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Clarice Langalis
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Clarice Langalis
Name Clarice Langalis
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Major Communications Communications
Journalism career icon Anonymous Source Handler
Langalis family
Marital status Single
Trait Photographer's Eye small Photographer's Eye
Trait Neat small Neat
Trait Light Sleeper small Light Sleeper
Trait Ambitious small Ambitious
Trait Lucky small Lucky
Lifetime wish
LTW Star News Anchor Star News Anchor
Fav French French
Fav Key Lime Pie Key Lime Pie
Fav Red Red
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-green Green
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Clarice Nicole Langalis is a fan-made sim who lives in Sunset Valle, the neighbourhood shipped with The Sims 3.

Clarice lives alone in her tall-but-thin house on the border of Sunset Valley. 

Clarice is in the journalism career, and is a professional blogger hoping to be a star news anchor.


Image Skill Level
Professional Sports career iconAthletic01
Charisma skill iconCharisma01
Culinary career iconCooking03
Fishing skill iconFishing01
Handiness skill iconHandiness01
Martial Arts skill iconMartial Arts02
Skill photo photography cameraPhotography01
Piano skill iconPiano01
Writing skill iconWriting04


Backstory Clarice was born in Champs Les Sims in the 1980's. As she grew up, she was fascinated by the news stories that flashed up. Clarice would write down her own stories and 'broadcast' them to her family. As Clarice got older, she studied communications at university and was amazed at how good she was at conducting interviews. Clairce decided this was what she would do, she left university and started in Sunset Valley.


Despite suddenly arriving in Sunset Valley, Clarice decided to go onto travelling. She travelled to Egypt where she discovered several tombs where she sold and placed all the things she found. She then moved on to France and visited her mother who was frail and ill. Her mother's last request was for Clarice to go visit the catacombs. Clarice returned, but her mother had died.


Clarice returned from her mother's funeral, and after getting her job, had recieved many angry phone calls from her boss, and so she decided to return to work, where she was promoted to be a professional blogger.

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