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Belkis Chiara Walsh (née Gamino) is a female Sim in the Sims 3 and the Sims 4. She may be of Mexican and Italian descent.


Life leading up to the Sims 3Edit

Belkis is featured as a young adult, 73 days away from becoming an adult. She lives in Sunset Valley with her husband, Leo and their daughter, Taissa, who is named after actress Vera Farmiga's younger sister, who is also an actress. 

Her parents, Irene and Armando Gamino are deceased from the start of the game. Belkis wears an aqua blue sweater with blue jean shorts, matching sandals, and has dark brown hair tied in a low ponytail with an aqua blue ponytail holder that matches her sweater and sandals. 

Belkis has a part-time job at the salon as a clothes folder.

Life leading up to the Sims 4Edit

Belkis is a teenager and lives in Willow Creek with Leo, who is her boyfriend in the Sims 4. She has her maiden name in this game, unlike the Sims 3. Her appearance is different in the Sims 4. She has long blue hair, a few tattoos, and wears a white tank top, blue jean shorts, and black high top sneakers. 

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