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|name = Christina Hobson |image = |caption = |sex = Female |age = Adult |trait1 = Artistic |trait2 = Family Oriented |trait3 = Nurturing |trait4 = Virtuoso |trait5 = Genius |wish = Illustrious Author |music = Classical |food = Pizza |color = Pink |hair = Brown |eye = Blue |skin = Light |body = Slim |family = Macdonalds, Hobsons, Norris, Andrews, Dorans, Goths, Wolffs, |parents = Eliza Macdonald, David Macdonald |siblings = Caleb Macdonald, Charlett Macdonald, Cynthia Macdonald, Candace Macdonald, Casey Macdonald, |spouse = Shawn Hobson |maritalstatus = Married |child = Mason Hobson, Miles Hobson, Summer Hobson, Auttumn Hobson, Winter Hobson, Xaiver Hobson |economicstatus = |play = |neighbor = Sunset Valley |theories = }}

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