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Buddy Watson
Loyal and sweet to his family, Buddy is just the normal family dog. He warns his family of dangers coming to them very quickly but it seems they are too oblivious to his calls, this is no way to use a guard dog if your not paying attention to him!
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age Adult Dog Adult
Species Hund Dog
Breed Brittany Spaniel
Watson family
Owner(s) Izcrazi Watson
Pet Trait Likes Swimming small Likes Swimming
Pet Trait Loyal small Loyal
Pet Trait Playful small Playful
Pet Trait Adventurous small Adventurous
Other Information
Game TS3P IconThe Sims 3: Pets
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Twinbrook
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Buddy Watson was created by Starmoonie. Buddy was born into a litter of puppies who were born hunters, but Buddy refused to hunt...he was just too kind and gentle towards other animals.

Puppy YearsEdit

Buddy was born into a litter of pups who were trained to hunt for diamonds and small creatures. This however did not appeal to the pup, he refused to hunt for anything but instead was always caught fooling around on the job playing with raccoons and butterflies. His owners grew frustrated with Buddy and gave him up for adoption to their next door neighbors, the Watsons.

He didn't mind living with them at first, his new master Izcrazi lived up to his name. He ate out of his dish more than he did and this made Buddy think that maybe Izcrazi was a dog too. The two played like dogs were supposed to and they didn't even get any discipline by Nova, who was currently locked up in her laboratory for certain reasons, when they broke things. Buddy was soon how ever was trained to protect the house from intruders. He caught several and was rewarded with pounds of meat by Nova. He was very loved and cared for, he never wanted to leave his new family.

When the whole move happened, Buddy was confused why they had to move out their nice little home. But as long as he had Izcrazi and the rest of the gang, he didn't care.


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