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Astrid Dortheimer
Name Astrid Dortheimer
Gender Female Female
Dortheimer Family
Parents Josine Dortheimer, Aurélien Polignac Both Deceased.png
Sibling(s) Blanche Dortheimer, Pekoe Dortheimer, Vanda Dortheimer, Clara Dortheimer, Ilona Dortheimer All Deceased.png
Romances Yves Octonnet married Deceased.png
Child(ren) Umbriel Dortheimer daughter
The Sims 2 Logo.png
Astrid is as clever as she is greedy and ruthless. No one knows that she is the instigator of her father's gruesome death.
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Zodiac sign Aries.png Aries
Aspiration  Fortune
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Playability Unplayable
Neighborhood Fanon:Veronaville
The Sims 3 Logo.png
Astrid became the most dreaded woman in Sunset Valley and the world, becoming the head of a vile criminal organization. After her death, she met her great-granddaughter Rénata as a ghost and she decided to follow in Astrid's footsteps.
Age TS3-Elder.png Elder
Life state CAS Ghost icon.png Ghost
Trait Over-Emotional small.png Over-Emotional
Trait Vegetarian small.png Vegetarian
Trait Hydrophobic small.png Hydrophobic
Trait Frugal small.png Frugal
Trait Evil small.png Evil
Lifetime wish
LTW Swimming in Cash.png Swimming in Cash
Fav Classical.png Classical
Fav Key Lime Pie.png Key Lime Pie
Fav Black.png Black
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old Age
World Fanon:Sunset Valley

Astrid Dortheimer is a member of the 4th generation of the large and wealthy Dortheimer family. She is the first truly evil Sim of the legacy and will be followed by many others. She was her great-granddaughter Rénata's model and is very similar to her (as seen for example on her ghost image).

Youth[edit | edit source]

Astrid is the fourth daughter of Josine Dortheimer and Aurélien Polignac. She was a very convincing and smart child, and was very good at school. She bonded with her sisters and developed a strong friendship with them, as well as with her mother. However, her father was a party-animal who couldn't care less about his daughters and his wife. Astrid held a terrible grudge on him, and as a teen, she decided to punish him for his misdeeds and his party-life. The punishment revealed Astrid conniving nature, as her vengeance was kind of grim. She created a malfunctoning and storm-attracting kite and gave it to her father, and he was struck by the lightning, as Astrid had expected. No one ever learnt about this however.

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

Astrid moved out to Sunset Valley when she became a young adult, and brought her favorite sister Ilona with her. She bought a Tudor manor near the cliffs, and her dark nature led her to take a job in the crime as a Cutpurse. She took an intense training and mastered her Athletic skill in a blink of an eye, and she chose the evil branch of her career track.

She married a random man in the neighborhood called Yves Octonnet, and got a daughter with him, Umbriel, while her bookworm sister remained single. Yves wasn't liked by his sister-in-law, since she thought he was very different from her sister. He was indeed good and friendly, while Astrid was vile and greedy. They still were deeply in love with each other.

She returned once in Veronaville in order to attend at her sister Clara's funeral, and learnt there that two of her sisters were in love with the same man, who led a double life. The five sisters met at their manor and had a brainstorming about how to avenge themselves. Astrid, thanks to her charisma and her amazing convincing ability, and paired with her grievous personality, persuaded them that murdering Rémi was the best thing to do. She planned everything thanks to her experience in the criminal career track, and lured Rémi into an old house. She set it in fire and found the perfect hideout for his remains into the nearby woods. She then got back to Sunset Valley.

Astrid had great fun from her trip to Veronaville, and was even more motivated to reach the top of her career. She did so, and then became ridiculously wealthy but since she was very greedy, she always wanted to have more. She organized bank robberies, blackmailings, kidnappings and never got caught. But no one learnt that Astrid and the most dreaded woman from SimCity were the same person.

Astrid was responsible for four deaths (not counting her family-members). She got caught red-handed once by the policeman Eugene Hunter while trying to commute top secret informations from Nancy Landgraab in the swimming pool, and she drowned him to keep his silence. She murdered Jared Frio who once had shown disrespect toward her. She iced Tamara Donner because she was very curious about her business. And she croaked Robbie Bland when he tried to break into her house.

Her daughter grew into an adult and she convinced her into marrying Matthias Desfarges, son of two successful politicians, Hervé and Josette. When they moved in, Yves and Hervé, who were best friends, died in a massive fire that occurred during a party. This was the first time Astrid's stone heart really was broken, since she loved him a lot. However, Astrid quickly got other fishes to fry, as her daughter got three children: two boys, Valentin and Matthieu, as well as a daughter, Marigold. The first two were nice and lovely while Marigold was as beautiful as she was mean and nasty. Astrid couldn't bear her grandsons, and couldn't care less when Matthieu drowned in the very pool she drowned Eugene Hunter into. Moreover, Umbriel and her had to get rid of Matthias and Josette in order to get their money. They had not to take Josette for a ride since she died of old age. They planned to shoot Matthias and he ended electrocuted. Umbriel, Astrid and Marigold then inherited the Desfarges' money. The trio scared Valentin a lot, and he didn't dare to speak about his mother's, sister's and grandmother's dire actions.

Elderhood and Afterlife[edit | edit source]

When Astrid grew into and elder and retired, she was swimming in cash. Ilona, who was one of the few beings Astrid cared about, died, leaving a distraught Astrid. She was weakened by these events and this led her to her end. Valentin realized that his despised grandmother was indeed weakened and finally had enough bravery to denounce her to the authorities. The police found out that Astrid was the great criminal everyone was looking for ages and she was send behind bars. She then died in prison. No one could take back all the money she acquired from her malevolent action, though.

She was buried in the family's cemetery and when she came back as a ghost, Umbriel was already dead, Valentin was killed by Marigold in order to avenge Astrid's imprisonment, his son was born, and she met her great-granddaughter Rénata, who was born as a ghost. Astrid became Rénata's model and she would later be just like Astrid: a great criminal, adventurer and gold digger, just more hectic since she was a ghost.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After a trip to Champs Les Sims, she became a huge nectar amator and built an enormous underground cave beneath the manor, and prepared her nectar herself. She sold some of her bottles to the Consignement Store and got a lot of extra-money with it.
  • Other than her criminal activities, Astrid found tons of other ways to become richer and richer. She collected various gemstones during her three trips around the world and her everyday life, she convinced her daughter to marry a wealthy Sim and her husband to become a business tycoon, she fished a lot and never left out any occasion of making profits.
  • There was some things funny about Astrid: her laughable fear of water. She drowned more than one person, but actually hates being in contact with water herself. She also was vegetarian despite her gruesome crimes. She also was very emotional, but she tried to keep it a secret.
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