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Fanon of Preexisting Sim
This page is about a preexisting Sim in a fanon setting. This article should not be treated as an canon article. For information about the canon Sim, visit here: Bella Goth

Bella Goth
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Now in her golden years, Bella is the Matriarch of the Sunset Valley Goths. She is a proud mother and grandmother, as well as a hard working compassionate sim.
Name Bella Goth
Age TS3-Elder.png Elder
Life state CAS Ghost icon.png Ghost
Education and Employment
Alma Mater School.png Public School
Grade A
Culinary career icon.png Retired at Executive Chef
Bachelor / Goth Family
Parents Simis Bachelor, Jocasta Bachelor Both Deceased.png
Sibling(s) Michael Bachelor Deceased.png
Romances Mortimer Goth Married.png Deceased.png
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Cassandra Goth Daughter.png, Alexander Goth Son.png Both Deceased.png
Trait Lucky small.png Lucky
Trait Brave small.png Brave
Trait Good small.png Good
Trait Hopeless Romantic small.png Hopeless Romantic
Trait Natural Cook small.png Natural Cook
Lifetime wish
LTW Celebrated Five-Star Chef.png Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Fav Dark Wave.png Dark Wave
Fav Ratatouille.png Ratatouille
Fav Red.png Red
Hair color Haircolor7-TS3.jpg Grey
Eye color Eye-hazel.png Hazel
Skin color Tan skin-TS3.png Tan
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old Age
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Not to be confused with Bella Goth (Strangetown), Bella Goth (Lunar Lakes), or Bella Goth.

Bella Bachelor is the daughter of Simis and Jocasta Bachelor, sister to Michael Bachelor, wife of Mortimer Goth, mother of Cassandra Goth and Alexander Goth, grandmother of Aria Goth, Edgar Goth and Georgina Goth. Bella used to live at 12 Sim Lane in Sunset Valley, before they lost their home.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bella keeps her hair in a stylish updo. Her make up is red lipstick and eye shadow.

All of Bella's clothes are stylish and fitting for a very well off matriarch of the family. Her clothes are either black, red, purple or white.

History[edit | edit source]

Life Leading up to Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Bella lived a fairly normal average life, in a loving home. Michael always made time to play with her, after school. She was very close to all of her family.

Moving In With The Goths[edit | edit source]

The Bachelors lived a very happy life, until one day some repo-men turned up at their house and told them that they had not paid their bills in years. Simis argued because he knew that was not true, but there was nothing they could do to stop their house from being repossessed. The Bachelors were homeless. Jocasta and Simis knew Gunther and Cornelia Goth through their children. One night when Simis came to pick Bella up from a play date with Mortimer, he happened to mention in passing to Gunther that they were moving away soon.

Gunther invited him into the parlour, where the two could talk. At the time, Cornelia was tidying away the toys that Bella and Mortimer were playing with. Simis told them both everything. Since there was more than enough room in the old mansion, Cornelia told them that they could move in.

Simis agreed to it there and then, knowing that Jocasta would have no objections. His wife and children were very happy in Sunset Valley, and did not want to leave.

Before long the Bachelors moved into Goth manor, followed shortly after by Agnes Crumplebottom. The house was very crowded, but they had a beautiful place to stay.

Child[edit | edit source]

At first, Bella didn't like the idea of having to share a room with Mortimer, but he gave her all the privacy and space she needed. She was welcomed like family. Bella thought of it as one big sleepover, that never ended. Some days she spent her time in the kitchen on her laptop practising her writing, or swimming in the pool, or playing catch with Mortimer in the grounds. If she could not sleep at night, she would talk with the ghosts.

Her grades got higher in school. Her best subject was history, because she could get all the answers she needed for her homework, just by hanging out in the Goth graveyard, and waiting for one of the ghosts to wake up for the night.

Bella quickly made friends with Cornelia and Gunther, sadly not Agnes. Agnes spent all of her time hidden in the attic, refusing to speak to her, no matter how much the little girl tried to talk to her.

Mortimer and Bella were in separable. They were often seen at the table in the kitchen studying, or playing in the gardens, or talking to each other in the parlour.

Teen[edit | edit source]

Bella grew in to a teen just hours after Mortimer. She got a job at the grocery store, to help pay towards the bills, to thank Gunther and Cornelia for their kindness. Her earnings were nothing compared to the Goth fortune, but she felt much happier living there knowing she was contributing towards the bills.

She began to think about love and dating, just like any teen. It was obvious to everyone, including Bella herself, that both of those things were possible with Mortimer. She had always been very fond of him, and her feelings grew much stronger since she had seen what he was like away from the eyes of the valley. Even though she knew that he still slept with his teddy bear, and got grouchy easily, it was not hard for her to fall for his charms.

Bella felt that Mortimer spending so much time at home studying was not healthy. She suggested that he get himself a job. However him buying the grocery store she worked at was not what she meant at all.

Most of her time away from school was spent either writing, or visiting the gym. Sometimes cooking.

Young Adult[edit | edit source]

Bella blossomed as a young adult. She gave up her job, because she wanted to spend more time with her elder parents. Sadly, Simis passed away quite suddenly. Bella could not stop crying. She worried for her mother, who was now alone.

The following night, Bella and Mortimer took a walk through the gardens. Mortimer mentioned that he had planned on proposing to her. He decided to go for it, and popped the question. Bella accepted, because she knew that her father would have wanted her to be happy. He would have loved to see his daughter happy and settled down.  Since the passing of Simis was still raw in everyone's hearts, they had a small wedding ceremony near the pool, just family and close friends. They moved out of his child hood bedroom, and into Simis and Jocasta's former bedroom - Jocasta couldn't bare to stay in it, because it reminded her too much of Simis.

Bella spent a lot of time in the house, barely leaving it, accept for donating to her chosen charities.

Parenthood[edit | edit source]

Bella noticed that her favourite red dress no longer fitted her. With the sickness and the cravings for watermelons and waffles, she realised that she must be pregnant. She told both her mother and Cornelia at the same time. They were thrilled. Cornelia set up the nursery in Mortimer's old room. Bella spent a lot of time reading pregnancy books, visiting the spa, and preparing everything for the new born baby.

Jocasta passed away not long after the announcement, followed a day later by Gunther. It broke Bella's heart that they would never get to meet their grandchild.

Bella was rushed to the hospital by Mortimer, when she went into labour. Both mother and father emerged with a beautiful baby girl, that they named Cassandra. Despite the smile on Bella's face, she just could not bond with the baby girl. Agnes, Michael and Cornelia spent more time with her daughter than she did. Bella got a job at the diner, so she could spent some time away from the baby, without anyone accusing her of being a bad mother. Cornelia passed away, her parting words were about how much she would miss her son. This gave Bella the wake up call she needed.

When Cassandra grew into a toddler, Bella spent more time with her. Teaching her to talk and walk. Trying everything to bond with her little girl.

Bella caught pregnant again. Mortimer did a private scan for her at the hospital, calling in a few favours with his work colleagues. They discovered that their next child woud be a boy. This time she felt fearful that she would not be able to bond with the child, just like she had done her daughter. With her time off from work, she had plenty of time to think and spend time with her daughter. Cassandra didn't understand what was going on. Bella told her that the stork will come soon, and bring her a brother along soon. The bond that wasn't forged before, was created when Cassandra fell asleep in her arms.

She was rushed to the hospital in child birth, where she gave birth to Alexander. Mortimer never left her side. Right away she bonded with her baby son.

Bella worked on her writing skills, with intention of writing a book about how she and Mortimer met and fell in love. She cared for Alexander and Cassandra, while her husband and brother were swamped with work. Sadly Agnes passed away. Bella was depressed about it, but she had to keep strong for her children.

Adult[edit | edit source]

Bella realised something, during a long boring day at work, it was dead end. Her husband was further along the career ladder at the hospital. Even sims younger than her were getting promoted. She decided that she didn't want to work any more. Lifelong dreams were great and all, but she was going nowhere. Bella left her job, to make a go of being an author. At least sims enjoyed her last book.

Her new focus was devoting herself to her writing and her children. Cassandra mentioned that she would like to study alchemy. It took the better part of a day, but Bella had an alchemy station set up in the attic.

Bella developed depression. She wrote another book, Little Miss Crazy, but it was not nearly as popular as her first novel. Even her own son was a better and more popular writer than her. She returned to her job, in hopes that it might actually go somewhere. Devoting herself to her children was no longer an option, since they were growing up and didn't need her as much anymore.

She welcomed Cassandra's boyfriend Adrian Gardener, when he moved in. A part of her was a little jelous of her daughter. Her marriage still had the spark, but none of the excitement of the early days.

Bella was disappointed at first, when she believed that her daughter had given birth to an illegitimate daughte Aria, but she loved the child. Doting on her. She noticed a lot of changes in Cassandra.

Elder[edit | edit source]

Despite being close to the grave, Bella is still full of life. Her years of depression are behind her. Bella thought that she could enjoy the good life, but that was of course proven wrong. Her son Alexander married an elderly woman named Megan Moocher. The wedding ended so fast, Bella saw little of it, because she was taking care of Aria. She was told that Alexander is divorced, and Megan was going to leave.

Bella was sat in the parlour, when her brother passed. She ran to him, sobbing as the Grim Reaper took him away. So he could always be together with Lolita, Bella placed his grave beside Lolita's grave in the Goth family graveyard.

Bella watched proudly, at Alexander's wedding. When Jenna announced her pregnancy, Bella stayed with her and took care of her. She took care of Edgar, when he was born. Bella cared for her grandson, while his parents were at work.

Death[edit | edit source]

A full moon brought them joy, and a full moon gave them sorrow. Aria played her guitar for her whole family, entertaining them while they hid away from the hoard of zombies in the garden. Bella gave Mortimer one last kiss, and told him that she loved him. She sadly passed away, leaving her husband with a broken heart.

She watched on sadly, every night when Mortimer came to her grave to mourn and wait for her.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Level
Professional Sports career icon.png Athletic 5
Culinary career icon.png Cooking 8
Writing skill icon.png Writing 8

Books Written[edit | edit source]


  • Ghosts and Goths: Love Blooms in Strange Places


  • Little Miss Crazy


  • The Crow

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bella was never planned to have any writing skills. From time to time, I woud find her sat at the kitchen island counter practising writing, using the laptop from her inventory.
  • Bella's life will not mirror the one that TS and TS2 created for her.
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