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Carnmal family
Name Carnmal family
Number of generations 5 generations
Family connections Cousland family,
Gallocaster family,
Forbes family
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CarnmalFamilyPhotoBLACK TomGrove23
Members Wilhelm Carnmal,
Maeve Carnmal,
Elaine Carnmal,
Devin Carnmal
Funds §769,864
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Pleasantview


Family treeEdit

Disowned Father  (deceased)Disowned Mother  (deceased)Disowned BrotherDisowned Sister  (deceased)Disowned SisterDisowned Brother  (deceased)Disowned Sister  (deceased)Velwyn Carnmal I  (founder, deceased)Gwyneth Carnmal  (deceased)Cornelius Carnmal  (deceased)Brónach Carnmal  (deceased)Henry Gallocaster  (deceased)Victoria Gallocaster  (deceased)Elvira Carnmal  (deceased)Velwyn Carnmal II  (deceased)Howard Carnmal  (deceased)Edith Carnmal  (deceased)Moira Carnmal  (deceased)Motshan Cojocaru  (deceased)Anlon Callahan  (deceased)Vadoma Cojocaru  (deceased)Wilhelm CarnmalElaine CarnmalMaeve CarnmalKathleen Forbes  (deceased)Isaac Forbes  (deceased)Alice Forbes the Good Witch  (deceased)Chikao Forbes  (deceased)Machiko Forbes  (deceased)Harold Forbes  (deceased)Christina Carmichael  (deceased)Wallace Carmichael  (deceased)Bronwyn Carmichael  (deceased)Devin CarnmalFull SizeFile:CarnmalFamilyTree3 TomGrove23.pngCarnmalFamilyTree3 TomGrove23


1st GenerationEdit

2nd GenerationEdit

3rd GenerationEdit

4th GenerationEdit

5th GenerationEdit


The Carnmal Family
1st Generation Velwyn Carnmal I (m. Gwyneth Carnmal)
2nd Generation Cornelius Carnmal (m. Elvira Gallocaster)Brónach Carnmal
3rd Generation Velwyn Carnmal II (m. Moira Cojocaru)Howard CarnmalEdith Carnmal
4th Generation Wilhelm Carnmal (m. Maeve Forbes)Elaine Carnmal
5th Generation Devin Carnmal

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