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Brandi Broke
Gender TS2 Female female
Age TS3-Young-Adult young adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Bob Newbie, Betty Newbie
Children Dustin Broke, Beau Broke, Evan Broke
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Big Happy Family Big Happy Family
Hair color TS2 Black Hair black
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes grey
Skin color Skin-light light
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
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Brandi Broke was born on April 9th 1979 to her parents, Bob and Betty Newbie. Growing up in a very small house, Brandi always spent time playing outside. When she wasn't outside she was inside playing with her toys. It was pretty rare to see Brandi watching TV, unlike her parents especially her TV addicted father Bob. Being an innocent playful child, she never seemed to notice the not so good relationship of her parents.

When Brandi was in Kindergarten she met her future husband, Skip Broke. They always spent time joking around with each other, to actually being really close friends. The 2 were always made fun of for dating each other and being "boyfriend and girlfriend", but at the time they didn't feel any love for each other. Being kids they just enjoyed playing together. When they were in 5th Grade, Skip started hanging out with his other friends more than with Brandi, which caused her to feel left out. She almost felt as if he didn't know she existed anymore. Around the time everyone was transitioning from earlier childhood to teenagehood, but Brandi was still in her early childhood, she didn't start having puberty symptoms, and she was still into the same things a younger child would be into. Brandi was lonely most of the time, and it was even rare to see her hang out with Skip.

As Brandi entered Middle School, she became more depressed and having low self esteem. Skip became one of those "popular" kids, who would just ignore the people who "weren't popular". She started getting bullied about her interests, and body mostly her weight. She started to notice her parents arguing a lot, and constantly been locking herself in her room to cry. She started to eat less and exercise more. Her parents didn't notice this at all, which made Brandi feel like a ghost at home. When Brandi was in 7th Grade, the bullying got worse. She was being hit and thrown across the lockers, and was hit with food and water a lot. She started entering puberty, but was still made fun of for looking like a younger child. One day when Brandi was coming back home from School she was hit on the road so hard that she had to go to the Hospital. No one seemed to care that she was badly hurt besides her parents and the doctors. She was just like a punching bag, used all the time and not cared about. As she entered High School she started getting therapy, and was even getting home schooled by her therapist. She started to eat a bit more but still felt disgusted by herself. She started to take anti-depression pills when she was only 16. A year later she was portrayed ready to back to school, but inside she just didn't want to go back ever. When she went back (17 y/o) no one seemed to remember who she was, and even started to make new friends. Brandi started to accept herself and even got inspired to be a famous cook. A few months later she met Skip for the first time in years and was actually pretty angry at him. Skip later apologised to her and asked her out to prom. Still being mad at him, she said yes anyway, and ended up forgiving him. Quickly at the dance, they both kissed each other and went straight to making out.

Will continue this :p (NOT FINISHED YET)

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