unlock it as soon as you can, Rusty..." said the Butler as he turned to leave the kitchen with the brandy for the guests. Rusty began rooting through drawers and cupboards searching for the spare keys - Mrs White felt her forehead remain the same as she began contemplating what had happened, surely it was a mistake? "Who would padlock the gate though, Rusty?" she asked, he didn't respond, he just continued to look through his belongings and replied "I don't know, but whoever it is...they've made sure we're not getting out."

Mrs Peacock watched as the Butler placed the Brandy bottle onto the table in the middle of the room. There were
CluedoChapter2 (12)
mixtures of thank you's from the guests, including herself as he left the room. "Now then, let's pour ourselves a drink shall we?" she said as she made her way towards the appetising brandy bottle. Reverend Green didn't drink, but he was happy to have a little sip of something a bit stronger than fizzy lemonade; he remained seated, however - he didn't want to seem to eager to want a drink of the alcoholic variety. Mrs Peacock began pouring out glasses of brandy and started handing a glass to the guests in the room, she saw Peter Plum have a sneaky sip of his before she'd even managed to finish pouring Robert Mustard's glass. As everyone now had their glasses, she turned towards them and said "now then, I think a toast is in order." Robert glanced around the room; he felt he was being addressed by his teacher back in high school - he smiled and awaited Mrs Peacock to continue her speech. "Seen as we're all here for near enough the same reason, I think we should all just say 'cheers' as we enjoy this luxury vacation and all it's privlidges..." she raised her glass in the air and just like sheep follow their shepard, all the guests' glasses raised into the air as though obeying her command and movement. "So..." said Mrs Peacock...however...he was interrupted - "Wait!" said Professor Plum - all the guests
CluedoChapter2 (13)
turned to look at him. He wasn't one for interrupting, but he was sure they'd find this important - "We're missing someone, we're not all here..." he said. Mrs Peacock glanced around at the other guests and said "well whoever are we missing?". Professor Plum was surprised no one had noticed, but he had noticed which was surely enough - "Dr Black isn't here..." he said; realisation seemed to flood over some of the guests face's, although Mrs Peacock seemed to be rather irritated that her speech and toast had been interrupted. "Seems wrong for us to toast without him..." said Professor Plum as he looked at his brandy glass. "He's right..." agreed Robert Mustard, as he looked at Mrs Peacock, as though announcing his support of her being interrupted. "Well we must go and get him..." said Reverend Green politely, who was itching to drink his brandy, although he hid it well. "I'll go, I won't be long..." offered Professor Plum, who placed his brandy glass on the table and walked off towards Dr Black's room. He remembered exactly what room it was, as he caught a glimpse of Dr Black entering it when he checked in this morning.

Peter walked down the corridor of the Tudor Mansion until he arrived at Dr Black's room. "Tap! Tap! Tap" was the gentle noise of Peter knocking on Dr Black's door - he awaited movement, or the door to just open suddenly, but
CluedoChapter2 (15)
nothing happened. Peter decided it wouldn't be rude of him to knock slightly harder, as Dr Black clearly hadn't heard him. "Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!" - he'd surely hear that, it was quite loud. Peter stood still for several moments and still heard nothing from the other side of the door - he was sure Dr Black hadn't left due to the fact that he'd have seen him leave by now for sure. Was it instinct? The busy body inside of Peter popping out to say hello? Or was it just his caring nature that made Peter suddenly decide to try and see if the door was open? He wasn't sure what he'd find
CluedoChapter2 (16)
, but if Dr Black was offended at him for just walking in, he was sure that he'd realise he was simply checking he was alright. Peter placed his hand on the doorknob and began turning it, as he did the door opened with a slight creek - the room was still and the silence from the corridor and the room itself gave Peter the chills, but he was brave enough to come this far. He stepped inside of Dr Black's room and began looking around
CluedoChapter2 (17)
- there was nothing, although the room was 100% still occupied by Dr Black, as there were a few things that clearly didn't belong to the room itself visible from Peter's view. He began scouting the room, suddenly, in the corner beside the bed, Peter's eye became fixed on something, he wasn't sure what he was seeing, but a black shoe seemed stuck in he air, in fact the black shoe seemed perfectly placed on
CluedoChapter2 (18)
someone's foot. A rush of thoughts began racing in Peter's mind, he expected Dr Black to appear from the back of him and tap him on the shoulder, but Peter was curious about the shoe and...someone's foot at the moment. He stepped forward and as the full view of the foot, le
CluedoChapter2 (19)
gs, body and head came into focus, it was clear what it was...Dr Black...on the floor. Peter gasped, he didn't know how to react, was he drunk? "Dr Black?" he said as he moved towards the motionless body lying on the floor. He knelt down to try and wake the good Doctor, but as he did, Peter saw a large bruise on Dr Black's forehead as though he had received a blow to the head at some point. Peter's voice seemed to vanish, he didn't know what to say or do, he placed the his fingers on the Doctor's pulse - It confirmed it! Dr Black was dead and by the looks of things, this wasn't
CluedoChapter2 (20)
an accident, it was murder. Peter got back to his feet and slowly backed away from the body of the good Doctor.

He then felt the rush of fear flow through him, he felt his heart beating louder than ever before - his head began spinning and his voice came back as he began yelling for help! "HELP! HELP!" he yelled as his feet began taking
CluedoChapter2 (21)
him back down the stairs to the other guests. As Peter appeared at the bottom of the stairs, the guests from the Living Room began pouring into the hallway, all of them looking at him with astonishment. "Doctor...Doctor...Black..." he gasped, the words couldn't leave his mouth - Robert Mustard stepped forward and said "What's up mate?" - The words couldn't leave, how could you announce this? Peter announced it in the only way he could - "Doctor Black...has been murdered!"

Chapter 3 - "'A Murderer Amongst Us"Edit

"What?!" gasped Mrs Peacock, as she looked on at the nervous, wreck of a man standing by the wooden stairs of
CluedoChapter3 (1)
Tudor Mansion. "Murdered?" confirmed Reverend Green, he wasn't sure if he heard right, but he thought he'd just double check that it wasn't what the Professor said. Robert stepped forward to Peter and touched his shoulder - "What do you mean, Peter?" he asked quietly. Peter looked around at them all, his words just weren't leaving him, it was as though saying it out loud had crippled him, crippled him to the point where he could no loger explain himself. "He's there...lying on the floor...he's dead..." he stuttered and paused as he tried to explain what he had seen, Peter wished that he had a camera in his brain that could take the Tudor Mansion guests through what he had seen. As he was about to continue, The Butler appeared from the dining room along with an elderly lady, who appeared to be some sort of chef. Mrs White heard the comotion from the dining room along with The Butler, they thought it was best they check out what the fuss was all about - "What's going on?"
CluedoChapter3 (2)
asked The Butler. The guests looked around at each other, each one waiting for the other to repeat what Peter Plum had just announced. The Butler and Mrs White glanced round at the guests - "Well?" said Mrs White sternly, she wanted answers and the silence was irritating her. "Doctor Black has been murdered..." said Josephine Scarlett, glancing at Mrs White, then at the Butler, then towards the floor. Mrs White couldn't believe what she was hearing, how could he be? How did they know? "Dead?!" repeated the Butler; he looked startled, as though he was being confronted with his worst fear. "How do you know?" asked Mrs White, who was finding it all very difficult to believe - she had been pranked in the past and it was very similar to this. Silence fell over the guest, as they looked at each other with worried glances, Peter Plum spoke again - "...I found him...", he gasped gently as he spoke - "He's been...he's dead..." he said, staring into the eyes of the Butler. The Butler felt a sudden discomfort in his stomach - "You're absolutely sure?" he asked, just to be on the safe side. Peter looked down at the floor, then looked back at the kind old man, who had been nothing but pleasant to him since he arrived at Tudor Mansion. "He's dead" stated Peter; he couldn't stand any longer, Peter sat down, he didn't care where he landed, he just decided to sit down. As he felt himself sitting on the bottom of the stairs, Robert Mustard stepped towards him - "where's his room?" he asked, he said it in a gentle whisper. "At the bottom of the first floor corridor..." explained Peter, who felt several lumps making their way up his neck, as though some sort of snake was inside of him.

"I'm going up..." said Robert, he wanted to see Dr Black's body, he wanted to make sure. It's not that he didn't
CluedoChapter3 (3)
believe Peter, it's just he needed to re-confirm with himself that what was happening was real and wasn't just some huge mistake. "I'm coming with you" said the voice of Miss Scarlett, this is the first time she had addressed Robert at all, they'd had glances and stares, but never actually spoken. Robert wasn't sure how to act, he thought that his experience with seeing dead bodies would be better at handling this than Miss Scarlett, who had possibly had no experience at all - still, he was quite prepared to have someone with him. As the pair stared at each other, Josephine felt the need to explain herself - "I did first aid when I was in school, if he's hurt I may be able to help..." she said, not removing her eyes from looking into Robert's. Robert nodded and the pair walked up the stairs.
"Come and sit in the living room, Peter" said Reverend Green, kindly. He reached his arm out towards Peter, he responded and walked into the living room along with Mrs Peacock. "I'm going to call the police..." said The Butler, he turned around and stalked back through the dining room. Mrs White had a random thought, she quickly rushed after The Butler and shouted him "Hey..." she said - the Butler stopped and turned towards her. "You don't think...I mean...what's going on here?" she asked, trying to make sense of the situation. The Butler had
CluedoChapter3 (4)
always made her feel better, his words of wisdom carried her through quite a few tough times in the past. "What do you mean?" asked the Butler, his eyes looked dazed - "Well...what was Rusty saying in the Kitchen?" she asked, she wondered if he even remembered. "The gates are padlocked..." she reminded The Butler - "there's no way out..." she continued; it hit The Butler what point she was trying to make. "If that's the case, then the thoughts in my head are becoming quite disturbing indeed" replied the Butler, he turned around and began to walk again - Mrs White was confused, she didn't know what he meant with that. "What do you mean?" she asked, this time without moving. The Butler stopped, he stood completely still for several minutes, then turned towards her again - "The gates are padlocked and someone's died...this all seems very planned to someone has planned this" he said, this time Mrs White didn't know what to say. The Butler looked away as he stated what had crossed Mrs White's mind quite a bit; he then turned and continued walking towards the kitchen. Mrs White took a moment to think about what he said, why would someone want to murder Doctor Black? Why would someone want to padlock the gates outside? What could be their motive for their actions? Mrs White wasn't scared, but the realisation that there was a murderer in Tudor Mansion was making her a little unsettled, never in all her years as a cook had she witnessed something like this, it was too shocking for her. She decided to join the guests in the Living Room, she was certain that she could sniff out a killer in moments if she could spend time with them.

Doctor Black was dead, his body lay motionless on the ground of his hotel room; it was confirmed. Robert had
CluedoChapter3 (7)
checked the body again and again, he was dead. He thought he saw him breathing a couple of times, but Robert was sure he was dead. He waited for Miss Scarlett to confirm what he already knew, and she did - "Yep, he's dead..." - Robert placed his hands on his face and let out a deep sigh. "This wasn't suicide either, or an accident..." continued Miss Scarlett; Robert looked at her and then glanced back at the lifeless body on the floor - "I know..." he replied. "I could this happen?" asked Miss Scarlett, she was confused, she knew every guest and staff member in Tudor Mansion and none seemed like potential killers to her. When Robert didn't respond, Josephine decided to say something just to make sure he had heard her - "I just...I don't understand" she said, hoping he'd respond. "I don't either..." he said as his eyes met Doctor Black's body again - "It can't be one of the guests, none of them have left the room..." he said, not removing his view from the dead Doctor. "That leaves...Mrs White, The Butler and Rusty..." replied Miss Scarlett, she looked around the room in hope of finding some sort of evidence to point her in the right direction. "If only there were something..." she said looking round, as she glanced at the floor, she felt Robert's eyes on her; she met his eyes and the pair stared, just before she said "...incriminating". Their eyes didn't move; Robert was the one who broke it by stepping forwards and kneeling to the floor towards Doctor Black; Robert thought he saw
CluedoChapter3 (8)
his stomach moving at one point, but again, he was sure Doctor Black was dead. "There must be something..." said Robert as he leaned over the body to look around for some sort of...dare he say it...clue. Yes, he felt like someone from Scooby Doo, but that's the best description Robert had. "Careful!" shouted Miss Scarlett; it made Robert jump slightly, but when he looked towards her, he saw her eyes staring at his sweater. It was covered in blood because he had leant over Doctor Black's body "Ahh damn!" said Robert. "I
CluedoChapter3 (5)
better change..
." he said, getting to his feet - "I'll come with you" offered Miss Scarlett - Robert felt himself smiling inside, he would like the company, especially when the company was that of an attractive female. "Thanks" he said; he glanced back at the body of Doctor Black and walked out of the room, followed by Miss Scarlett and up to his room.

Chapter 4 - "Prevented Escape"Edit

Mrs Peacock was getting irritated, she wanted confirmation that Doctor Black was indeed dead and the staff at
CluedoChapter4 (1)
Tudor Mansion were annoying her. Mrs White was just stood in the living room with the guests, whilst The Butler had vanished for some reason or other; she got to her feet and walked towards the stern looking cook - "Excuse me dear, I don't suppose we have any news on what the hell is going on around here?" she asked, in her opinion, quite politely. Mrs White looked at Mrs Peacock, she replied with - "Doctor Black has been found dead...someone has killed him...". Mrs Peacock rolled her eyes and changed the position of her foot, so that she was balancing on her left leg - "Yes, we know that, but what does it mean? Because I certainly haven't murdered him..." she said, with a slight smile on her face. Mrs White was beginning to get annoyed with Mrs Peacock. She forced a smile and replied "Until the police rule you out Mrs Peacock, you're a suspect...". Mrs Peacock's face dropped to the floor, she hadn't actually sat and thought about it - she was a suspect too, along with everyone else in the mansion. "Suspect..." she said, utterly disgusted; "I don't like that word madam..." she continued - "Mrs White kept her cool, she didn't care what Eleanor Peacock liked or didn't like, she knew her story and knew more about her than Eleanor would like her too - "We're all suspects, every one of us in this building..." said Mrs White, looking round at Reverend Green and Professor Plum, who were sat in the chairs in front of the fire. Mrs
CluedoChapter4 (2)
Peacock placed her hand on her hip and kept her lips firmly close - "suspects?" said an old, shaky voice from the hallway. Mrs White recognised it; she turned and saw Rusty in the hallway with a pair of garden pliers in his hand - "Oh...Rusty, I've completely forgot..." said Mrs White as she stepped into the hallway. Rusty was busy outside, so he had skipped Mrs White's mind - "Doctor Black...he's dead..." said Mrs White; Rusty's facial expression changed, his eyebrows were raised and he glanced into the Living room at the guests. "It's one of them lot..." he said poitning into the Living room; "they're to blame..."; Mrs Peacock rolled her eyes and muttered "charming" as she turned her back and returned to her seat. "Telling you, it's one of them..." he whispered to Mrs White, Rusty could have been right, but he was just as much of a suspect as the rest of the guests. "Rusty, how are you getting on with the padlock outside?" asked Mrs White; she hoped he wouldn't read into the murder and the padlock, the whole "planned murder" theory was itching at Mrs White's mind too much for her to care about whether it was right or not. Rusty continued giving evil glances at the guests of Tudor Mansion as he replied - "No luck yet, I've got these pliers because it's the only thing that will break the soddin' lock..."; he turned back to Mrs White - "Well, make it a priority please Rusty?" she asked; he nodded and walked back out the door into the Mansion grounds again.

Robert was trying to wash the stain out of the sweater, but the realisation that it was too damp to wear wasn't sinking in. He had no change of clothes except the tank top which was underneath, so he'd have to keep that on
CluedoChapter4 (3)
for now. Miss Scarlett spoke as he placed the jumper on his bed - "Come for a vacation and end up the suspect of a murder..."; she was right, what would Sergent Meadows think of this? He would sure say something like "Mustard! This situation is pretty sticky, sticky indeed...". "I know, I just..." replied Robert - "...I just don't know who would want to kill the Doctor?" he continued. Miss Scarlett shook her head, as though disagreeing with what he had just said - "Truth is, psycho's don't need an excuse to kill's always in them, it's just moments rise when it comes out of them..." she seemed pretty knowledgeable about this; Robert looked at her and raised his eyebrows - "That's true..." he said. Josephine couldn't take her eyes of Robert, she'd be lying to herself if she said she didn't find him incredibly attractive; he was just her type, his buldging muscles in his tank top were enough to make Josephine weak at the knees. If this were a different occasion, she'd probably have ripped his clothes off by now and have been handcuffing him to the bedpost - but on this occasion...for all Josephine knew...Robert could be a killer. Although she felt herself trusting that he wasn't, he seemed far too nice
CluedoChapter4 (4)
to be capable of murder, in fact Josephine was a little shocked he was a soldier, because he seemed very wet behind the ears in her opinion. "I just want the police to get here...they'll solve this..." said Robert, as he looked down at the floor. Josephine felt herself feeling a little sorry for Robert, she had no idea why, because she was in the same boat as him - "hey, don't worry..." she said as she stepped forward and grabbed hold of his hand - "It'll be alright, okay?" she said reassuringly. Robert smiled and squeezed her hand gently, he didn't expect her to grab hold of his hand, girls usually run away from him, so for her to show such kindness towards him, Robert was getting smitten and he didn't even know her that well.

"Murder? Murder? At Tudor Mansion after all these years?" were the thoughts racing in Rusty's head as he walked towards the front gate of the mansion grounds. The nightlife was quiet, except for a couple of owls who seemed to
CluedoChapter4 (5)
be communicating with each other - there were also the sounds of crickets too, but Rusty was more than used to these noises. He arrived at the front gate and glanced at the padlock, he had no idea why it was there, but someone had clearly been reckless with locking it. "Probably the bloody Butler..." muttered Rusty; he grabbed hold of the padlock and began situating the pliers in the spot where they'd cut the easiest - as he was about to cut into the lock, he heard a loud rustling from the bush behind him. Rusty jumped, he dropped the pliers onto the floor and spun around, quicker than he knew he could move. "Hello?" he asked, hoping that the animal, or whatever that had been moving in the tree would expose itself. Silence! Nothing happened, the bush had stopped
CluedoChapter4 (7)
moving, and the night silence had fallen again - Rusty was getting agitated now, he wasn't afraid, or at least he'd tell himself he wasn't afraid. He scoped around to see if he could see the pliers on the floor, they weren't in sight; he bent over and looked closely at the floor, they had vanished. Maybe they'd fallen in the bush? Rusty turned around and began looking around to see if the pliers would reveal themselves to him - this was typical, he really couldn't be bothered with all this, if SOME people would remember to leave keys where they should, this wouldn't happen. Rusty thought he saw something further under the bush, he got on all fours and began feeling the ground under the bush. Nothing! His temper was flaring now, he had no time for this! Plus the panic in him was starting to settle in, he was in the dark and not only that, he was alone...when someone had been murdered in the Mansion. "Oh come on you stupid pliers..." he said, looking round as to where they may have gone. As Rusty got to his feet, he turned back to the gate and was startled by a dark figure stood in the way. Rusty gasped! "S**t!" he said; as his heart started beating normally again, Rusty took the time to look at the figure; it was someone cloaked, he
CluedoChapter4 (8)
couldn't see a face because the hood covered it. "Hello there..." said Rusty, hoping for some reaction; the cloaked figure didn't move - Rusty was starting to feel unsettled about all this;  who was in that cloak? "Look...if you're a guest then you should be're not allowed to wonder the grounds at night..." protested Rusty, he felt if he showed the dark figure some discipline it would know who's boss...whoever it was...whatever it was. The dark figure moved finally; it's arm raised up and through its cloak, it held up...the pliers! Rusty looked carefully - "They're mine...give them to me..." he demanded, he had no intention of retrieving them himself, but he didn't want to show fear towards this...hooded shadow. The cloaked figure didn't move, he stood firmly still, holding the pliers up as though challenging Rusty to collect them himself - "Now listen here, you no good, little runt; if you don't drop those pliers on the floor right now, I will go and get the Tudor gun, how would you feel about that?!" barked Rusty; silence fell, he awaited some kind of reaction from the cloaked figure. He got it! The hooded shadow raised the pliers in the air and then threw them over the Tudor
CluedoChapter4 (9)
Mansion gate - Rusty was furious! "You little b******d..." he bellowed at the dark figure. As he was about to speak again, the dark figure suddenly began moving, it was walking towards a fast pace. Originally, Rusty wasn't going to back down, he stood firmly still, but then his instincts got the better of him - his head told him "Rusty, this figure isn't scared of all...". Rusty began backing off slowly, he needed to get back to the Mansion, something wasn't right.

CluedoChapter4-1 (10)

Rusty turned and began running back to the front door. He wasn't sure if the cloaked figure was following him, but he knew that he had no time to turn around, he wasn't a spring chicken any more, he needed to get back to the Mansion quickly. As he landed on the porch, Rusty glanced back around and saw...nothing! The figu
CluedoChapter4 (12)
re had gone, was it in his imagination? Rusty had no idea, but he was sure that whatever it was, that figure was chasing kill him. He also believed that it was also connected to Doctor Black's death - he needed to tell the others. As Rusty was about to turn back around, he felt a knot tighten around his neck; breathing became a struggle and when Rusty placed his hands where the pain was coming from, he felt a tight rope wrapped around his neck - it got tighter and tighter; Rusty fell to his knees in hopes that the tight pressure around his neck would loosen, but it wasn't. He glanced up and saw the hooded
CluedoChapter4 (13)
figure now towering over him; the face of the figure was black and its eyes were scarlet red - "it was a killer..." thought Rusty. As Rusty began to lose sight and felt himself falling into what seemed to be a painful, deep sleep - he thought "this wouldn't have happened if someone had returned the keys for the padlock".

CluedoChapter4 (14)

Rusty was now motionless and the hooded figure let go of the rope; the body of the Tudor Mansion gardener fell to the floor, cracking it's skull on the stone steps of the mansion porch. The killer had striked again...

Chapter 5 - "Realisation"Edit

Robert and Josephine returned down the stairs of the Mansion and into the hallway - "'Well?" asked Mrs White; as
CluedoChapter5 (1)
she spoke, the rest of the guests all got to their feet and walked into the hallway to join Robert and Josephine. The pair of them paused, until Jospehine broke the silence by saying "He's dead...for sure..." - Mrs Peacock placed her hand over her mouth in shock, as though the whole world would be glaring at her fillings. "So it's true..." confirmed Reverend Green, who then glanced back at Peter. "We need to call the police..." said Robert as he walked towards the dining room - Mrs White stopped him and said "The Butler is sorting that, he's down there now..." she said. Robert stopped in his tracks - "Okay, so what's taking so long?"   he said; Mrs White hadn't heard from The Butler since he went into the kitchen.   "He keeps disappearing here and there..." said Josephine Scarlett, as she looked around at the others - Mrs White had known the Butler for years, he wasn't a killer, he felt guilty
CluedoChapter5 (2)
after accidentally standing on snails. "What are you saying? That he's responsible for this?" demanded Mrs White, she knew that was what they were saying, but she just wanted them to confirm it for her first. Mrs Peacock raised her eyebrows and then started laughing "Oh I could just imagine the headlines now - The Butler Did It!" she said with a harsh chuckle behind her sentence. Miss Scarlett glared at her mother, she didn't know her all that well, but she was showing very nasty behaviour from where she was standing; someone had been murdered and it wasn't something to laugh or joke about. "I suggest we all return to the Living Room and wait for the Butler to return with news..." suggested Reverend Green - he placed his hand on Peter Plum's shoulder and the pair walked slowly back into the living room. Mrs Peacock sighed and followed the pair into the Living room; Robert took this opportunity to talk to Mrs White, it also seemed Miss Scarlett joined him on this too - "So...what's the actual story?" whispered Robert to Mrs White. Mrs White touched Robert's shoulder and ushered him and Miss
CluedoChapter5 (3)
Scarlett into the Dining room. "Well, as far as I'm aware The Butler has gone phoning the police..." she said, still talking in hush tones - Miss Scarlett seemed to nod as she said this, as though keeping a mental checklist of what was happening. "Rusty, the gardener is outside trying to take off the padlock from the gate..." continued Mrs White - Robert felt his mouth drop open - padlock?! "What do you mean?" he asked; "what padlock?" asked Miss Scarlett. Mrs White sighed and looked around her to check there was no one else in the room - "Earlier, Rusty came into the kitchen and told us that for some reason the front gate was padlocked, which is something that hasn't happened in...years and years" she started, as she spoke Robert and Josephine leaned forward. "He said that there was no key, so he was searching for it. He went outside several minutes ago with pliers to cut it open" she finished - Robert was struck, had someone planned this? "Why would someone want to padlock the main gate?" asked Josephine, she was quite shocked at what she'd been told. As though answering her thoughts, Robert spoke - "Because that's our only way out of here..." he said; Mrs White nodded, as though understanding completely what he said and agreeing with every word. "Is he out there now?" asked Robert, Mrs White nodded and began walking towards the front door - she knew Robert and Josephine would follow her - "He'll probably be complaining about something along the way" Mrs White said, light heartedly in hope of lifting some tension.

Mrs White opened the front door and began scoping to see Rusty from a far; she stepped onto the porch and
CluedoChapter5 (4)
squinted her eyes to see further down the Tudor Mansion grounds - nothing! Just then, Miss Scarlett spoke - "Erm...what is that?" she asked, as Mrs White turned to see what she was looking at, she followed her eyes and saw...lying on the floor - Rusty! "Oh my god!" gasped Mrs White - Robert rushed towards him and crouched over him - "Rusty..." he said, hoping that the gardener would show some reaction. As Robert looked at the state of the old gardener, he saw that the lifeless body had a large red wound around his neck; it was as though something had
CluedoChapter5 (5)
been wrapped around and had been twisted to stop the old gardener from breathing. "What's happened to him?" asked Josephine, in a shakey voice - Robert scanned the area of the body for something to shed light on what had happened to the old gardener; as he did he saw the answer - lying beside Rusty, just above where his head was, was a rope. It looked like a rope from the army training courses that Robert had been on, it was thick and would sure
CluedoChapter5 (6)
strangle an elderly man with some force. "He's been strangled..." confirmed Robert - Mrs White and Josephine gasped; Mrs White felt remorse for Rusty, sure he had been grumpy in his time, but they'd worked together for several years. Although quite grief-stricken, Mrs White's thoughts spoke as she said - "Are there any pliers near by?" Robert searched around, he couldn't see any pliers - "Why?" he asked, Mrs White felt Jospehine look at her as well, she turned slightly and said "Because those pliers are the only thing that would break the padlock". A horrible, unsettling realisation sunk inside of Robert, he had thought it since the chat in the dining room, but he couldn't act on it as it wasn't completely sure - padlocked inside the Tudor Mansion, two peopled murdered and only the only way of getting out was now missing - this was being planned, it was too coincidental for Robert's liking, all he knew was that they needed to phone the police as soon as possible. "This is being planned" stated Josephine - "now we can't get out and there's two people murdered; someone's planned this and they'll probably have a lot more up their sleeve..." she said, reading Robert's thoughts and by the looks of Mrs White's face, also reading hers. "We need to tell the others..." said Robert.

Mrs Peacock was pacing the Living room like a deranged woman, you'd think she had somewhere to be the way she was acting. Professor Plum hadn't really recovered from seeing the body of Doctor Black, but Reverend Green had the up most patience with him, he was a Vicar after all. Just then, Robert Mustard, Josephine Scarlett and Mrs White came rushing into the living room, they stood still in the doorway as all eyes were o
CluedoChapter5 (7)
n them. "Well?" asked Mrs Peacock impatiently - Robert walked forward and stood in front of the fireplace, as though addressing them like a set of school children. "We've...we've discovered something and I don't think you're going to like what I'm going to say..." he said, keeping his head to the ground. Reverend Green got to his feet and Mrs Peacock stepped forward, hanging on to Robert's every word - "The front gate outside is padlocked..." he said, now gaining the courage to raise his head and look at the other guests - "we don't know why, it just is. That means
CluedoChapter5 (8)
there is no way of us getting out of here; there was a way and that was through Rusty, the gardener and the pliers he had to break open the gate
" continued Robert. Even though Josephine already knew this, her heart was beating faster than ever and she was getting those shivers you get when you're afraid. "Trouble is...Rusty has been murdered..." announced Robert - Mrs Peacock gasped and Professor Plum also got to his feet. "What's more, the pliers to break the padlock are missing..." Robert continued; before he could finish, he was interrupted - "Two?! That's two murders?!" said Professor Plum, who seemed to be finding this very hard to take in. "Yes..." confirmed Robert - " seems that something is Tudor Mansion tonight..." he continued; Mrs Peacock's hand yet again was placed firmly over her mouth. "People are dying and there's no way
CluedoChapter5 (9)
we can leave right now...
" said Robert; "What are you saying?!" asked Professor Plum, quite irritably. "What am I saying?" asked thought allowing the question to sink in - "I'm saying...that someone on killing us and they've made sure as hell that we can't leave the Mansion any time soon..." he said, looking round at all the guests. "Whatever this person has planned, it seems that they can't afford us to leave just yet..." he continued - "I don't know what's going on here, but I know that we need to stick together from now on, because if we don't..." said Robert as he looked at every one of the guests - "...We're all going to end up dead!"

Chapter 6 - "Double Murder"Edit

"I refuse to stay here!" announced Mrs Peacock as she retreated to the hallway of Tudor Mansion. What Robert
CluedoChapter6 (1)
had just said seemed to have hit a nerve with her - "Eleanor..." said Reverend Green reasonably; Mrs Peacock pretended she couldn't hear him, she continued to walk towards the stairs. "Mother!" shouted Josephine Scarlett; she managed to get her attention, Mrs Peacock stopped and turned towards her daughter. "I refuse to stay here...when there's someone around
CluedoChapter6 (2)
" said Eleanor with a quiver to her bottom lip - Miss Scarlett shook her head and leaned forward - "Mother, you're not understanding it..." she said confidentially; she was addressing her mother for her own good, she didn't care about their relationship right now, she just wanted everyone to be safe. "We need to stick together..." continued Josephine - Mrs Peacock tried to interrupt her daughter with - "Yes, but..." - "No buts Mother! You really don't understand, if you walk'll end up dead, you'll be butchered and you'll join the body count along with Doctor Black and Rusty" finished Josephine. Robert nodded, he knew it was brutal, but it was the brutal truth and Josephine was dealing with the realisation quite well. Eleanor Peacock smiled, it was as though she heard her daughter wrong, she seemed almost cocky and had no reaction to the fact she could be joining people on a death list. She placed her hand on Josephine's cheek and stroked it gentley - "Josephine, my darling, you really don't know me at all". With that, Eleanor turned ad continued to walk upstairs - Josephine rolled her eyes when she realised her mother was halfway up the stairs,
CluedoChapter6 (3)
what she said had fallen on deaf ears and Josephine felt helpless. To be honest, she didn't really care - she didn't know her mother any better than she did when she arrived, the lady in the blue was practically a stranger to her. "Someone should go upstairs with her..." said Reverend Green; the others glanced at him, Josephine half heartedly responding by rolling her eyes - "I just think none of us should be alone..." said the Reverend. Mrs White nodded and pointed towards the stairs - "maybe you should go Reverend?", Mrs White was going to ask Josephine, but the look on the young girls face showed that she probably wouldn't appreciate it. Reverend Green nodded and proceeded to walk up the stairs.

"I think we should go outside..." said Professor Plum; this was the first sane thing he'd said since finding Doctor
CluedoChapter6 (4)
Black's body. "Why?" asked Robert, who was failing to see why they should leave the Mansion. "The pliers may still be out there, we need to find them..." said Peter, as he sniffled slightly - he had a point! Rusty may have just dropped them somewhere, after all they'd not even looked for them. "Okay..." said Robert; Josephine stepped forward - "We could do with a flashlight though..."
CluedoChapter6 (5)
she said - another point was made, a valid point at that. "There's one in the kitchen..." said Mrs White - "I'll check what The Butler's up to as well..." she said as she turned to head to the kitchen. "Okay, go and get the flashlight, we'll get a head start outside then..." said Robert; he opened the door and allowed the others to leave the mansion first. Mrs White walked quickly to the kitchen; she hoped The Butler would be sitting on the stools trying to get hold of the police - he had been gone for some time though, Mrs White was finding his actions quite suspicious to be honest and he did have some explaining to do. She walked down the steps and into the kitchen; she was preparing herself for the old, friendly Butler to be down there, he did make Mrs White feel better about certain things. She stepped into the kitchen and...something
CluedoChapter6 (6)
caught her eye - it wasn't the Butler, it was the stained red on the floor. As though someone had spilled some Bolognaise sauce or something - she looked around carefully...if she wasn't mistaken...this was blood. There was blood on the kitchen floor, as she took the time to cope around the kitchen properly, Mrs White saw complete horror before her eyes - this wasn't like anything she'd seen before; in fact even though she'd seen Rusty dead, this was different, Rusty was strangled.

CluedoChapter6 (7)
The Butler was dead and as Mrs White moved closer to anaylse the kind, old man's body, he was on the floor and his body was propped up against the freezer. Was making him stay there? Mrs White leaned towards him and saw that someone...someone had stabbed The Butler through the throat and the knife was buried that far back that it was wedged inside the freezer. "Oh my god!" gasped Mrs White; she felt tears strolling down her face, she wasn't soft by any means, but seeing that one of the kindest men in the world had been killed in such a violent way made her
CluedoChapter6 (8)
fill up. Mrs White placed her hand forward, she wanted to touch The Butler, but she couldn't...his clothes were stained in blood and for the first time in his life, he looked incredibly scruffy. Mrs White couldn't hold back the pain any more, she held her head in her heads - "Oh my gosh...I'm so sorry..." she said as she sobbed into her hands. She was sorry...sorry that this had to happen to such a nice gentelman like The Butler - he had no family, but Mrs White was practically a sister to him, they'd been around each other for what seemed like an eternity. Mrs White got to her feet, she had to tell the others about this, to think she even suspected him at one point? She dried her eyes, she didn't want them to see that she'd been crying. She turned and suddenly...she gasped! She jumped out of her skin, she wasn't expecting...what was there. A dark figure was stood by the stairs, it was hooded; but she could see a
CluedoChapter6 (9)
face underneath the hood, it was black and the eyes were scarlet red. Mrs White had a feeling who this was...was it the killer? She gulped - "I take're responsible for this?" she asked looking back at the corpse of her dear friend. The hooded figure nooded, it was unresponsive - Mrs White must have expected it to talk, but she wasn't surprised when it didn't. "Your little plan is over..." she said, she really wasn't scared, she was angry. "You won't kill another person in this mansion..." she announced to the cloaked person with confidence - as she was about to continue the cloaked figure lifted up its hand and pointed at Mrs White. Mrs White knew exactly what it was trying to do - "Oh...I'm next?" she asked placing her hand on her chest. The hooded figure dropped it's hand and nodded again - Mrs White would like to see him try - "Come on then you son of a b***h...come and get me..." she said as she signalled the cloaked figure towards her. Without warning, th
CluedoChapter6 (10)
e dark shadow charged at Mrs White; quickly she looked around for something to protect herself with. The dark figure was near her already, it grabbed hold of her and placed it's hands around her kneck - it was trying to strangle her. Mrs White was finding it hard to breath, but the panic...the panic inside of her, she needed to get away, she used what instinct she had and used her feet. She gave a forceful kick and felt the fingers release from her throat - the cloaked figure fell back and began holding it's stomach as though it had gone into labour. Mrs White was in panic mode; she climbed over the
CluedoChapter6 (11)
counted in the kitchen and ran for the stairs, as she looked back to see where the cloaked figure was, she saw it rip the knife from the butler's neck. It then looked towards her, Mrs White saw the Butler's body fall to the ground - before she had time to feel remorseful the figure ran towards
CluedoChapter6 (12)
her. She continued to run upstairs...she thought she had a head start, but suddenly Mrs White felt a warm sensation hit her ankles and incredible pain shot up her legs.
Mrs White fell back and fell all the way back down the stairs; the hooded person had moved to one side as she fell, as though it had planned all of this.
CluedoChapter6 (13)
Mrs White felt paralyzed, she wasn't one for using an age card, but she was getting on a bit and it to fall from that height was too much for her. Mrs White looked at her feet and saw the blood gushing from the back of her ankles - the pain was too much, Mrs White saw the hooded figure walking back down towards her; she had to get away, she challenged him...and he was winning. She crawled slowly across the marble kitchen floor, leaving a trail of blood behind her like a snail - she was getting slowly towards the knife drawer when she felt a hand grip around the back of her neck; she felt herself being turned around like a rag doll - Mrs White was filled with hatred...and fear...for the first time...she was scared. This was it, she was going to die and it was all because she went for a flashlight alone. "You b*****d!" she said as the hooded figure lifted up
CluedoChapter6 (14)
the dagger, Mrs White closed her eyes...

The knife plunged straight through her heart; it quickly left and stabbed again, and again, and again... Mrs White felt her soul slowly draining, she wasn't there any more, she was just waiting for the pain to end, she was waiting to die, as she felt the knife puncture her heart again, all that was left of Mrs White was an empty body - she had died in the same room as her longtime friend.

Chapter 7 - "Deadly Chase"Edit

CluedoChapter7 (1)
Mrs Peacock knew she was leaving, she'd dig her way out of the Mansion if she had to, she didn't care. She was curious as to why the Reverend had accompanied her to the room when she was pefectly capable of doing it herself - "if you insist on being here, I suggest you help me pack, please fold up those jackets and place them in the suitcase please..." she requested, as though the Reverand was a member of staff rather than a guest himself. Still, the Reverend helped her pack, he was helpful and the situation at hand was enough to give him reason to be on his best behaviour, even though Mrs Peacock was incredibly rude to him. He stepped forward and began folding up her jackets; she moved around the room and before he knew it, she yelled "WAIT!!"; the Reverend jumped out of his skin, the fact someone was murdered the guests was making him jittery as it was. "What ever is the matter?" he said, Mrs Peacock stepped forward with a stern look on her face. "This is vintage..." she said, holding up a clearly dated blue jacket - "fold with care..." she said. The Reverend was getting annoyed, he didn't get annoyed often, but Mrs Peacock was behaving quite badly - "Oh just leave it, I'll pack myself..." she said; she then shooed the Reverend out of her room. "I suggest you wait outside until I'm finished" she
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said, she then turned and continued packing her things. The Reverend wanted to say something harsh, but bite his tongue - he turned and walked towards the door as he opened it, he was prepared to walk back downstairs, however he was shocked to see at the end of the landing was some sort of cloaked figure, it was hooded - Reverend Green couldn't see it's face, but as it could see his, as soon as the hooded figure saw him, it began charging towards him. "Oh my goodness!" yelled the Reverend; he slammed the door shut - "What is it?" asked Mrs Peacock - large thuds began pounding on the door; the handle was being moved; "What is it?!" barked Mrs Peacock. "It's the bloody killer, that's what it is..." said Reverend Green impatiently. "Quick, find me something to lock this door with" he said - Mrs
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Peacock gasped and quickly proceeded to move the dresser in front of the door. The thuds were getting louder and louder; the dresser provided the support they needed as the Reverend moved away, the cloaked figure couldn't get in the room. "Who is it?" asked Mrs Peacock as she held her hand where her heart was - "I don't know, it's hooded..." confirmed Reverend Green. The thuds continued for several more seconds, until suddenly...they stopped. Mrs Peacock gasped - "I need to get out of here..." she said, she turned round and continued to pack her belongings. Reverend Green kept his eyes firmly on the door...

Josephine couldn't find the others, it was Robert's idea to split up and now she couldn't see any
CluedoChapter7 (4)
of them. She was now at the front of the house and couldn't see either of them - maybe they'd gone back inside? She walked back up the steps of the porch and slowly looked around her - the killer could be anywhere! She opened the door to Tudor Mansion slowly and shouted "you guys in here?". Silence filled the house, the
CluedoChapter7 (5)
kind of silence that Josephine hated - this was scary enough without people disappearing on her. The size of the mansion was making the situation worse, there must have been at least 30 rooms in the Mansion and Robert, Professor Plum and the killer could have been in any of them. She knew Mrs White had gone to the kitchen, so Josephine decided to make her way there; she slowly checked the dining room before she entered - as she moved quickly through to the Kitchen, she was greeted by a little kitchenette and some steps - is that where the kitchen was? Down those steps; Jose
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phine glanced around her and slowly walked down the stairs - in reality, Mrs White could be down here, or the killer could be waiting for her - it was a chance she had to take. She walked down and as Josephine stepped into the kitchen she gasped! Lying on the floor was nothing short of a blood bath - The Butler and Mrs White were sprawled out...covered in blood. Josephine couldn't move...tears began flooding through and down her cheeks as she glared at the bodies of the Tudor Mansion staff. Suddenly, she screamed...

The scream pearced through house; Mrs Peacock recognised the voice, it was Josephine's. "That's Josephine!"
CluedoChapter7 (6)
she gasped; she ran towards the door and moved the dresser out the way - Mrs Peacock loved her daughter and the thought of her trouble was worrying for her, even though she wasn't the perfect Mother, she loved her daughter deeply. Mrs Peacock wasn't thinking though, her mind was with her daughter- she rushed outside to find...nothing! The killer wasn't there, she wasn't sure what he'd look like, but she couldn't see anybody around, so it was safe for her. As she reached the top of the stairs, she glanced back at her room to wait for Reverend Green. "Hurry up!" she barked
CluedoChapter7 (8)
as the Reverend lightly ran after her - as Mrs Peacock looked downstairs she heard a thud and then..."Arghh!!!". The Reverend fell into the wall; Mrs Peacock's view shot up towards the Reverend - he was joined by...someone hooded...and cloaked on the landing. The Reverend had fallen to
CluedoChapter7 (9)
the floor and gasped "God have mercy!" he begged as the hooded figure raised it's hand and began striking the Reverend with what looked like an old wrench. Mrs Peacock let out a gentle scream; the yells from the Vicar suddenly stopped - he was dead! "Reverend Green!!" yelled Mrs Peacock hysterically. The hooded figure then turned towards Mrs Peacock; fear a
CluedoChapter7 (10)
nd panic raced through Mrs Peacock's body all at once; her automatic reaction was! She began running downstairs, true enough, she saw the hooded figure following her too.

As she reached the Tudor Mansion hallway, she bumped into her daughter - "Mother?!" gasped Josephine. Mrs
CluedoChapter7 (11)
Peacock was happy her daughter was alive, but there was no time... "Darling, he's behind us..." gasped Mrs Peacock as she grabbed her daughter's arm and ushered her to run into the Living room. Josephine looked up the stairs and saw a cloaked figure, with a black face and scarlet red e
CluedoChapter7 (12)
yes marching down the stairs - her eyes widened and she started screaming - "Oh my god!" she yelled. She joined her Mother and ran through the living room and through the door at the other end of the room.

They were in some sort of bar, they both flung the door shut and placed a chair in front of the door handle so it
CluedoChapter7 (13)
couldn't open. The thuds on the door were similar to the ones that Mrs Peacock heard upstairs in her room - "Thank goodness you're okay darling" sighed Mrs Peacock as she flung her arms around her daughter. "You heard my scream?" asked Josephine - Mrs Peacock nodded, the horrible thought of what she saw was flooding back to her - "I saw...Mrs White...and the Butler...they've been butchered..." she said; Josephine scrunched up her hair in her hands, it was too much for her. Mrs Peacock comforted her daughter again and rubbed her back gentlely - "We need to get out of here, okay?" said Mrs Peacock. Josephine agreed and nodded. As Mrs Peacock spoke, something caught her eye; there was an old telephone in
CluedoChapter7 (14)
the corner of the room - "Look, a telephone..." she said as she walked towards it. Josephine felt a sudden rush flow through her, she hoped they'd phone for help - she also realised that the thudding on the door had stopped, meaning the killer had gotten bored, or was looking for another way in to them. Mrs Peacock lifted up the phone and as Josephine waited for Mrs Peacock to start dialing, she saw
CluedoChapter7 (15)
her mother looking to the side of the table the phone was placed on. "Oh my god..." she said; Josephine was curious - "What is it?" she asked, she moved forwards hoping to see what her mother was shocked at. "The wires have been cut..." said Mrs Peacock; Josephine glanced and saw that someone had either used scissors or a knife, but the wires for the phone like had clearly been cut. "Jesus christ..." sighed Josephine - "someone really has planned to kill us..." she said, the realisation seemed to Mrs Peacock too, her face showed for the first time that she was taking this seriously and she wasn't safe from joining the other people in Tudor Mansion in being murdered...

Chapter 8 - "Letter From Waddingtons"Edit

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The door to the library creeked open, Robert wasn't sure what he was expecting behind the door, maybe Josephine would be there? Or maybe Peter? He hadn't seen them since they all decided to split up and losing people around the Tudor estate was something that really wasn't needed when there was a murderer on the loose. The library was dark, like an old school library; the sweet smell of books was distinctive as he stepped inside and closed the door gentely. The library looked pretty neat, except for the desk in the far corner near the window; there were
CluedoChapter8 (2)
papers upon papers scattered around. Robert imagined these were either from The Butler or from someone else, either way, he wasn't going to check them out. He stepped forward and glanced around the dark library; why was he still here? To be honest, there was a small woodpecker at the back of Robert's mind saying "Read those papers! I would...could be important". Robert let out a deep sigh and walked forward towards the loose papers around the floor, they seemed like documents, notes and graphs. Each was labelled by numbers; Robert was holding number 7 and 16; he looked through the papers in hope of finding the 1st; he found number 2, the first seemed to have completely disappeared. The 2nd appeared to be a letter from the famous English board game producers - Waddingtons Board Games.

"Dear Mr Boddy,
Thank you for submitting us your board game and your ideas. The premise is perfect, the game feels very real and the players we feel will love it. The only issue is with the characters; Mr Redmould to be exact was pretty distasteful, to create a board game which relys on characters like this one, we're going to need the players to want to be the characters, the ones you submitted were quite bland and boring. The title is also very bold; we like the idea of it being called "Murder!", even though some colleagues would pay more if you could come up with a more original name - the names sell. Like we said, the idea is fantastic, the fact you based the Mansion on your home is also original; but the characters are boring, we need them to feel real, we need the characters of the game to be lifelike - base them on real people if you like, but change the names. We look forward to hearing from you soon Mr Boddy,
Thank you
Waddingtons Games"

Robert read it over twice; he had heard of Mr Boddy, the owner of Tudor Mansion, but had never seen him. Robert
CluedoChapter8 (3)
began glancing at the different sheets of paper, there were scribblings of the name; if Mr Boddy was creating a board game, he had settled with "Clue", in brackets it said "(which is more original=payrise)". Robert read through the aim of the game Mr Boddy was inventing, it certainly was original! Several characters are suspects to the murder of Mr Boddy himself, from the looks of his notes, he had scratched out the characters submitted to Waddingtons Games and had started writing new ones. There were 8 pages of character names, each with Mr Boddy's own list of faults. Robert picked up another piece of paper which was labelled "6"; he unfolded the creased paper and began reading.

Lead Pipe

Each weapon was listed with a tick next to it, as though Mr Boddy had agreed with his choice of weapons. As Robert scanned the paper again, he couldn't help but notice that each object was random, a candlestick for a weapon? It's a random object that Robert didn't understand why it had been listed. As he took a moment to look through the other papers, something caught his eye - it was the paper on the far side of the desk. Robert walked slowly towards it and saw that a pen was placed on top of it, meaning that this had been written recently - but by who? Mr Boddy wasn't in the Mansion? Robert moved the pen and picked up the paper, he saw something familiar, but had to squint really hard to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. Robert read the paper and felt his jaw drop to the ground - "Oh my god..." he whispered...

Professor Plum - An ex curator at a Museum.
Miss Scarlett -  An aspiring actress, and the daughter of Mrs Peacock.
Colonel Mustard - An aspiring soldier and well groomed.
Mrs White -  The cook and nanny of Tudor Mansion.
Reverend Green - Elderly Vicar.
Mrs Peacock - Mother to Miss Scarlett and a widow...
Rusty - Grump Gardener
Doctor Black - Doctor...

All the guests and staff members names were displayed, but it's the header that was above the names that made Robert bold letters wrote "Victims/Suspects". Victims? As Robert scanned the paper again,
CluedoChapter8 (4)
he looked back at the weapon paper - the rope! Rusty was strangled; Doctor Black had been hit with a heavy object, which could have been the lead pipe or the candlestick. "Jesus Christ..." muttered Robert, the realisation had sunk in, his suspicion was confirmed - Mr Boddy was responsible for the deaths of Tudor Mansion and his reason was; he was trying to make his board game lifelike. But why would he go to such extreme lengths? Either way, Robert decided to keep hold of the information, so he folded up the important sheets of paper and placed them in his pocket. He turned and walked out back into the Tudor Mansion hallway - it was deadly quiet - not a sound. Robert had no idea what to do for the best, he didn't know where to look for the others. "Hello?" he yelled on top note, hoping that one
CluedoChapter8 (5)
of the survivors would appear from around a corner - maybe not a corner, but Mrs Peacock and Miss Scarlett suddenly emerged from the door on the other side of the living room. "Robert!" shouted Josephine, she ran towards him and flung her arms around Robert and said "you're alright", the relief in her voice made Robert happy, she was genuinely happy that he was safe and he was
CluedoChapter8 (6)
beyond happy that she was safe too. "Are you two alright?" asked Robert; Mrs Peacock nodded and Josephine returned from around Robert's neck. "Yeah, we were chased into there..." said Josephine pointing at the door she had just emerged from. "What? By who?" asked Robert; Mrs Peacock stepped forward - "By the killer..." she said, Robert was confused, they'd seen Mr Boddy? "Who is it?" he asked, Josephine shook her head "We don't know, he's hooded and cloaked" she said - Robert wasn't surprised, he was sure Mr Boddy would want to hide his identity somehow. "The Butler, Mrs White and Reverend Green...they're
CluedoChapter8 (8)
" said Josephine in a distressed tone - "Dead?! How do you know?" asked Robert. "I saw Reverend Green...bludgened to death by that...that...murdering..." stuttered Mrs Peacock as she searched to find an appropriate word to describe the killer - Robert believed that now was the time to tell them about what he had found - "Listen, I think I know who the killer is..." he said; Josephine and Mrs Peacock leaned forward with anticipation. Robert pulled out the folded pieces of paper from his back pocket and began unfolding them - "Look I found this..." he said - suddenly, darkness fell on the hallway. Everything was pitch bla
CluedoChapter8 (9)
ck, except for the light orange effect from the living room fire - "What's that?!" gasped Mrs Peacock; all three of them glanced upwards as though waiting for the roof to cave in on them. "Power's gone..." said Josephine, the realisation hit Robert, maybe he was paranoid? Or was he spot on? "Or someone's flicked the power switch on purpose". As though answering his questions, he heard a door creek open from the Living
CluedoChapter8 (10)
room; Mrs Peacock and Josephine seemed to hear it too, they spun round and standing at the end of the living room was a cloaked figure - this was surely the killer. Josephine began to scream and Mrs Peacock said something that Robert's mind was already in the process of doing - "RUN!" she said.

Chapter 9 - "The Maze Murder"Edit

Robert wasn't sure where he was going to run, he made for the stairs and didn't think about the others; he wasn't
CluedoChapter9 (1)
one for leaving anyone behind, but his heart was racing that much that his legs were doing the thinking and the acting. He was on the landing and Robert decided  that to get away from the killer, he'd have to go to the third floor; his legs carried on running and up to the third floor he went. He turned slightly to see if anyone was behind him - Josephine was...but no Mrs Peacock. They were in another set of corridors - Robert knew where they were, this was the floor with the cheaper rooms, the rooms that the people with less money would stay in if they were at Tudor Mansion. It was hard to see because the house was in darkness, Robert was sure that the killer could creep up on them and they wouldn't see him, his cloak was dark and the house was that pitch black that he'd just seem like a shadow. Robert ran inside one of the rooms and waited for Josephine to follow him inside before slamming the door
CluedoChapter9 (3)
shut - "My mother...she ran outside!" said Josephine with the sound of fear and panic in her voice. "Did the killer go after her?" asked Robert; as Josephine gasped for breath, she said "I didn't see...". Robert hoped that Mrs Peacock was alright, but he hadn't seen her defend herself against the killer yet, and if Mrs White had been murdered by Mr Boddy, then Mrs Peacock's chances were slim to say the least. "So who's doing this?" asked Josephine - Robert completely forgot he hadn't got round to telling her about Mr Boddy's board game, he handed her the papers and began explaining what he knew.

Mrs Peacock could hear the sound of footsteps behind her, the killer was chasing her! The night sky was black
CluedoChapter9 (4)
and Mrs Peacock had no idea where she was running. She saw a small building at the left of the Tudor Mansion grounds - she ran to the door and tried getting in, but it was locked. She turned to see the killer was still heading towards her. Was it stupid? Possibly, but the only place she could run was through the green shrubs to the side of the small building. As she ran she realised that this wasn't just a set of tree's, this was a maze of some sort...a
CluedoChapter9 (5)
maze?! Mrs Peacock had no time to try and think about a way to get out of some maze; she began searching frantically, turning corner's upon corner's - she stopped for a moment, hoping to hear footprints of movement from the maze. Silence fell for several minutes...had he given up? Suddenly, the silence was broke and Mrs Peacock heard twigs snapping and branches breaking, as
CluedoChapter9 (6)
though someone was chopping their way through them. She looked around and tried to listen to where the sound was coming from - it was from behind her, it was surely the killer trying to chop his way through the bushes to get to her. Mrs Peacock's feet moved again, she had no idea where Josephine was, but she hoped her daughter would come into sight soon, she needed help here; it didn't help that she had such a long skirt on, it was proving impossible to try and run in her long blue dress.

CluedoChapter9 (7)
Mrs Peacock was getting frantic, she genuinely couldn't find her way out of the maze, she was lost, every corner she turned lead to another corner and she was sure she was going round in circles - she could go back the way she came in, but the fear of that...reaper waiting for her made her decide to stick to the route she was going. She continued to turn corner upon corner - she was hitting several dead ends and she could still hear the chopping of branches and twigs falling in the distance. "Who has a maze in their garden anyway? Sure they look good", thought Mrs Peacock, "but it's not like they provide anything else..." Mrs Peacock saw a gap, it was a small gap, but she was nearly out, she could see the pathway she'd ran down when she came into the maze. She frantically ran towards the opening and suddenly...she found herself on the outside of the maze again, the exact way she came in. "Thank god..." whispered Mrs Peacock, just as she was about to run towards the mansion, she noticed...silence.
CluedoChapter9 (8)
Why had the branches stopped snapping? Mrs Peacock turned slightly to listen carefully... nothing, no noise, no footsteps or anything. As she glanced behind her - "Oh my god!" he was there! The cloaked figure, grabbed hold of Mrs Peacock's waiste and threw her onto the floor and back into the maze. Mrs Peacock tried to get away from him by crawling backwards - she was going back into the maze - NO! She was so close, she should have just used her feet and made it back to the house without any hesitation. Now she was going back into the maze again - it
CluedoChapter9 (9)
was very stupid. Mrs Peacock felt if she turned around she'd be able to get back to her feet - the panic, the killer was walking towards her, very calmly - as Mrs Peacock tried to get to her feet she felt the killer wrap his arm around her waiste, he lifted her into the air and Mrs Peacock did what she could only do - she screamed - "No! Let me go!" she begged; "I can pay you loads of money, I can give you anything you want..." she pleaded as the reaper threw her back on to the floor. Mrs Peacock landed on her elbow and let out a slight whimper, she was convinced
CluedoChapter9 (10)
she'd damaged by landing on it like she did. "Please...I beg you..." she said as she looked back at the killer; the cloaked figure was about to kill her, this was it...she couldn't do anything and nothing was going to save her. "Please...please..." she said as tears began strolling down her perfect face - the Killer raised his hand in the air, Mrs Peacock looked at what he was holding - it was a candlestick, he must have picked it up from the house when he was chasing them.

CluedoChapter9 (11)
maze as the murderer beat Mrs Peacock to death. The loud thuds echoed through the quiet Mansion grounds as Mrs Peacock's skull was possibly cracked in two - suddenly...they stopped. The garden was silent now and no movement was heard from the maze or from the rest of the garden, even the owls that were so loud earlier had become silent, as though they were paying their last respects to the murdered Mrs Peacock.

Chapter 10 - "Acusations"Edit

Miss Scarlett couldn't believe her ears, so all what had happened was part of some man's obsession with having a successful board game? The whole point in this was so he could learn about the characters and make them be a hit? Why would someone do that? What normal person would do that? All these thoughts crossed her mind; yet
CluedoChapter10 (1)
there was something Robert said that made her change - "We need to go back downstairs..." he said, folding the papers up and putting them in his pocket. "There's something I've realised, there's an old computer in the library..." he said, Josephine's heart began beating - a way out? "I think if we can get the power on and get on that PC, we can contact the police" he said - this was a good plan, Josephine nodded. "Wait..." she said, the realisation made the idea melt around her like ice - "where's the power switch?" she asked. "No idea, but it'll be in either the Living room, dining room or the bar room you was in before..." stated Robert, he must have known about this kind of stuff, because Josephine wouldn't have known where to start with power switches. "If we take it slow, we can make it..." said Robert - he signalled towards the door and the pair of them slowly walked out of it; they tried not to make much noise, just in case the killer was waiting for them - although Jospehine was sure they probably wouldn't see him because of the darkness of the Mansion. They went
CluedoChapter10 (2)
downstairs and slowly stepped into the Tudor Mansion hall - Robert looked at Josephine and whispered "You check the Dining room, I'll check the Living room..." he said; he slowly made his way to the living room - Josephine felt uneasy about being alone, but she couldn't exactly say anything, the sooner they got away the better. She entered the Dining room
CluedoChapter10 (3)
and scanned the tops of the living room to see if there was a box or something - there was nothing, she couldn't see anything that may even look like it could be connected to the power; that being said, she wasn't sure what exactly she was looking for. She took one last final glance around her and hurridly made her way to the living room where Robert was - she saw him in the living room,
CluedoChapter10 (4)
it didn't matter how dark it was, Josephine could see someone that handsome in pitch black - it shone through at her like a ray of light. "Nothing!" she whispered; Robert looked at her and began looking around - "Nothing here, eith
CluedoChapter10 (5)
er..." he said. He nodded towards the door to the bar room and the pair of them slowly made their way towards it. They walked into the door and instantly, Robert began rushing towards a small box that was by the fireplace - Josephine saw this earlier but didn't think for one second it was connected to the power. As Robert flicked a switch,
CluedoChapter10 (7)
Tudor Mansion was bright again as the lights came on - "Thank god for that..." said Robert, the whispering had stopped, clearly the lights made the fear grow less.

Suddenly, the glass door to the left of Miss Scarlett flung open...Josephine screamed - "WAIT!" said a familiar voice - "It's just me..." said the voice of Peter Plum. "Where the hell have you been all this time?" asked Robert; it was strange that no one had heard of Peter all this time - "I've been looking for you guys, I think I found a way out by
CluedoChapter10 (8)
the way..."
he said innocently. Robert wasn't buying it, he didn't believe him - "Oh really, well...half of us are dead..." he said; Peter's face changed - "What?" he asked, the shocked look on his face was convincing. Josephine turned her face away, she didn't believe him either - "So why is that we've all been together and most of us have died, yet you've been alone..." began Miss Scarlett - "Easy pray..." added Robert - "...and yet you're still alive?" finished Miss Scarlett. Peter shrugged; "I have no idea?" he said nervously - he looked at them both - "Oh come on, do you really think I'm responsible here?" he asked frantically. "I found Doctor Black's body..." said Professor Plum - "Exactly!" said Josephine; "you walked off and suddenly, he's dead..." she stated - she had a point. Robert was preparing to get defensive, he knew if Peter was the killer, then he would pounce at any moment. "What relation are you to Mr Boddy?" asked Robert, he was sure that's what it was - maybe Peter was his nephew or something? "Who?" asked Peter, the look of confusion was written across his face. "Mr Boddy, the person who owns Tudor Mansion?" said Josephine sarcastically - Peter looked at both of them - "Look...I don't know what to say, but I'm not a killer..." said Peter, his voice began
CluedoChapter10 (9)
cracking, as though he was under enormous amounts of pressure. "Save it!" said Robert; he walked to the door and opened it - "We have a way out of here now, you're not getting away with this..." he said - he opened the door and began walking through the living room. Josephine stayed with Peter, she didn't trust him one bit - "It's over Peter..." she said - "I swear..." said Peter; Josephine shook her head and put her hand in his face - "Save it!" she barked. "Come through here..." shouted Robert; Josephine grabbed Peter's jacket and scruffed him through the living room and into the hallway; she then walked through the small door which lead her into an old dark library. "So this is where you found the information" she said as she looked around. She released Peter and he stood firmly
CluedoChapter10 (11)
still in front of her - "And here's the computer" said Robert and he switched it on. Jospehine caught Peter glancing at the open door, so she flung it shut - "Don't even think about it..." she said. The computer loaded and Robert began clicking and tapping at the keyboard - "'re both making a huge mistake..." said Peter; he was terribly shakey - "Are we?" asked Josephine - "Yes..." said Peter, trembling and quivering - "I haven't...I swear..." he began crying, tears rolled down his eyes; "I swear...I couldn't kill anyone...I'm...I'm not a killer..." he said. "Don't let him fool you..." said Robert; for a moment, Josephine felt slightly sorry for Peter, but Robert brought the situation back down to reality. "Save it!" barked Josephine. THUD! THUD! THUD! Followed by a large clattering noise could be heard from outside the Library - "What was that?!" asked Peter; Josephine looked at the ceiling - "It sounded like it was coming from upstairs, it could be my Mother...". Josephine flung the door open and ran into the hallway...there...lying on the floor...

CluedoChapter10 (12)
"Doctor Black?!" gasped Josephine - she rushed to his aid, the Doctor was moving - he was alive! "W...w...I was...attacked..." he said, the words were struggling to leave his mouth. Robert joined Josephine in the hallway - "Take it easy mate, you're going to be alright..." said Robert as he helped the Doctor to his feet. "What's going on? I saw the Rev
CluedoChapter10 (13)
erend...he's...dead..." said Doctor Black, the confusion was sweeping through him and came out in his words as he spoke. "We'll explain later, just hang on in there..." said Robert - Doctor Black entered the Library and sat in one of the chairs. "P...Peter..." he said; Peter smiled - "thank god you're alright my friend..." said Professor Plum - Josephine leaned forwards
CluedoChapter10-2 (1)
and into Peter's face - "Don't talk to him, you have no right!" she barked. Robert continued his clicking and typing on the computer. "What's going on?" said Doctor Black as he got to his feet - "Why the hostility towards Peter?" he asked - his speech had cleared up slightly. "To cut a story short, this freak has been on a murderous rampage...he's the one who attacked you" said Miss Scarlett,
CluedoChapter10-2 (2)
glaring at Peter. "Why Peter...that's very horrible...indeed" said Doctor Black, his voice had changed; Josephine looked at Doctor Black who now was holding a gold revolver - "Oh my god!" she gasped as he held up the revolver towards Professor Plum. "What are you doing?!" she gasped - GUNSHOT! Peter Plum fell to the floor and blood began pouring out of his head where the bullet had pierced his skull. Robert jumped to his feet and saw as the gun pointed
CluedoChapter10-2 (3)
towards him - GUNSHOT! Robert was still alive...but as he turned around, the computer screen was destroyed. "'re Mr Boddy...aren't you?" asked Robert, it was sinking in now, this was all planned by "Doctor Black" - Mr Boddy smiled - "Yes, but ssh! No one is supposed to know that..." said Mr Boddy as he held the gun towards both Josephine and Robert.

Chapter 11 - "The Killer Revealed"Edit

"You're Mr Boddy?" asked Josephine, she was confused, he was introduced to her as Doctor Black? Mr Boddy smiled - "Has it not sunk in yet?" he asked Miss Scarlett in a patronising manor. "Yes, I'm Mr Boddy..." he
CluedoChapter11 (2)
confirmed as he continued to keep the gun pointing at both of them - "But...the staff would have recognised you..." said Robert, he was also confused as to how Mr Boddy hid his identity. "The staff...never saw Mr Boddy; they just worked for him" said the murderer as he cocked his head to the side slightly - "I couldn't just arrive as myself, I had to figure out a persona...someone I whilst this event planned out" said Mr Boddy. "But why not just be yourself? Why not pretend that Mr Boddy was murdered?" asked Miss Scarlett - "Because in order for me to learn about my characters, I had to create Doctor Black...I couldn't be in the game myself...I wasn't allowed" barked Mr Boddy. "All this...just so your board game would be
CluedoChapter11 (1)
said Robert, who couldn't help thinking there was more to this than he already knew. Mr Boddy laughed - "Do you know what it's like being the son of someone who constantly tries to make you be like him? Do you know what it's like to have your father barking in your ear, screaming at you that you'll never amount to anything?!" said Mr Boddy, getting more hysterical by the question. It hit Robert, so this was all a hit out on Mr Boddy's part? "My Father said that creativity was nothing, that it would get me nowhere in life...that I' m wasting my time...that he was disappointed that I hadn't gone into coal work like him..." explained Mr Boddy, in an aggitated manor. "No, I wanted more and he didn't like it - so...I told him one day, I said 'Dad, I'm going to make something of myself'..." said Mr Boddy - Josephine stepped in, she was still finding it hard to understand why Mr Boddy would have gone to so much work to kill people just to gain knowledge on characters for his board game. "So you did this because of your Daddy, huh?" she asked in a forceful tone - Mr Boddy pointed the gun towards her and said "I wish...I wish that my Father was like your Mother..." said Mr Boddy, not even thinking about Josephine's feelings towards her Mother's death - "your Mother abandoned you, I wish my Father had done the same to me because then...then...I may have...been spared of the...physical...and mental abuse I had to put up with through my teenage years..." said Mr Boddy, he was positively hysterical at this point; Robert decided to take matters in his own hand at this point. "Maybe you
CluedoChapter11 (3)
deserved it?
" asked Robert, hoping to create some sort of reaction from Mr Boddy - he got it. Mr Boddy faced Robert, he looked beyond outraged, he eyes went bloodshot and his face was looking even more scarlet by the second. He walked over to Robert slowly with the revolver in the air as though he was about to use that final weapon in his sick imaginary board game - "What did you say?" he said as he walked right up to Robert - "I said...maybe you deserved it, I mean, you're not exactly a model son, are you?" said Robert, refusing to look or feel threatened. Although the fact that Mr Boddy now placed the gun on Robert's neck made the uneasy feeling consume him.

CluedoChapter11 (4)
Josephine didn't know what to do, Mr Boddy must have been an inch away from firing that gun through Robert's skull and there was nothing she could do about it. She quickly glanced around looking for something she could do to make him stop - but there was nothing, her mind was a total blank and she couldn't exactly concentrate because she was listened to the heated words said between Robert and Mr Boddy. "I was a good son, everything I ever did was to try and impress my Father..." shouted Mr Boddy - "after my Mother died when I was 6, he was the only thing I had left, yet he treated me like a dirty doll..." he continued as his mouth was practically in Robert's face. Josephine saw it! The small lampshade in the corner, she could use that, she could quickly swip it
CluedoChapter11 (5)
towards Mr Boddy and hope it hits him on the head - or if she's  quick enough, she could run and smash it directly over his head, she was sure if Robert saw what she was doing he'd jump in, whether it was a wise decision or not, it was the only one they had right now. "He was the bad Father, so don't you dare tell me..." said Mr Boddy, his voice raised each time he spoke - "that I was a bad son because I know I f*****g wasn't!!" he yelled in Robert's face. As silence consumed the room, Robert began talking back to him, this time apologising for his words earlier - Josephine now decided to seize the moment; she ran towards the lampshade and grabbed it, she couldn't see how
CluedoChapter11 (6)
Mr Boddy was reacting because she didn't look straight away; as she spun round with the lampshade in her hand he was staring at her; as she charged towards him Robert used his elbow and hit Mr Boddy from the back on his shoulder, forcing him to fall to his knees and yell in pain. The revolver he had dropped out of his hand and fell somewhere out of sight - Josephine proceeded running towards Mr Boddy and smashed him over the head with the lamp - he yelled in more pain and as Robert ran towards the door, Josephine tried to follow him, but she felt a hand wrap round her ankle, causing her to fall face first onto the floor. Mr Boddy crawled over her and placed his hand over her neck - "You weren't supposed to live this long Miss Scarlett!" he snarled as he began strangling her - just then she
CluedoChapter11 (7)
saw Mr Boddy's face connected with Robert's foot - Robert had kicked him and Mr Boddy released Josephine from his grip. Mr Boddy held the side of his face in pain, he and Robert then got into a scuffle and the pair seemed to punch and kick each other several times. Josephine watched as Robert fell onto the floor - Mr Boddy didn't continue attacking him, he looked towards Josephine and walked over to her - he was clearly annoyed that she had caused the scuffle, it must have been going well from Mr Boddy's point of view. As Mr Boddy came close, Josephine searched frantically for something defensive, she was strong but she couldn't take on Mr Boddy, not in
CluedoChapter11 (8)
the frame of mind he was in right now. As he came towards her, Josephine quickly grabbed what she could see on the coffee table - a pen! She stabbed Mr Boddy in the cheek with the pen, causing him to yell in yet more pain! He held his cheek, but then grabbed hold of Josephine's neck - the strangling was going to start again? No, instead Mr Boddy used force and slammed Josephine's face against the wall.

Chapter 12 - "Fight or Flight"Edit

Robert watched as Josephine's body began lifeless and fell to the floor out of Mr Boddy's grip - "No!" shouted Robert; he got to his feet and stood in front of Mr Boddy; Robert's back was near the door and Mr Boddy's back
ClueChapter12 (1)
was against the book shelves. As Mr Boddy glared at Robert, he said - "Don't you see...all of you...were just meant to die today...". The sinister look in Mr Boddy's eye made Robert feel uneasy - still he replied "All this to impress your Father? All this to become successful...blood is on your hands..." stated Robert. Mr Boddy laughed and said "I don't care...about people any more! I turned my back on the human race the minute my Mother died..." said Mr Boddy - Robert was sick of this! All Mr Boddy had talked about was how hard his life had been and how he wanted his Daddy to pay for what he did, quite frankly, Robert's upbringing wasn't amazing but he
ClueChapter12 (2)
wasn't a murderer. "Oh why don't you just shut up..." said Robert; Mr Boddy's eye's widened and he glared at Robert - "You know something...congratulations you were brought up badly, we're all very sorry your Father was abusive; but this is not the answer - you didn't kill all these people because of your Father..." shouted Robert; Mr Boddy looked beyond furious, he could snap at any moment. "You killed them because you're a psychotic, murdering, selfish b*****d!" yelled Robert, he didn't care any more - Mr Boddy needed telling. Just then, Mr Boddy moved his coat to one side and pulled out...the dagger! He had kept it hidden there all this time - he charged towards Robert; luckily Robert was near the door. He ran out into the Tudor
ClueChapter12 (4)
Mansion hall and began racing upstairs - "why not the front door?" thought Robert, but his mind reasoned that it may have taken too long to open the door and run outside again. "I'm going to kill you!" yelled Mr Boddy as he chased Robert up the stairs to the second floor. Robert had no idea where he was going, but he was just following his feet's direction. He found himself going up the extra flight of stairs and onto the third floor again - this time the lights were on and Robert could see that there was set of stairs and a hatch leading up to another flight of stairs. Robert ran up the steps and pushed the hatch open, he found himself feeling the cooler air of outside - he was on the roof. He glanced around for a few seconds, suddenly he felt a sharp pain go through his carv - "Arrgh!" he yelled; Mr
ClueChapter12 (5)
Boddy had sliced open Robert's carv - as he climbed through the hatch he felt as Mr Boddy made other attempts to stab him in the legs, hopefully in Mr Boddy's eyes to paralyse him. Robert got to his feet and limped around, there was no way down, he went to the furthest corner but couldn't see a way to get down from the roof - he was trapped.

Mr Boddy caught up Robert, but he had no choice to stay put - Mr Boddy stood in front of him and raised the knife in the air, as though waring Robert that he'd stab him if he even thought of moving. "This night...was supposed to
ClueChapter12 (6)
go perfect..."
said Mr Boddy - Robert decided to go down a different route with his murderous enemy - "You need help..." said Robert. Mr Boddy shook his head - "I know what I need, my plans are exactly what I need..." he said, he looked incredibly aggrivated, yet he seemed sad - he was genuinely upset his plans hadn't worked. "No, Mr Boddy you need to speak to someone - we can get you help" offered Robert, Mr Boddy's head shook frantically -
ClueChapter12 (8)
"No! This game will be successful! I will be someone, nothing is going to stop me..." he said hysterically. Robert looked down at the floor - "Fine, but how are you going to explain all these killings?" asked Robert; Mr Boddy smiled "No one knows about them and that's the way it's going to stay, I'll dispose of all the bodies and that'll be the end of it - I feel I...know my victims now" said Mr Boddy smugly. Before Robert could speak, Mr Boddy said "I especially Mr Mustard..."; he had got Robert's attention - "hoping to be a soldier, but really you will never make it. The reason you were sent here is because your boss doesn't know what the hell to do with you..." stated Mr Boddy. Robert was stunned, was this true? "That's a lie..." he said defensively. Mr Boddy laughed - "Is it? Why else would you 'need a break', Sergents aren't that
ClueChapter12 (7)
generous, you were gotten out the way Robert, because you'll never, ever make it..."
said Mr Boddy. Doubt began to cloud Robert's mind, was he telling the truth? The Sergent always praised him for his work and his dedication to the job, why would they want rid of him? Mr Boddy laughed again - "Oh, did I upset you? Truth hurts, doesn't it?" said Mr Boddy. Robert looked to the floor, it wasn't true, he knew it wasn't! He turned the subject back to the one they had before - "How are you going to explain to the police about the bodies though?" asked Robert; he was still looking at the floor - "What do you mean? The police don't know anything" replied Mr Boddy. Robert finally looked at his enemy in the eye - "They do, right before you shot the computer, I'd already contacted 911...they are on their way..." he said. "What?!" gasped Mr Boddy, he began to look
ClueChapter12-1 (10)
squirmish, as though ants had just invaded his underwear. "Yeah, so guess you're not going to get away with this after all..." said Robert - "You stupid, ignorant b*****d...I'm going to kill you!" yelled Mr Boddy. "Besides..." said Robert calmly; "You've broken the rule, if you kill me with that dagger, you've still not used the Revolver one last time, the plans and the weapons don't add up" stated Robert. Mr Boddy blinked several times, as though thinking through what Robert had just said - "Urgh!!!" yelled Mr Boddy - "It doesn't
ClueChapter12 (11)
shouted Mr Boddy. "You're the last to die!" he continued - he moved forward after preparing himself to stab Robert, but suddenly out of nowhere - GUNSHOT!

Josephine had shot Mr Boddy! Right  through the heart. She came round downstairs and her hand was an inch
ClueChapter12 (12)
away from the revolver he dropped. Mr Boddy dropped the knife out of his hand and started walking backwards - Josephine knew what was going to happen, if he fell he'd fall off the Tudor Mansion building, but where would it lead to? As Mr Boddy fell bac
ClueChapter12 (13)
kwards, he did indeed fall off the building. Shortly after - SMASH! As Robert and Josephine rushed towards the edge to see where he had landed, both were visually shocked as they saw that he'd fallen straight through the conservatory roof. M
ClueChapter12 (16)
r Boddy was certainly dead and thankfully, Robert and Josephine had survived. "He's dead then..." said Josephine; Robert sighed and said "Yes...he certainly is...". Josephine caught eyes with Robert and the pair stared at each other - "Hey..." she said, she knew what Robert was thinking.
ClueChapter12 (14)
"There was nothing we could have done to save him...he was...too troubled..." she said, comfortingly. Robert did feel bad for him, he hoped Mr Boddy could have gotten some help, but realistically, he had been too evil and had committed such horrible acts for him to be treated lightly. "I know..." said Robert, "It's just, I wish all this could have been avoided" he finished. Just then the sound of sirens echoed through the Tudor Mansion grounds, Josephine and Robert rushed towards the side of the building and saw that the police had arrived. "You contacted them?" wondered Josephine - Robert nodded and said "Right before he decided to shoot the computer..." - Robert couldn't
ClueChapter12 (15)
wait to get away from Tudor Mansion now - it had been one big nightmare and Robert planned on putting it into his past as soon as he possibly could. He still had doubt over the Sergent though, but he decided to save that for another day...

Chapter 13 ~Final Chapter~ "Stolen Plans"Edit

CluedoChapter13 (1)
The echoes of high heels were loud on the porch of Tudor Mansion. The sun had rise, the police had been searching and the Mansion doorway was wrapped with crime scene tape - understatement if you asked Josephine. She moved the Crime Scene banner and entered the hallw
CluedoChapter13 (2)
ay, the mansion itself had a lot of ghosts for Josephine now, she wondered whether her return was even worth the hasstle. She took a moment to look around, the once-beautiful Mansion was now like a horror house, the memories of screaming, the blood, the dead bodies and the yells of Mr Boddy were still fresh in her mind. Again, she wondered if it was worth it, but Josephine was driven by success and she could smell it a mile away after she left Tudor Mansion 2 nights ago. She made her way through to the Library, everything was as it was, nothing had been moved - the forensic officers evidently believed it was best kept
CluedoChapter13 (4)
exactly how it was found in order to get to the bottom of the horrible murders that Mr Boddy had committed. Josephine proceeded with her plan, she could see what she was looking for at the end of the room near the computer - Robert placed them there when he contacted the computer and never picked them up again. This was illegal, she shouldn't be in the building, if she was caught she'd surely be seen as a suspect - but she didn't care, she knew those officers were on their lunch break and they'd gone to McDonalds which was half a mile down the road. She moved forward slowly and saw the folded pieces of paper on the side, not ripped, not damaged or anything. She placed them in her coat pocked and looked around the room once more - so much blood had been shed in one house, Josephine felt it would be best if the powers that be just ordered it to be bulldozed or something. Still, she
CluedoChapter13 (5)
had lingered in this house of horrors too long - she proceeded and left Tudor Mansion. You see, Josephine believed that Mr Boddy did have the ability to be successful, his idea was fantastic, he just went homocidal about it and ruined it for himself. With the weapons, the characters and the name of the idea in her pocket, Josephine only had to make a few slight alterations until it was perfect. She didn't know how the reaction was going to be, but she knew this much - it was going to be one heck of a board game!

The End!Edit


A Sequel is in the works and is to be released next year; it has been confirmed that Robert Mustard and Josephine Scarlett will return. The sequel is set to be based several years after the first story and will see the 2 survivors from the first story reunited as the cloaked figure returns to rage yet another series of gruesome murders. Writing and filming will begin in Fall 2013.


  • The Story alters the board game edition of cluedo and turns it into a slasher/horror story. The "whodunnit" element is still present though.
  • The Killer wears a cloak when committing the murders - the cloak is identicle to that of the Grim Reaper's.
  • The story isn't set in the present time, but it also isn't set during the time when the actual board game was either.
  • The Fanon modernizes the Cluedo game to a certain extent, but will keep most elements from the original story.
  • Even though we know most of the characters first names, the name of The Butler is never revealed.
  • Some of the murder weapons are used more than once.
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