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Bob Zorgeloos is a Sim created by Sophic2. There were two different Sims existing with this name, both related to an other story, respectively in The Sims 2 and in The Sims 3: Supernatural. The main idea of those stories is actually the same, but the actions may differ from time to time.

Bob Zorgeloos
The Sims 3 Supernatural Logo
Bob elder
Name Bob Zorgeloos
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Ghost icon Ghost
Education and Employment
Criminal career icon Emperor of Evil
Fanon:Zorgeloos family
Romances Hanna Olsen Ex-romance, Mary Finch Ex-romance Deceased, Alice FitzgeraldDivorced Deceased, Alex Dennis Ex-romance Deceased, Daydream Ivy Ex-romance Deceased, Haley Sumari Ex-romance, Bailey Swain Ex-romance, Marigold Maldano Ex-romance, Jamie ZorgeloosDivorced Deceased, Aubrey Oviedo Ex-romance Deceased, Mitchell Crawford Ex-romance Deceased, Gwen McCombs Ex-romance Deceased, Fawn Goodfellow Ex-romance Deceased, Jeannie Peck Ex-romance Deceased, Felicity MacDuff Married Deceased, Mara Nix Fell in Love with -Sim- Deceased
Child(ren) Harry Olsen Son, Jacob Finch Son Deceased, Elbert Fitzgerald Son, Linda Sumari Daughter, Dustin Sumari Son, Jarod Fitzgerald Son, Melodie Sumari Daughter, Irene Swain Daughter, Emma Zorgeloos Daughter, Layla Zorgeloos Daughter
Trait Flirty small Flirty
Trait Commitment Issues small Commitment Issues
Trait Athletic small Athletic
Trait Evil small Evil
Trait Great Kisser small Great Kisser
Lifetime wish
LTW Heartbreaker Heartbreaker
Fav Electronica Electronica
Fav Dim Sum Dim Sum
Fav Red Red
Hair color Eye-custom Black and Grey
Eye color Eye-grey Grey
Skin color Tan skin-TS3 Tan
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS3SN Icon The Sims 3: Supernatural
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old Age
World Moonlight Falls
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Bob Zorgeloos
The Sims 2 Logo
Bob Zorgeloos
Name Bob Zorgeloos
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Normal
Education and Employment
Slacker career Professional Party Guest
Zorgeloos family
Romances Gina Seavey Ex-romance, Hanna Finch Ex-romance Deceased, Mary Finch Ex-romance Deceased, Jasmyn Dallas Fell in Love with -Sim-, Jill Kimbrell Ex-romance, Pamela Landry Fell in Love with -Sim-, Debbie Hottiez Fell in Love with -Sim-, Tina Abels Fell in Love with -Sim-, Catherine Burnley Fell in Love with -Sim-, Heather Huffington Fell in Love with -Sim-, Sierra Barr Fell in Love with -Sim-
Child(ren) Michael Finch Son, Jessica Finch Daughter, Leona Zorgeloos Daughter, Simon Dallas Son,
Zodiac sign Pisces Pisces
Aspiration  Romance
Hair color TS2 Grey Hair Grey
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes Grey
Skin color Skin-dark Dark
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:Veronaville
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Life Leading Up In The Sims 3: SupernaturalEdit

In The Sims 3, Bob lived in a nicely decorated house in Moonlight Falls. In his long life, he has dated 16 women. He married 3 of them and he got 10 children with 6 different women. In bob's garage, there were also three people locked, Hanna Olsen, Bob's ex-wife and child Harry Olsen and another child of Bob, Jacob Finch living in appalling circumstances: a broken shower and toilet, garbage all over the place, just one bunk bed,... He locked Mary and Hanna in his garage while they were each pregnant with Bob. When Bob died, the people living in the cellar were freed by Emma

When Bob reached adulthood, he proposed and married Alice, because he wanted to try a serious relationship. This marriage ended when Alice caught him cheating with Marigold Maldano. After a little while, he got married a second time to his maid Jamie Connell, since then calling Jamie Zorgeloos. This marriage ended when Bob was flirting with the new maid, Shasta Hendricks. Bob married a third time with Felicity MacDuff when he was very old. He stayed faithful with Felicity for his last days.


Bob has had a lot of lovers during his life but an even bigger amount of haters. As he was a 3-star celebrity, he was constantly 'Publicly disgraced' by cheating, WooHooing with occults, having children out of wedlock,... and the neighborhood loses confidence in him. He also has a big amount of ex-lovers, who have turned out into dislikers. An overview of the women that Bob dated:

  1. Mary and Hanna: Bob dated both women, but similar to the storyline of The Sims 2, they ended locked up. Mary died shortly after the immurement by starvation, Hanna is still living in the garage, trying to survive and to raise her son Harry and Mary's son Jacob.
  2. Alex Dennis: He dated the werewolf maid of Moonlight Falls, but the relationship didn't last very long, as Bob started dating Alice Fitzgerald. Alex, whenever she cleaned the house after the betrayal, she held a grudge when she saw him making out with someone else. When Alex retired, Jamie was Bob's new maid, with whom he later got married.
  3. Alice Fitzgerald: Bob met Alice, who is a witch in this game, at work in the Criminal career. He was fascinated by her beauty and her special powers. Unfortunately, she was in a relationship with Malcolm Harris. Alice was so deeply in love that she decided to break up with Malcolm, not knowing anything about Bob's evil plans. They had two sons together called Elbert and Jarod, who are respectively a normal Sim and a witch. When Bob reached adulthood, he engaged Alice, because he wanted to try a serious relationship for once. After their wedding, Alice, Elbert and Jarod moved in with Bob. Unfortunately, they broke up when Alice caught Bob while he was kissing Marigold Maldano. This divorce was very painful for Elbert and Jarod; so was it for Bob, as Alice is his boss at work. After a while, when this divorce was slowly being forgotten and forgiven, they became good friends again.
  4. Daydream Ivy: Bob met this beautiful fairy at Varg's Tavern, the local hangout. They flirted and kissed, but when Bob asked Daydream to go over to his place, she understood his evil plans and accused him of cheating. And oddly, Daydream came over to Bob to definitely break up when he was making out with Haley.
  5. Haley Sumari: Bob met Alice at the arboretum at a full moon night in Moonlight Falls. She was the most beautiful fairy that has caught Bob's eye. They kissed, made out and WooHooed. Haley gave birth to twins: Linda and Dustin and later got a fairy daughter Melodie. When Bob reached adulthood, he engaged Alice, because he wanted to try a serious relationship for once. Accidentally, Haley was invited to his wedding party with Alice. When Haley found out about the marriage, she decided to break up with Bob.
  6. Bailey Swain: Bob met Bailey, who is a fairy in this game at the local hangout. Bob dated her while he was also dating Alice Fitzgerald and Haley Sumari. They got a baby girl, named Irene, who is a normal Sim. 
  7. Marigold Maldano: Bob met Marigold at his wedding party, she was a friend of Alice. At the wedding party, they already flirted with each other and later on, they kissed and WooHooed, even while Alice was at home! Their affair turned out to the divorce of Alice and Bob. Their relationship was never the same after this incident, making them to break up.
  8. Jamie Zorgeloos: Jamie was Bob's new maid. They immediately fell in love and married later on. They had a marvelous wedding party. As they are both Athletic, they go together to the gym every day . They had two daughters together, called Emma and Layla. Unfortunately, Bob has a weakness for maids... From the moment when the male maid was replaced by a female maid, he started flirting again, unfortunately not unnoticed by Jamie. The day before he became an elder, they divorced. Emma, who was at boarding school and Layla were devastated about the divcorce.
  9. Aubrey Oviedo: Bob met Aubrey at work. They started dating after they went together to the Summer Festival in Moonlight Falls while he was married to Jamie. She caught Bob cheating red-handed.
  10. Mitchell Crawford: Bob and Mitchell met at the gym. They had a date at a park full of trees. They kissed and they fell in love. Unfortunately, there were two other women on the lot, including Aubrey Oviedo, a current lover of Bob. When Mitchell grew into an elder, she looked like an elder version of Bob's wife Jamie.
  11. Gwen McCombs: Bob also met Gwen at the gym. They dated, however Gwen was in a relationship with Freddie.
  12. Fawn Goodfellow: Bob met Fawn via online dating. Fawn was in a relationship with Alfred Hoppcraft, but Bob asked her, while he was seducing her and after they WooHooed, if she wanted to break up with him. She did, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend afterwards. Bob got rid of their relationship and he just confessed that he was cheating. Bob was again responsible for many tears.
  13. Jeannie Peck: Bob also dated the witch Jeannie Peck. She also caught Bob red-handed.
  14. Mara Nix: Bob thought Mara was a beautiful girl, but they never entered a relationship nor WooHooed. Bob also didn't stay faithful to her, as he married Felicity MacDuff.
  15. Felicity MacDuff: When Bob met Felicity, he was 89 days old and he knew he wasn't going to live much longer. He decided to marry for the third time. This time, he stayed completely faithful during his marriage: he never saw Mara and he never flirted any other woman. They were happily married until death separated them. Bob passed away at the age of 95 days.


Hanna Olsen:

Mary Finch:

Alice Fitzgerald:

Haley Sumari:

Bailey Swain

  • Irene Swain

Jamie Zorgeloos


Bob worked in the Criminal career in the Evil branch. He had a romantical relationship with his boss Alice Fitzgerald. When Bob and Alice divorced, his work performance lowered a lot, but after a while they were good friends again. When he just aged into an elder, he reached the top of his career.

Reputation Edit

As Bob had a dirtbag reputation, it makes him very hard to maintain a romantic relationship with a woman. After his marriage with Jamie, he purchased the lifetime reward 'Clean Slate', so that his reputation has gone away and changed into 'none'. After he married Jamie, he had an affair with Aubrey, Mitchell, Gwen and Bailey, so that he got the 'Manipulator' reputation. After he cheated again some times, he got the dirtbag reputation again.


Image Skill Level
Professional Sports career iconAthletic10
Culinary career iconCooking03
Logic skill iconLogic06
Writing skill iconWriting03


  • Fairies are Bob's favourite supernaturals: he dated 5 fairies so far: Haley, Daydream, Bailey, Marigold and Aubrey.
  • Bob likes to date his maids. He already dated Alex Dennis and he later got married to Jamie Connell. Jamie and Bob divorced because he flirted with Shasta Hendricks, who is also a maid.
  • There are four gravestones in Bob's backyard: Mary Finch and Sylvia Blanestreet and Count Snypes , zomies who died at the lot during a full-moon by old age and his own grave.
  • At night, when he appeared as a ghostHanna asked him for his son Jacob's hand, eventhough they didn't get married.

Life Leading Up In The Sims 2 Edit

Bob Zorgeloos is a male Sim created by Sophic2. He has the Romance Aspiration and he has a morbid fascination for love... and death. He lived in a small, though luxurious home in the lovely town of Veronaville. He is 7 days away of becoming an elder.

He has had 11 lovers so far, and he lived together in one house with a lover and 2 ex-lovers (whereof one starved in his cellar). First of all, he locked Mary Finch in the 'cellar' (actually the first floor of his house, but there aren't any staircases leading to the outdoors from the first floor, so basically the second floor is the first floor), and after a short while his first lover Hanna Finch was locked there too, probably because she knew that Bob cheated on her and that she knew too much about the polygamy of Bob. Right when they were locked, they ascertained that they were both pregnant with Bob. Finally, Hanna and Mary got engaged and 'joined union'. They raised the kids, Michael and Jessica as well as they could, but unfortunately, Mary was the first one who failed surviving in the cellar. As Michael and Jessica never went to school, Bob's children were all taken by the social worker.

After that, Bob lived together with Jasmyn Dallas, with whom he has had a son: Simon.

Early Life Edit

There is not much known about Bob's early life. After finishing college, he came to live in Veronaville and he bought himself a lovely house. The moment he just moved in, the neighbours started remarking that Bob has got some serious issues.

Relationships Edit

  1. Hanna Finch: Hanna graduated from college at the same time as Bob. From the moment they saw each other, they fell deeply in love. They kissed, fell in love, and WooHooed. Hanna thought they were the most perfect couple of the world, but as she has the Romance Aspiration too, she didn't want to get married. But one day, when she came home from work, she saw Bob, in the arms of another woman, called Debbie. Hanna lived in Bob's cellar together with Mary Finch until Mary died by starvation. Her child Jessica and Mary's son Michael were later taken away by the social worker.
  2. Tina Abels: Tina Abels is a Sim created by Sophic2, who has had a close relationship with Bob during his relationship with Hanna. Bob met her at work, as she works also in the Slacker career. They became very good friends and before they knew, they made out and WooHooed.
  3. Catherine Burnley: The relationship with Tina wasn't exciting enough for Bob, and he started seeing Catherine Burnley, another Sim created by Sophic2. They met each other while Bob was paying the bills at the mailbox. They smiled at each other and they both fell immediately in love. They kissed, they made out and they WooHooed.
  4. Mary Finch: One day, Bob was reading the newspaper, and he saw an advertisement of a young student who searched a roommate. As Bob couldn't refuse some company of young women, he let her stay with him. And... they kissed, they made out and they WooHooed. But Mary, she was never seen again in the neighbourhood...
  5. Debbie Hottiez: Once again, Bob got tired again of his relationship and he contacted the Gypsy Lady, Jill Kimbrell to arrange a perfect match. He paid a lot of money, and as a result Debbie Hottiez, his perfect match. another Sim created by Sophic2, on the first date, they kissed, they made out, they fell in love and they WooHooed, when Hanna came home from work. Hanna was full of anger as she saw Bob cheating on her, she slapped him and they had an awful fight. Since then, Hanna disappeared in Bob's cellar.
  6. Pamela Landry, Gina Seavey, Jill Kimbrell: While he was seeing his other lovers, he also dated the following three women, including Jill, the Gypsy Lady.
  7. Jasmyn Dallas: Jasmyn is his latest lover. She moved in with Bob, so maybe she will be locked in the cellar too when she discovers that he is cheating on her all over the place. When Bob's children (Michael, Jessica and Leona) were being taken away by the social worker, he found out that Jasmyn was pregnant. Bob and Jasmyn just didn't find it fair that Leona was taken away for no reason, so Jasmyn decided to adopt Leona. Leona was now a part of the family again. Three days later, the baby Simon was born.
  8. Heather Huffington: While Jasmyn was pregnant, he dated Heather Huffington, a young adult who was still in college. He asked for a date at his lover, the Gypsy Lady, Jill Kimbrell, thus she caught him cheating while asking her to date another woman. While Heather and Bob were making out, Gina Seavey, the maid caught him cheating. But Jasmyn was sleeping, so she didn't find out. Bob and Heather WooHooed and the date was finished as a Dream Date. Heather was his youngest lover so far, as she was a Young Adult.
  9. Sierra Barr

The last women he dated was Sierra Barr. As a mistake, she got stuck in Bob's house under the staircases. Sierra died there of starvation as she couldn't get away from there.

Children Edit

When Hanna and Mary were locked into the cellar, they ascertained that they were both pregnant. Hanna gave birth to a girl, named Jessica Finch, and Mary gave birth to a boy, Michael Finch. The babies were raised by the two women in appalling circumstances, in an envirroment full of dirt. The day after Michaels birth, Mary died of starvation in the cellar. Now Hanna was alone to raise the two kids and to give the toodlers, who have never seen the daylight a reasonable future.

A short while after the two kids were born, Bob was abducted by aliens, he was impregnanted and three days later, he gave birth to a weird looking greenish girl, Leona.

As Michael and Jessica never went to school and when they got an F grade, both Michael, Jessica and even Leona were being taken away by the social worker. Both Hanna and Bob were terribly sad, aspecially because Bob raised Leona and taught her to walk and talk already. As a blessing in disguise, Jasmyn was pregnant at that moment.

Bob and Jasmyn just didn't find it fair that Leona was taken away for no reason, so Jasmyn decided to adopt Leona. Leona was now a part of the family again, but was called Leona Dallas in stead of Leona Zorgeloos now. Three days later, the fourth baby, Simon was born.

Career Edit

Although he is most of all interested in dating women, Bob has had a successful career too: he reached in no-time the top of the Slacker Career, and now he works as a Professional Party Guest.

Personality and skillsEdit

Pisces - Big
Sloppy 02 Neat
Shy 06 Outgoing
Lazy 06 Active
Serious 04 Playful
Grouchy 07 Nice


Image Skill Level
Skill CookingCooking05
Skill MechanicalMechanical04
Skill CharismaCharisma05
Skill BodyBody03
Skill LogicLogic06
Skill CreativityCreativity07


  • 'Zorgeloos' is Dutch for 'careless', this could refer to his attitude against women: cheating as much as he want and locking women in his cellar, paying no attention to their feelings.
  • There are 2 graves in Bob's backyard so far: the grave of Mary Finch, and Sierra Barr.

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