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Bella's Dissapearance is a short comedy-like story by Skycloud12. It may include things that are not possible in-game. This is not Skycloud12's real theory, it is only intended for humor. The timeline might also be mixed up. This fanon is not complete.


Bella Goth is probably the most mysterious woman on Earth. Bella's Story is always taken seriously. Bella could be in real danger and her family could be devastated.

But why do we always have to be serious? Even in matters like this, can't we ever calm down and have a good laugh? Well that's what i'm gonna do. in this story even if Bella probably won't like it.

Characters Edit

Bella Goth:(Main Character)

Don Lothario (Secondary Character)

Pollination Technician 7:(Main Villian)

Pollination Technician:(Secondary Villian)

Grim Reaper:(Secondary Villian)

Strangetown Bella

Hot Air Balloon Bella

Unamed Guy in Hot Air Balloon

Lunar Lakes Bella

Hula Bella (1 Hula Zombie)

Bella Hula (2 Hula Zombie)

Stella Tarrono

Unamed Old Sim

Chapter 1Edit

Knock Knock Knock!

Don didn't know who was at the door but whatever. Don peeked through the small window on his front door and was surprised to see the most pretty face ever.

Don opened the door. "Hey Handsome," said the woman. "Hello Beautiful," said Don. The 2 leaned in to kiss........


Don realized he kissed the door! That whole thing, hadn't happened. What's wrong with you Don? Your off your A game to day! Your just having an Off Day. Don doesn't have Off Days! Don realized that instead of letting the imaginary people on his shoulders argue was not the best idea, when that woman has been standing there for like 5 minutes.

Don opened the door and saw a pretty woman, with tan skin, black hair, and a red dress. She looked strikingly similar to Cassandra.

"Hi i'm Bella, Cassandra's mom!" Speak of the Devil. Well at least she wasn't mad at the not-opening-the-door-for-5-minutes thing.

"Hi Bella," said Don. "I'm so excited. I can't believe my baby girl is getting married! I'm sure you guys will make a great couple!"


Bella and Don, headed upstairs to the deck. The stars were beautiful.

As Bella talked on and on about him and Cassandra, Don wondered why he even asked her if she was already with Nina, Dina and Kaylynn. Big mistake. He would have to leave her at the alter. But then Bella wouldn't like him. But there was one risky way..................

Don leaned in to give Bella a kiss.............

"What are you doing!?" Bella shoved Don away.

The argument went on and on until Bella finally said: "Just...just leave me alone right now." Don had no choice but to do as she said.

Bella looked through the telescope at the once beautiful stars, but were now ugly.


Bella barely had any time to scream before she got sucked up into darkness.

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