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This is "Part One" of The Labyrinth of Time, it is Proceded by The Destruction of the TARDIS and is followed by "Astray", "Annihiliation" and "Pursuit".

The Labryinth of Time:
Part One: Catacomb
A Dalek.jpg
After running from a Weeping Angel in a Catacomb, the Doctor, Charles and Katarina run into a Dalek, only to be threatened by it with "Extermination"
Publisher(s) Bhind45
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Creature Daleks
Weeping Angel
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The Labyrinth of Time: "Catacomb" (Part One) is a Doctor Who: Sims 3 episode, that was uploaded on September 2, 2012.



After the TARDIS being sabotaged by the Cyberman, The TARDIS, with the Doctor and Katarina in it, crashes into an unknown planet.


The Doctor and Katarina surviving the crash, are making their way through the TARDIS to the Secondary Control Room. While on the Planet, An unknown creature is terrorising three cowboys in an old Western Town. The Doctor, with Katarina arrive in the Secondary Control Room and immediately make there way to the console room. The Doctor presses a button, and a door appears outer no where. They walk into the room, to see a room full of monitors, computers and a device projecting green energy. The Doctor "resets" his clothes, and accidently activates "Personal History" where hologram images of the Doctor past self's are seen, the Doctor than activates the "Restoration" button, where the TARDIS regains it power, and repairs the Main Control Room. In the old Western Town, the Doctor and Katarina walk outer the TARDIS to see an abandoned Western Town. Hours later after searching the town, and find no one, they find a set of staircases leading down to a Catacomb like place. After arriving down the stairs, they see a cowboys running away, They soon follow him and find him. Immediately after finding him, they encounter a Weeping Angels, startled and scared by this, the Trio decide to run, where they soon encounter a Dalek. The Daleks starts threating to kill them, than screeching "Exterminate!" at them.




Guest Starring[]

  • Charles Siringo
  • Patrick Troughton as The Second Doctor
  • Jon Pertwee as The Third Doctor
  • Sylvester McCoy as The Seventh Doctor
  • William Hartnell as The First Doctor
  • Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor
  • Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor
  • and Nicholas Briggs as the Voice of the Daleks


Music Composers[]

  • Joel Goldsmith
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Brad Fiedal
  • Blues Saraceno (Music Theme)


  • Blues Saraceno is now credited as the Composer of the Opening Sequence, after being mistakenly left off the credits on "Sabotage".
  • This is the first episode outer the entire Sims 3 series not to feature any music from the New Series or Classic Series.


  • A Catacomb is an underground cemetery consisting ofa subterranean gallery with recesses for tombs, as constructed by the ancient Romans. This refers to the Underground Catacombs the Doctor, Katarina and Charles find, filled with Weeping Angels and Daleks.

Production Notes[]

  • From this episode onwards, every episode has it own title, and it no longer named just Part One, Part Two etc. However, this is no longer true after the release of the Uncut versions of The Destruction of the TARDIS
  • Shortly after the title, part, and creator are displayed, overflow credits are now employed. These overflow credits consist of the director, producer, and guest cast. This device would become common practice in following episodes.
  • A new font for the overflow credits and the ending credits is now used. However the font used for The Destruction of the TARDIS is still used on the Opening Sequence, this won't change until "Astray".
  • This is the first episode since "Missive" to have the "TO BE CONTINUED..." caption at the cliff hanger, this would become a common occurrence in future episodes.
  • The Doctor is now credited as "Dr. Who" in the ending credits, previously he was credited as "Doctor Who".
  • This episode makes the first appearance of the Daleks in the Sims 3 series. The Weeping Angels make there first appearance also, although this appearance is only brief, and they would only make one more appearance in the next episode "Astray". They would eventually return as the main enemy in The Angels Who Cried Wolf.


  • Charles Siringo makes his first appearance in this episode. He wouldn't have Companion status until "Astray".
  • The voice of the Dalek was achieved by using Sound Clips from the New Series episode "Dalek".
  • The sound of the Dalek Energy Lasers are the same sounds used in Remembrance of the Daleks.
  • The TARDIS undergoes a change in appearance when it is restored.
  • This is the last time the interior of the TARDIS is seen until "Outbreak"
  • The library (while looks completely different) would be seen again in "Nemesis" and "Siege"

The Doctor changing his clothes as seen in the episode

The Doctor changes his clothes as seen in the Opening Sequence


  • Once the Cowboys reach the end of the corridor, it zooms in towards them, when you see them from the Daleks prospective, they have magically swapped positions.
  • Also in the same scene, the background that appears in the window behind the Cowboys changes from the Western Town, to a green tree, than to a Blue Screen.
  • Although not an error in the episode itself, the scene where the Doctor changes his clothes is different to what it is in the Opening Sequence. In here it looks more better, while in the Opening Sequence, it looks crap.
  • Blues Saraceno is incorrectly spelt as Blue Saraceno in the Ending Credits.
TS4 palm tree island icon.png
Fanon article ownership
This fanon page was created and is owned by Bhind45 (talk). Unless the edit is constructive and/or minor (such as fixing a template), please do not edit this page unless given permission from the author.