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Atta Space
Name Atta Space
Gender Female Female
Space family
Parents Pollination Tech Universe, Alina Universe Deceased
Romances Amin Space MarriedDeceased
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Kylie Space DaughterDeceased, Lupin Space DaughterDeceased, Flynn Space DaughterDeceased, Roger Space Son, Nancy Kruvier Daughter, Allen Space Son
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Atta Space 2
Atta loved life but just wished Amin could be with her every step of the way.
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state Alien Alien-Sim Hybrid
Education and Employment
Unemployed Unemployed
Zodiac sign Scorpio Scorpio
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes Black
Skin color Skin-green Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old Age
Neighborhood Fanon:Lavisha

Atta Space is the wife of the late Amin Space and mother of Kylie, Lupin, Flynn, Roger, Nancy and Allen. Atta is an alien-sim hybrid but she doesn't show any sim genetics. Her mother came from a wealthy family but was disowned after marrying an alien.

Before Birth Edit

Before she was born, Atta's mother came from a wealthy family but was disowned after she met an alien and married him. Atta's parents had a poor life but they were always cheerful in their small house on the Woodbridge estate. When her mother became pregnant, they were ecstatic.

Babyhood Edit

As a baby Atta was loved by her parents immensely. She was also loved by her aunty, her mother's sister, Loretta who had tried to keep in contact after Atta's mother was disowned.

Toddlerhood Edit

Atta had a happy toddlerhood, she was taught all her toddler skills and a nursery rhyme which her parents immediately regretted teaching her as she sang it everywhere.

Childhood Edit

As a child, Atta's family had lived in Black Waters, a shopping district, all their life and they decided to move to the main town, Lavisha, for the first time. They decided to move when, Atta was a teen and would start high school.

Teenhood Edit

As a teen, Atta was not happy being the new girl at school but was soon happy after she made friends due to her kind nature. She also fell in love, with Amin, a troublemaker. She believed she could change him adn remarkably she did.

Adulthood Edit

As an adult, Amin and Atta got married after Amin proposed on a romantic beach in Twikki Island. Sadly after their honeymoon, Atta's parents died and soon after Amin's dad died but this gave them a home to live in. They were very poor for a few years but one day a model agent saw their green skin and hired them for a photoshoot. Soon, they were up to their necks in cash. They bought a new house and started a family. Soon they had lots of children. Atta was very kind to them but insisted they all went to college so they could reach their full potential. One day, Atta took Roger,Nancy and Allen to see a friend so that Amin could have some me time. Atta came back, ready to see Amin again but only to find the house badly burned and fire engines everywhere. Suddenly she noticed there was something else. An ambulance. The moment she came over, she saw the paramedics faces and knew Amin was dead. Atta got compensation for everything but not for Amin. After this Atta retreated into her own little world and desperately tried to go back to space just like Mickey had when Lila died but she failed.

Elderhood Edit

As an Elder, Atta still had responsibilities to do with Nancy and Allen but she was getting old and was beginning to struggle so she began needing help from her children. Sadly, Allen was only a toddler and Nancy was moody all the time so Atta hired an au pair called Meadow. This helped Atta with her children and now the only thing still troubling her was life without Amin. One day, Atta felt very tired so decided to have a quick nap. Sadly, Atta never woke up and died peacefully in her sleep. Her children buried her next to Amin so they would never be separated again.


Space family

Pollination tech - Alina - Mickey - Lila

Amin - Atta - Clark - Winona

Kylie - Lupin - Flynn - Roger - Nancy - Allen - Theodore - Emily

Barney - Quinn - Niall - Jeanie - Amin. Jr - Alistair - Imogen - Ariel - Toby - Nora - Avery

Lana - Suki - Belle - John - Thomas - Charlie - Lily - McKayla - Magdelena



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