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Name: Capitulation
Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Scifi
Created by: WikiBuilder1147, K6ka, OpelSpeedster

Original run: 10 - 12 February 2015
Status: Running

Preceded by: Trial
Succeeded by: Siege

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Capitulation is the eleventh episode of the Revolution series by WikiBuilder1147, K6ka and OpelSpeedster. It depicts the adventures of a group of youngsters as they fight against the oppressive regime under which they live their lives in constant scrutiny and fear.

Previously on RevolutionEdit

Now having solved the case of the water tank, the Liberation Army begins the war with an attack on Bridgeport.

Chapter 1Edit

Four soldiers stood silently in the night, guarding the gate to the city of Bridgeport. Two were standing in front of the entrance, while the other two were scrutinising the area from two guard towers to the sides of the gate. The gate was the only entrance point to Bridgeport, the rest of the metropolis' perimeter being marked out by hundreds of kilometres of powerfully shocking electric fences. Watchful, the guards kept constant, almost unblinking vigilance of their surroundings, waiting to shoot whatever moved in the direction of their gate.

Not watchful enough.

As soon as the guards were quietly sniped dead, a squad emerged from the brush and silently moved towards the gate. Grappling hooks shot out of the trees and locked onto the sides of the watchtowers. Several teenaged troopers made their way to the towers. Once they reached the towers, they pressed a few buttons on the consoles. The gates slowly slid open without so much as a hiss.

The soldiers entered Bridgeport, briskly but cautiously walking towards Bridgeport Federal Quarter. It was curfew, so the streets of the city lay silent, as if it had become those of a ghost town. Government troops prowled the cities on foot and by hovercar, searching for any unlawful citizens who remained outdoors.

Searchlights constantly scanned every centimetre of road, parkland and courtyard looking to illuminate any stragglers. The soldiers quietly slid, commando-rolled and ran out the way of the lights, desperate to remain hidden.

Lieutenant-General Benjamin Faulkner was not exactly pleased to have returned to his hometown. He hoped that soon all this would be over and he'd be able to begin his life anew in a world freed from the ever-tightening grip of the Federal Government.

He beckoned the soldiers forth. The young men and women forming the squad quickly ran towards their commanding officer's new location, careful to make as little noise as possible.

As they crossed an alleyway, a guard emerged.

"Hey!" he began. Before the guard could say any more, a bullet had silently been lodged firmly in his heart. He grunted softly before collapsing to the ground. Several soldiers split from the main group to clean up the mess before rejoining their squad.

After almost several hours of zig-zagging and quietly eliminating resistance, the squad finally arrived in the Bridgeport Federal Quarter. After dispatching the guards standing at the entrance, the squad sneaked in noiselessly.

Chapter 2Edit

As the squad entered the Federal Quarter, they immediately noticed something very wrong.

All the streets and paths in the Quarter were lit up by powerful lights, guaranteed to reveal anything that set foot on the roads.

"Stay to the walls!" Ben hissed. The squad glued their backs onto the wall and began shimmying across.

They continued to shimmy across, sometimes sprinting across to rare patches of precious shadow. Offices and other buildings provided cover and some small comfort to the insurgents.

Until they came to a dead end.

Before the squad was now a lit road. There was no way around it unless they were to turn back. Across the road was another dark spot.

Ben decided to risk it. He gestured for the group to sprint towards the other side. As they did, they saw that just around two hundred metres away was the Governor's Palace. On the balcony was a guard. Facing in the direction of the squad.

They had been spotted.

In a panic, one of the squad members aimed their gun hastily and shot. The Government soldier collapsed almost immediately.

The squad sighed in relief as they reached the other end. But their relaxation was premature.

A klaxon activated, sending all of Bridgeport into chaos.

Chapter 3Edit

Guards streamed through the entrance to the Bridgeport Federal Quarter. Hovercars flew over the walls and into the precinct. All the spotlights centred upon the small Liberation Army squad as if they were the stars of a theatrical performance.

"Put your hands above your heads! Lower your weapons! You are under arrest for violating the Federal Quarter!" a voice screamed from a loudspeaker. It seemed to come from one of the cars. The guards that came in on foot surrounded the squad. Layer upon layer of Government soldiers formed rings around their enemy, making sure that they could not escape.

Ben nodded his head. The squad slowly lowered their weapons and placed their hands on their heads in surrender. The innermost ring of guards marched forward to arrest the insurgents.

Vibrations abruptly shook the city as explosions lit up the sky. Klaxons were joined by wailing sirens. Cars could be heard crashing through the newly created breaks in the fences. Gunfire could be heard as Liberation Army artillerymen machine-gunned Government soldiers to death.

The men and women surrounding the small squad turned their attention to the newcomers. They broke their ring and began rushing out the gate to meet the enemy Army.

Ben's squad promptly picked up their weapons and sprinted towards the Governor's palace. They forced the doors open and entered, shooting any guards they came across.

The squad ran up the two stairs leading to the first floor of the palace. They prowled the halls, looking for any other soldiers to shoot.

A creak.

The whole squad converged upon the origin of the noise and aimed their guns towards the door that was slowly opening.

It was the Governor, flanked by two bodyguards. The two were shot dead instantly.

"Governor," Ben announced, "you are under arrest by the order of the Liberation Army. Surrender or die."

Chapter 4Edit

"All soldiers of the Federal Army: Stand down!" announced the Governor of Bridgeport from the balcony of his palace. "The Federal Government has made the decision to unconditionally surrender the City of Bridgeport to the Liberation Army. Governance of this city has been transferred to the Liberation Army with immediate effect. Soldiers of the Federal Army who do not stand down shall face imprisonment and disciplinary action. I repeat: STAND DOWN!"

With those final words the city erupted into cheering as the youths of Bridgeport and the Liberation Army realised that the largest city on the continent has just been liberated from Government control.

And so began the Liberation War.


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