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Carabosse Briar
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Name Carabosse Briar
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Briar family
Sibling(s) Chrysalis Briar FemaleDeceased
Child(ren) Poppy Briar Daughter
Trait Evil small Evil
Trait Mean Spirited small Mean Spirited
Trait Perfectionist small Perfectionist
Trait Loner small Loner
Trait No Sense of Humor small No Sense of Humor
Lifetime wish
LTW Living in the Lap of Luxury Living in the Lap of Luxury
Fav Dark Wave Dark Wave
Fav Fruit Parfait Fruit Parfait
Fav Red Red
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
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Carabosse Briar, also known under the alias Cara Bosse, was a Fairy Elder. She was the sister of the late Chrysalis Briar, and mother to Poppy. Carabosse was a ruthless and evil fairy who was excommunicated long ago for seeing into the future, and had been plotting her vengeance ever since.


Weeks 01-09Edit

Carabosse enlists the help of her daughter Poppy to spy on Chrysalis and her daughter Talia, while Carabosse rebuilds her lost power. Carabosse also entrusts Poppy with some of her own fairy dust. With enough magic, Carabosse disguises herself as a younger woman and goes by the alias "Cara Bosse", which she uses to seduce and enthrall Hansel Holzfäller into her services. "Cara" orders Hansel to introduce Talia to the White brothers, Layton and Kay. Some time after Talia and Kay eventually get married, Carabosse confronts Chrysalis and kills her sister, before taking on her appearance and raising Rose herself. With Hansel's role in her plans fulfilled, Carabosse mutates him into a beastly form and sends him to kill Talia's friends, although Hansel is defeated by Poppy. Carabosse, still under the guise of Chrysalis, chastises Poppy for her mistake before instructing her to learn alchemy for something "important". On the night of Prince Charming's party, Carabosse visits Ella and transforms her clothes into a beautiful dress before sending her to the party. For some reason, Carabosse wants Ella and Charming to get together, and she succeeds, with Prince Charming and Ella getting married.

When Rose is abducted by her father Will Scarlet, Carabosse - still disguised as Chrysalis - asks for Talia's help to locate her. Carabosse and Talia visit the Merry Men, and Carabosse resorts to torturing Will and Marian, to Talia's shock. Despite the violent behavior her "mother" starts exhibiting, however, Talia allows her to come home with her and Rose. Carabosse uses her aura to render Dorian and Kay under her control, allowing Carabosse and Poppy to kidnap Rose and take her back to Carabosse's lair where Poppy uses an elixir to curse Rose into a deep sleep. To add security, Carabosse also transforms Will into a beast, as she did with Hansel. Later, Carabosse visits Alice Liddell with a deal; she will give Alice some magical mushrooms if Alice agrees to owe her a favor. After a while, Alice agrees to Carabosse's proposition. Carabosse is eventually killed by a fiery attack from Glinda. However, some time later, a boy named Eric moves into Carabosse's old house with his family, and is eventually possessed by Carabosse's restless spirit.

Weeks 10-13Edit

Carabosse, still in Eric's body, enlists Alice to steal the magic jelly beans from Layton White's household. Alice succeeds and brings the magic beans to Carabosse, who uses a magic bean to transform Eric's body into her own original form. Regaining her power, Carabosse lures Eric's parents Haydin and Mona Barbarossa, as well as Eric's aunt Tammie into a room together before locking them in, leaving the three of them to starve to death. Carabosse later joins a career in fortune telling, putting her abilities of foresight to good use.



  • Carabosse is based on the wicked fairy godmother from Sleeping Beauty.
    • In some variants of the fairytale, the wicked fairy is named "Carabosse".
  • While disguised as Chrysalis, she also alludes to the fairy godmother from the fairytale Cinderella and the caterpillar from the story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
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