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Azura Vs Vladislaus Cover

Part 1: The SpyEdit

Azura was a woman of pure beauty that was supernatural to behold, her eyes glowed a glorious icy blue, it's enchanting effect put many minds in a hypnotic stasis; her words held by mystical forces were like a leader above the crowd. It is believed she was a royalty of the world long lost, older than any vampire... even Vladislaus Straud, the founder of Forgotten Hollow...

Vladislaus was known to have feared Azura, who could blame him? To say Azura was strong would be a massive understatement, there are vampires over a century old that could punch a wall down- to which she could pummel a building to the ground, there's vampires who could run faster than the wind in the strongest of hurricanes- she could be there faster than light...

As strong and as fearsome as i tell you she is, you might be shocked to find Azura actually prefers to live a quiet life in her humble abode. It's not a mansion unlike most vampires who shower themselves with the highest quality of antiques to shadow their ever-so vain personalities. It's big- but not too big; it's exquisite- but not too exquisite, she loved living by herself and never found the need to find a lover or have a child to call her own, she's been through enough to not go looking for eventful evenings. Although, she does love a good fight- just rarely so.

Azura, being a whoever knows how long year old Vampire, would usually be so emotionally numb or miserable due to her immortality or how such a curse it is to live as a bloodsucking fiend as alot of her brethren vampires have ever so made clear of their suffering with this "curse". Azura, however, loves her vampirism.

She fills her home with mirrors located in every room of the house, being a vampire with no reflection that mind seem queer but in fact it's because she lives by two rules:

1. Always face your existence - never shy away from yourself, embrace whatever you are and then you truely are capable of living... or... unliving... the fact she doesn't see her reflection almost every second of every day at home is a constant reminder of her vampirism and who she is as a person

and 2. Never turn your back - being a creature with no reflection it's beneficial she can see every inch of every room in her home as to keep a close eye on.

But what about other vampires? surely they could sneak up on her if they somehow manage to get past the fact she has brilliant spacial awareness. No, Azura has set a rule that any vampire to disturb her within the boundaries of her home were to be punished... and the fact her front door has garlic traced around the frame- to which she is immune to unlike many other vampires.

However... no matter how many rules she calls out to the other vampires or how much she guards her home, there is always one daring to bend ever so slightly just to get what he wants.

One sunlit day while Azura was painting in her backyard, to which was filled with dead trees and cracked dirt, she would always paint her backyard as if it was filled with life, fluorescent green leaves and saturated lime green grass to hold onto that hope that one day her wonderful garden will be restored.

While painting she looked back to her backyard to get her mind to create projections of what it would be like- she painted one tree, looked back- painted a bush of wonderful strawberries, looked back... she repeated until suddenly she noticed something different in her backyard...

Someone stalking there, peering from behind the dead tree, but not a moment longer did the figure notice he was caught. He started to turn and run but he was immediately hit by something like stone around his neck. It was Azura... just like that, she was on the back porch of her house painting and a few feet into her backyard without hesitation.

Her grip around the mans neck revealed he too was a fellow vampire, his face severely disfigure to be like a bat with a leaf nose. "Show me... your real face..." Azura said with a stone cold expression.

"This is my normal form" the man said with a strained voice, her grip so tight around his neck almost cut of his airways "your normal form looks like this?... how ghastly tragic" Azura said as she tutted with slight head movement.

She pulled him closer to her face "now tell me who sent you" Azura questioned the struggling man in her grip "no one sent me" he gasped, still straining on her grip.

"Oh please, no one is stupid enough to come here after i sent warnings to the entirety of the vampire populace, no. No ones that stupid... unless... moneys involved- someone hired you to spy on me." Azura pieced the puzzle together with a magnificent smirk.

"Obviously you're not a Master Vampire by the reaction time it took you to notice i saw you so you don't have perfect sun resistance like me- that means you're using good ol' Sunlight Reversal Potion... that means you have a rather limited time before your skin in my hands becomes charred" Azura pondered with ever so elegance of her eyes darting off to think and going back to the mans eyes.

"Now tell me, who sent you!" Azura demanded with a stern tone, the man tried one last wriggle to get out of her hands, but it was no use as her grip was like titanium metal welded together around his neck.

"Did they pay you to keep that quiet too?... for god sake, i'm going to have to compel it out of you" Azura said with a slight annoyance. "But vampires can't compel other vampires!" the man's voice breaking through his tightening lungs ushered out, "i'm not like most vampires..." Azura said before she lowered her head to make her eyes meet his completely.

Her piercing blue icy eyes radiating with an alluring stare, "tell me who sent you" she whispered as like a moth to a flame the words flooded right out of the mans mouth as she loosened the grip around his neck so he could speak clearer.

"Vladislaus Straud sent me 30,000 simoleans for me,my husband, and my kids" the man said in a deep monotone voice within a hypnotic trance.

"Digusting!" Azura sneered at the end of his sentence to which the man winced "i'm gay ok!" the man cowered into her grip around his neck. "Not that, idiot... he really thought thirty-thousand simoleans is what i'm worth" Azura silenced him as she had to think for a second.

"You said you had kids?" Azura questioned with a slightly raised eyebrow "3. Julia, Stefan, and Derick" the man quickly said his eyes not leaving her face but still afraid of getting her temper raised.

Azura's cold look softened at the mention of kids as then she took one large breath, "go. I'll make sure he'll give you the money for what you did, you were doing it for the money and you didn't want to do it so you're free" Azura said with a sympathetic tone as she let go of him.

The man layed there wincing slightly moving "go then!" Azura said slightly annoyed as then the man started running with a black vapour leaving behind.

Part 2: The ConfrontationEdit

A large estate. the Count Vladislaus Manor, governs from a hill looking out to the whole of Forgotten Hollow, it's finely crafted Victorian architecture moulds with the stars in the sky.

The luminous glow of the lamp posts nearby conflicts with the darkness around the manor but still doesn't give off much light to fully illuminate the manor. A supernatural aura radiates from the town to shroud it in elongated darkness for the residents of Forgotten Hollow for they are not sims who take kindly to sunlight.

Count Vladislaus Straud is the founder of the Forgotten Hollow, a save haven for all vampires due to it's unnatural day night cycle with unusually long night hours, Vlad hides from the sun at all costs because he has the more dangerous allergy to sunlight than other vampires.

Every night he would walk among the town and try to find any unlucky roaming humans but recently within the past few weeks he has been not going out and stays in all the time.

Walking along to the entrance, her heels clattering to the pavement with force as Azura stares down the manor.

"Are you kidding me?!" Vladislaus rages in the living room of his manor, the man who was tasked to spy on Azura was cowering to the ground "all she did was paint? she's got to be up to something!" Vlad says rather annoyed as he clomped around pacing his living room.

"Go and spy on her again" Vlad demanded at his cowering slave as he looked up confused "but, i did my job... multiple times,,, i wish to be paid" the man said as Vlad scoffed at him "you have not done your job properly!" Vlad gritted his teeth as a vein looked like it would've burst from his forehead.

"I believe" Azuras voice was heared from the hallway entrance to the manor, she made her way to the living room hall effortlessly "the deal was 30,000 simoleans to spy on me... he did his job" Azura said as then she elegantly waved her hand back and forth pointing at Vlad and the man "pay him what he's due if you wish to have respect" Azura said giving a cold stare towards Vlad.

"What are you doing in my manor? how dare y-" Vlad said as then he was immediately thrown against his fireplace by Azura within a milisecond, his back smashing into the corner of the fireplace causing the side of the fireplace to crack as then Vlad fell to the ground groaning in pain.

"You have alot of nerve to complain about unwanted visitors when you sent someone to be exactly that!" Azura said in a fierce tone, her eyes angry and turning more vibrant blue.

Azura then walked over to Vlad aching on the ground and reached into his long coat and pulled out a bag of simoleans, she then walked over to the cowering man terrified at what she could do.

"This is your pay i presume?" she handed him the bag and the man nodded furiously before thanking her, after bowing to honour Azura the man immediately ran out of the manor.

Azura turned to Vlad getting up "He did a rubbish job! he didn't deserve that!" Vlad shouted as Azura rolled her eyes at him. "You paid for him to spy, he spied. Just because he didn't give you the answers your paranoia has been craving for doesn't mean he didn't do his job" Azura said holding a stern posture awaiting for him to heal from the throw.

"I sent out to the entire vampire populace to stay away from me, i specifically said i wish to be left alone and live in peace and what do you do?" Azura questioned reciting her law she had placed on her grounds.

"Your older than me, older than 200 years, and you want peace and solitude. I don't believe that, you've got to be up to something!" Vlad said as he swore he knew there was truth to be told.

Azura rolled her eyes once again in annoyance "you're having mass paranoia around someone you don't know and think they're up to no good? Please, you're acting like the humans!" Azura gloated as Vlad looked disgusted at his comparison to the humans.

"i'm nothing like the humans! they're nothing but blood bags to me" Vlad groaned as Azura raised an eyebrow.

"Speaking of blood bags... i've heard you haven't left your house in weeks and you Vlad are the thirstiest vampire i've met, preferring the ancient way of obtaining blood and when you starve it is of utmost importance you acquire any blood necessary... that means you have someone hostage... or whos here willingly... whatever's worse" Azura said as then she stepped towards Vlad.

"When i reached into your coat for the bag you owed your privacy assassin, i felt something else" Azura said as she reach in to his coat, Vlad winced at her touching him and pushed her arm away revealing she had retrieved a bell on a stick from within his pockets.

Vlad went wide eyed at the bell in her hands and tried to grab it back but Azura gripped his arm, "you're feeding on a butler, you're own personal blood bank, drinking enough to sustain your thirst but not enough to kill him..." Azura said as she threw Vlad's arm away and looked at the bell.

"Yeah?... so? i'm not sharing!" Vlad shouted as then Azura took a loud laugh "I have tons of plasma fruit to feed upon for my need of plasma but when i do feed on a human it's always a close friend..." Azura laughed at him.

Azura rang the bell once and Vlad looked cautious "what are you doing?" Vlad questioned her as Azura looked around for the butler "i specifically told everyone that if my rules were to be broken, the one to break them surely would be punished" Azura said as Vlad tensely breathed.

"You won't!" Vlad whispered in anger as Azura smiled at him "what? i only want to talk with him" Azura said sarcastically as she heard a footstep.

The butler came in with a nicely tuned tuxedo and a finely combed grey hair and goatee, the butler looked at Azura and bowed slightly "guests, count?" the butler said with a proper posture.

"hello. my name is Azura-" Azura started to as she was interrupted by Vlad "and she is leaving!" Vlad said as then Azura spun out of view as then she was suddenly in front of the butler, the butler was taken back by her speed.

"I'm sorry for this" Azura said before revealing his neck and bared her fangs.

"No!" Vlad screamed at the top of his lungs running towards Azura.

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