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The Royal Family
The Royal Family Picture
The Behemothian Dictator and the King of Zwickland signed a deal about a grand unification after a major Behemothian revolution. Now, after their children married, the Royal marriage at last led to a peaceful unification of the two countries. Will the peace be permanent, or another revolution will take place?
Name The Royal Family
Members Julius Behemothia
Lena Behemothia
Anna Behemothia
James Thomas Zwick
Mary Isabelle Zwick
Jamison Zwick
Lionel Zwick
Number of generations 3 generations
Lot 15 Summer Hill Court, 60x60
Funds §41200
Difficulty level Difficulty6
Other information
Game Sims 3
Playability Custom Content
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Originally, the Zwick family was the Royal family of Zwickland, a mountainous Sim nation; the Behemothia family is form Behemothia, a semi-desertific Sim nation, which is a neighbouring country of Zwickland.

Many yaers ago, Julius Behemothia, a rebellious criminal attempted a military-assisted coup to remove the current democratic government of Behemothia. The coup was successful, and he became the dictator, and took the name Behemothia. His wife, Lena, became a minister of the media, and a well-known TV star.

Some time later, a major revolution destabilized Behemothia. Zwickland sent an army to stabilize the situation, but wanted something in exchange for the help. The exchange, as it was stated by Julius Behemothia, to marry his daughter, Anna to Prince Jamison Zwick of Zwickland. This means the two nations' unification, into one large country. Now, after they married at last, the two countries are united. Prince Lionel was born not so long ago.

Royals Family Tree

The Royal EstateEdit

This is the Behemothia Royal Estate. Originally owned by the historical Cassius family, then the Behemothian state, now overtaken by Behemothian dictator, Julius Behemothia.

The Royal Family House

Historically, this estate was owned by the Behemothian Royal family, the Cassius family. After their death, the estate became an official, state-owned museum. However, Julius Behemothia - like many modern dictators - acquired it for personal use. Eventually, he and Lena moved in, shortly before Anna was born. The Zwick family moved in recently, to revise the "great deal", and help the freshly married couple with newborn Prince Lionel.

Origin of the nameEdit

The name Zwick comes from its Hungarian version Cvikk, which is the translation of Cwik. Behemothia comes from Hungarian Behemótia, which is a translation of Bartonia. That's why Jamison Cwik and Andie Bartonia became Jamison Zwick and Anna Behemothia. It is only a translation mistake(?) by EA. I just "germanized" Cvikk, and anglicized Behemótia.


When you download this family from the link below, just install it as an ordinary Sims3Pack. You will need to find an empty lot with at least 60x60 size! The house is included! Since it dows not contain graves, etc. I think it will be OK with any neighborhood, and any large lot.


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