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Carpenter Family
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Name Carpenter Family
Members Alex, Drew, George, Caleb, Jeffery, Russ and Charles
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Baker, Fisher, Gardener, Harper, Plummer, Potter, Taylor, Warlock and Wizard
Lot 738 S Main St
Funds §12,505
Net worth §228,136
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:The Genesis Project
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The Carpenter Family was started by Sean Carpenter, one of the Original 8. It consists of his twin middle sons Alex and Drew Carpenter, Alex's son George Carpenter, George's spouse Caleb Carpenter from the Fisher family, their twin sons Jeffery and Russ Carpenter, and other son Charles Carpenter. Alex and Drew were sired by Dan Plummer. George was sired by Lance Taylor.

Mike Gardener gave birth to Sean's oldest, Eric Gardener in the Gardener home. As such, information about him is found on the Gardener family page. Matt Baker gave birth to Sean's youngest, Zack Baker in the Baker home. As such, information about him is found on the Baker family page. Nick Fisher gave birth to Drew's oldest sons, Andrew and Thomas Fisher in the Fisher home. As such, information about them is found on the Fisher family page. Drew's son Jacob Taylor who was sired by Jason Potter joined with Joe Taylor. As such, information about him is found on the Taylor family page.

History[edit | edit source]

After Sean found himself in The Genesis Project, he quickly developed his carpentry skills, which developed his fitness skills as well. He continued to do so even when he was pregnant. Everyone was surprised when he gave birth to a set of twins, Alex and Drew, but he was content to raise them both as well as tending to his home business. He eventually added a small gym to his home business on top of selling furniture since it seemed that his neighbors didn't need it as much any more. Eric was born to Mike the day before the twins, which was fine with Sean since he already had to care for two boys. By the time the twins were toddlers, he had mastered his carpentry and body skills, and was able to manage the home business somewhat. Once the twins became children, Sean could focus on growing his home business some more while the twins developed their own fitness skills. By the time the twins were teens, Sean was able to alternate running the home business and physical training with the twins. When the twins became young adults, Sean decided to buy one of the lots that Tyler had to expand his gym. He then bought the lot next door to build a carpentry just before the boys become adults.

Somewhat after becoming adults, the twins each gave birth to sons on the same day. Alex had George, and Drew had Jacob. Just 4 days earlier, Nick had given birth to Drew's oldest sons, Andrew and Thomas. Then shortly after the twins' sons both grew up to be children, Sean became the first of the Original 8 to pass away. All of his businesses were turned over to Alex to run and become the new head of the household. It hit everyone hard, but Alex is trying to do his best to keep everything running just as him dam would have wanted him to.

A few days after George and Jacob became young adults, Jacob left to join the Taylor family. Shortly after, Caleb joined the family from the Fisher family and gave birth to twins, Jeffery and Russ. A week later, he also gave birth to Charles.

Members[edit | edit source]

Family Tree[edit | edit source]


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