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Chants and Sagging Pants, stylized as Chants n' S*aggin Pants, is an indie pop act based in Isla Paradiso that started as a college band in May 2003. It is initially comprised of Kennett Church and Julienne Bellringer, then later joined by Machiko Terakado and Leland Cowl after college. They are also joined by a number of touring members to cover their other instruments or to substitute. Fifteen years later, they are still active.


Anthony Nagel and Sapphira Julienne met together in late 2002 during a Rebel meet in The Grotto in the Sims University. Having inspired by several rock, rockabilly and blues artists, the two researched for obscure music genres and practiced various instruments. By May 2003, they decided to form a band under the working name Mama Chanter. They decided to change it into "Chants and Sagging Pants" a few months later during an underground battle of the bands. In December 2003, they finalized their band name as "Chants n' S*aggin' Pants".

In 2005, they started making their own songs. Being in the Rebel group, they make a good number of protest songs and that was compiled into a single album in late 2006. As expected from most political songs, they did not get enough sales to cover their expenses.

A third member, Machiko Terakado, joined the band in January 2007 and provided them with city pop singles and became the band's piano player. Leland Cowl also joined as a member of the band as their drummer in February the same year. They managed to get a decent amount of popularity and coverage especially after they changed their politically-centered theme to a more secular one. Anthony and Sapphira also changed names to avoid unnecessary attention.


The band's main genre is described as Arabesk, a Middle Eastern pop-fusion genre that originated from Turkey. They also have city pop songs which refer to the boogie-infused funk music genre from Japan that was most prominent between the late 1970s and mid-1980s. While most of their songs are in Simlish, they also play songs from other languages.

In their earlier singles, their themes are somehow controversial because of their Rebel-centered political attacks. That changed in 2006 when they stopped being political and graduated from college because of its profitability.



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