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Bridgeport Awards
Name: Bridgeport Awards
Genre: Drama

Original run: 7/31/13
Status: Completed

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And the award goes to....Lady Roma! For her performance in Flowers: Past the date. The excellent performance she showed actually blew me away! Congrats Miss Roma!

Lady stood up from her seat and blew a kiss to her fans, many who of which began throwing them back. She passed her bag over to her hair stylist, Tony, who already began rummaging in her purse for her small brush to do a quick touch up before she left. But it was too late and Lady was already doing her famous 'catwalk' up the stairs to accept her award. The host gave her a hug and she gave him a small peck on the cheek. Giving him the signal of 'get away from me, this is my spotlight' with her hands.

Tony began weeping and wiping away tears he should have never shed for. Lady had only one line through out the whole movie and clearly anyone saying " I dislike tomatoes, take it back" would have given you an award then sign me up. She held her trophy up in the air and peered into the audience. Her ex-boyfriend, Manny was in the audience. He showed his ugly mug everywhere she went to either humiliate or taunt her. No matter, she thought. I've gotten something he'll never receive in his whole life expectancy.

"Why thank you everyone!" She said. Everyone in the audience applauded with joy and starting, WE LOVE YOU PEARL!. Lady thanked the little people, her hair stylist, and dog. Manny shook his head in disbelief. "Such a big ego, people now a days hype up and celebrity because of her looks and also... she can't act. Lady walked back down the steps only to trip on her right heel and stumbling onto the floor.


Fans became quiet as she came back from the ground and limped towards her seat. Some whispered and some snickered and pointed at the tear in her outfit. Manny was the only one who was happy to see this and was uproar in tears and laughter. Tony dusted off what ever was on her and asked, "Are you okay love? That was a nasty step, you could sue for things like th-"

"Shut up Tony!" she snapped at him. "But dear, your fans...they are lau-" "I said, Shut it...."

Lady went to her purse quickly and pulled out her pink shades and hid her eyes away from the public. She will not let anyone see the embarrassment in her eyes.

A few hours went in and winners and nominees were called out for various of ridiculous categories. "Robert Flounder! For ' Guys with nice abs' ", Manny just kept shaking his head. Tony leaned over to Lady and held her hand, "Do you need any thing my lady?" She shook her head, what she wanted to do was leave. Please for the love of Llamas, not be on the ten o'clock news later, she said in her head.

The ceremony didn't last until two hours later and Lady and Tony were found scurrying away to her pink limo out in the back of the stadium. "Tony you fool! The driver isn't here!" The driver was actually inside chatting it up with a couple of other drivers and getting autographs with random C-list celebrities. A large figured man was a couple feet away form them when Tony whispered, "Oh that him?"

Manny walked up to Lady's face and smirked, "Now doll face, give me my award". "Award? What award? What is he talking about Miss Roma?", Tony turned to Lady. Tears rolled down her face as she reached into her purse and pulled out the golden plumbbob. "It's becuase of him I even got the role Tony...." Manny snatched the award out her hand and swaggered away in a crowd of paparazzi snapping photos of a man juggling three knives and a dog.

"Wha-what? Are you telling me you made a bet with fatso to get an award for him?" "Fame" "Fame?" "I had and agreement to get the award for him so he can scratch off the name and sell it on the black market and I would get the fame off of this." She copped her hands in her face to hide shame form him. Tony gently placed his hands on her shoulder, "Honey look, awards are nothing. You have fame now and after that'll have even more! What do you think huh?"

"Hehehehe...." Lady moved her hands and pushed her hair from her face. She wasn't weeping at all!

"That fatso didn't see THAT coming now did he?" she said with a grin.

Tony looked confused. "What are you talking about Miss Roma?" he said with curiosity. Lady pulled her cellphone out her bag and dial some number and said, "It's done." Tony was even more confused. The driver came up to them and hopped in the front seat. Lady yelled at him for showing up so late but then took off her heel and slammed it into his head, causing the young driver to squeal like a girl.

Tony didn't say anything till the ride home. When the two got out of the car he finally worked up the courage and asked, "So....what was that all about?"

"Oh, that,...the feds asked me to set the crook up. That award has a tracking code on it and will locate Manny's where abouts. The fatso has stolen some imported goods again and won't fess up. Now they can have him and I'll get my award back soon." Tony still looked confused, "All of that nonsense back there was to get even with him, wasn't it?"

"Si, Tony, Si. Nobody tells me I can't act." she replied with a wink.

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