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Brandon Girard
Brandon Girard
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Career TS4 Career Doctor Assistant Nurse
Family/Families Girard family
Marital status Single
Traits Trait TS4 Genius Genius
Trait TS4 Ambitious Ambitious
Trait TS4 Bookworm Bookworm
Trait TS4 Quick Learner Quick Learner
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Nerd Brain Nerd Brain
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-dark Dark
Body shape Fit Fit
Social standing
Clubs The Syndicate
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Oasis Springs
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Brandon Girard is a single Sim. He has no known family. He currently lives in Oasis Springs at Meredith Moore's boarding house. His fellow tenants include Jackie Rose, and her niece, Janet Parker.

Life HistoryEdit


Virtually nothing is known about Brandon's past. No one knows who his family is or where he comes from. All that is known is that he's described as being single and suave. At some point in his life, Brandon decides to leave his hometown, if he has one, and move to Oasis Springs to become a doctor. However, he is unable to afford a home and has to live in a boarding house.

The Sims 4: Get to WorkEdit

Brandon moves into Meredith Moore's boarding house in Oasis Springs as her latest tenant. His roommates also include Jackie Rose and Janet Parker, both of whom he does not meet on the day he is moving in. Instead, he meets both of them the day after he moves in at breakfast time. Unknown to him, Jackie feels a crush grow on him. Later that evening, Brandon has a chat with Jackie. She asks him about his job and he answers truthfully by saying he works as a medical intern. Also unkwown to Brandon is that his answer makes Jackie's crush on him to grow.

The next morning, Brandon tries to use the main bathroom in order to get ready for work, but he can't because someone else is using it. As a result, he asks Meredith if he can use her bathroom. Meredith tells him no and reminds him that her only rules are that her bedroom and bathroom are strictly off-limits. Brandon doesn't take the information well and he proceeds to use Meredith's bathroom behind her back. Before he leaves for work at the local hospital, Brandon has a quick little chat with Jackie, getting to know her some more. Then, he leaves for work. After Brandon arrives, he goes around doing his duties. He says hello to the hospital's assistant and his boss, the head doctor. Then, he takes care of some of the patients before he starts reviewing medical reports. Once the day is finished, Brandon heads back to the boarding house.

The next morning, Brandon eats breakfast alone with Jackie where he casually and harmlessly flirts with her. Later that night, Brandon wakes up to a mysterious light. When he goes to investigate it, he is suddenly abducted by aliens. Once Brandon returns, he is left confused and wondering what exactly happened. Knowing that Janet has been talking about her being abducted, Brandon decides to tell her about his abduction story later that morning. Janet gets excited over learning this and discusses her theories about aliens with Brandon. Brandon's conversation with Janet forms a bond between them. After their conversation, Brandon goes to get ready for the day in Meredith's bathroom. He can't help but tell himself that he likes the fact that he's gaining trust with his roommates. However, Brandon doesn't cover his tracks after he uses Meredith's bathroom because she starts suspecting something. So, as a result, Meredith reminds Brandon, along with Jackie, that her bathroom is strictly off-limits later that day.

Brandon continues to bond with Janet over their shared abduction stories, which causes Jackie to worry a bit. As Brandon is about to get ready for work in Meredith's bathroom, he learns that she locked it. Brandon doesn't respect Meredith's rules and he breaks into the bathroom. He makes sure to lock the bathroom again after he finishes. Brandon then heads to work where it nets him a promotion to orderly. However, Meredith bombards him with questions when he returns home. She asks Brandon how he took a shower if she had to fix it before he could use it. Brandon lies about not taking a shower and he takes another shower in order to quell Meredith's suspicions.

Later that evening, Jackie asks Brandon if she can speak with him in private. He agrees and they go into Jackie's bedroom. Jackie tells Brandon about her worry of Janet's mental health and so she asks him not to encourage Janet's fantasies, which includes the true alien abduction. Brandon suavely agrees, despite the abduction being true. Too distracted by his suaveness to acknowledge the last part, Jackie thanks Brandon. Brandon continues to break into and use Meredith's bathroom during the next morning. As he is using it, he tells himself that he's prepared to rally the troops, whatever that means. However, Brandon doesn't cover his tracks after using Meredith's bathroom because she has to clean up after him. She also reminds him about her rules again before he heads to work.

A couple days later, Brandon learns that Meredith began locking her bedroom because he continues to use her bathroom. However, Brandon manages to break into her bedroom to use her bathroom. He also makes sure to lock her bedroom after he finishes. Although, unknown to him, the shower breaks when Meredith goes to use it. Also, despite saying he's prepared to rally the troops, Brandon continues to help patients at his work. He cures some of them by giving medicine or a shot. He also admits patients where he discusses their symptoms, checks their ears and eyes, and takes a swab for analysis. Brandon is even willing to transfer the case to either the nurse or the head doctor if he is unable to diagnose the patients properly. Also as a result of his willingness, Brandon is promoted to a Medical Assistant. Then, when he returns home, Brandon calls his troops, telling them it's time to rally.

Another couple days later, Brandon receives an email from his troops. They tell them that they're rallied and are in town. Happy because his troops are in town, Brandon goes to work that morning more determined than ever. After his shift, he emails his troops back, saying to meet him at the Cactus Juice Bar that Friday night. Jackie then comes into his bedroom where she asks to talk in private again. Brandon allows her and she tells him that she's dating Advik Meshram, so they have to dial it down with their harmless flirting. Brandon agrees with Jackie and says that there's plenty of people to date.

Friday night eventually comes and Brandon heads to the Cactus Juice Bar to meet his troops. However, a bunch of weirdos in various costumes show up instead. The weirdos are a clown, a couple of aliens, several furries, a couple of knights, and so on. Despite this, Brandon heads up to the microphone to address his troops, or rather his club, the Syndicate. He tells the Syndicate now that they are in town, their only goal is to wreak havoc upon it's citizens. Although, the only people listening to Brandon's speech are the weirdos in costume.

The next morning, Brandon is finally caught by Meredith using her bathroom. Meredith yells at Brandon and warns him if she ever catches him again, then she will kick him out of her boarding house. Not regretful whatsoever, Brandon doesn't care that he got his first and only warning. He's just glad that his plan with his troops, the Syndicate, is finally in place.

As Winterfest approaches, Brandon begins using the main bathroom. He does this because the Syndicate is wreaking havoc for him, so he doesn't have to wreak havoc at the house anymore. Despite Brandon's hidden evilness, he is promoted to Medical Technologist. The morning after his promotion, he also gets an update from the Syndicate about their havoc progress.

By the time of Winterfest Eve, Brandon learns that his boss has been demoted from head doctor and so there is now a new head doctor. Brandon then thinks he might be able to get a promotion or two because of how easy it might be to get promoted or demoted. So, Brandon decides to work hard. He checks more eyes, and more ears. He also takes a sample for analysis where he is able to find a possible illness. After entering the data, he successfully diagnoses and cures the patient. Brandon works even harder by collecting more samples for analysis that have been dropped off, admitting some more patients, and analyzing the samples. Despite all his hard work, Brandon heads home without a promotion.

Over dinner, Meredith tells him, along with Jackie and Janet, that it's time to decorate the Winterfest tree. After dinner, Brandon joins his roommates in decorating the tree. The next day is Winterfest Day. Brandon wishes his roommates a Merry Winterfest before he emails the Syndicate. He tells them to continue their havoc even if it's Winterfest. Later on during the party, Brandon drinks alone because he didn't invite anyone. Although, he still receives his gift from Father Winter when arrives later that same night. After he and the others get their gifts, Brandon opens his gifts from the others. He then sings 'We Wish You a Merry Winterfest' around the tree with his roommates.

The day after Winterfest, Brandon's hard work from a couple days ago pays off. He is promoted to Assistant Nurse.


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