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Top Row from left: Theophania, Philetairos, Parthenope, Eumenes, Polyxena. Bottom Row: Thetis, Olympias
Name Attalidai
Members Philetairos Attalides, Stratonike Attalida (Currently with the Union of the Insane), Eumenes Attalides, Polyxena Attalida, Parthenope Attalida, Theophania Attalida, Olympias Attalida, Thetis Attalida
Number of generations 2 generations
Difficulty level Difficulty5
Other Information
Neighborhood Fanon:Hekatonschoinos

Attalidai, or the Attalids, are the great family and the main family of the eponymous chapter of Time Paradox, and like the Alkmaionids, warped from their origin in ancient Pergamon to the present day. The Attalids are known for their love of parties and finer things in life, and many of them have outstanding careers to support their lavish lifestyle.

Pergamene Court Edit

Pergamene Court was essentially an excuse for the party-loving Attalids to host parties frequently while looking good doing it, while it served as a predecessor to Kallisto's current policy of populace appeasement via public entertainment. The Pergamene court was centered around the Attalid palace-resort at the Stoney Falls, having the atrium connected to the main room, which leads to the residential quarters upstairs, the dining room right nearby, and the private Gymnasion as well as the secondary study supplemented by Martial Arts training equipment acquired from China. The upper floor, the residential area, consists of the sleeping quarters, as well as a primary chamber connecting all the quarters and the main study, where Stratonike spent most of her time. Pergamene Court was also a chief patron of Chinese art, the atrium being graced by presence of stone lion statues of Chinese origins, and also a patron of nectar making, Parthenope pursuing the art to further strengthen their position as the center of social life. Although most of the Pergamenes were neutral to invention, Philetairos and others soon approved of it when they realized that Stratonike created a Simbot, which was significant as the Pergamene court had another exotic item to share with the commoners.

Despite the Pergamene splendor (they had wealth far greater than that of the Altos or the Landgraabs, over 5 times as much as either one), the Pergamene Court contributed little to technology and arts, aside from Stratonike who started the Simbot craze in which Kallisto was a part of: Parthenope's experimentation met with little success, yielding products of decent albeit not of noteworthy quality, and the nectar for the most part did not make it to the parties, even when Stratonike introduced the life fruits to the Pergamene Court. However, the Pergamenes were good at acquiring foreign books: Philetairos for one possesses the book Advanced Nectary, absent even in the later even more powerful households such as the Union of the Insane (and lost in the Scholars' Alliance).

Philetairos however with Parthenope had children, twins Olympias and Thetis: Olympias would grow to be a mommy's daughter, Thetis a daddy's daughter: Olympias more interested in technical arts, athletic and logical minded as well as being disciplined and frugal on top of that, while Thetis grew to be much more artistical, inheriting Philetairos' bookish streak, as well as the first virtuoso of the Attalids.

Move to Hekatonschoinos Edit


"OMG I'm starving but oh well! I am watching Boukephalos so it's ok!"

Their party-loving attitude however certainly demanded that they build a resort-like lot to reassume the party host role: the expanded cottage was simply no good, and eventually, they also heard the news of Hekatonschoinos, and took for themselves the most expensive piece of land at a small jut near the central Agora (which was yet to be finished) separated by water next to the Asklepeion (Hospital), building the second Attalid palace-resort. However, they were quite fond of it, and eventually chose to stay there rather than to use it as merely a vacation house.

Eumenes and Polyxena were quite happy with the move: Hekatonschoinos featured very large libraries that dwarved that of Sunset Valley, and the relatively rural feel was augmented by pets, and horses especially: Polyxena and Eumenes were there when Kallisto was training the horse Boukephalos, even though Eumenes was starving. However, despite the promise of the great Palace of Pella-Syrakousai, the world itself was flawed, having rifts that slowed the entire world down to a point where the Attalids were sent away and recalled several times. Eventually, the Attalids grew tired of this and decided to move to the party-loaded Bridgeport: after all, they had the celebrity reputation to make it into the lower echelons of celebrity culture, and they always had the support of Demetria, who had been a partying companion ever since the First Timeline. However, it was also an dangerous choice, since Attalids moved right before Kallisto's assaults/bombardments at Bridgeport, which was so widespread to a point where even Parthenope was hit as an unintended casualties: Kallisto had no intention of alienating the Church's long standing ally.

Horse FadEdit

With the Palace not as nearly as lively as the Attalids had expected, they decided to find some new ways of channeling their energies. To this measure they found horses a suitable choice, emulating the decisions of the Alkmaionids, who also adopted a pony. This horse fad soon became a local issue when both ponies of the respective family grew to be adult horses fit for riding. While the Alkmaionids kept horse mostly for showing and casual riding, the Attalids were much more intensive in their usage of the horse, most notably Eumenes, Olympias, and Thetis. Olympias was especially an interesting case, as Olympias actually competed in a race, although Olympias performed rather poorly. Kallisto was quite interested in Olympias' zeal, and was interested in recalling Boukephalos so that Olympias may be the new Equestrian champion of the Papal State.


Parthenope is hit by one of Kallisto's shell that went off.

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