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Arlette Dortheimer
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Arlette is among the very few good Dortheimer. She enjoys a lot Games, Robotics and Witchcraft, but has some problems dealing with some... tensions under her roof.
Name Arlette Dortheimer
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state Witch Witch
Education and Employment
Entertainment career Prestidigitator
Dortheimer Family
Parents Gaël Bourdon, Tiara Dortheimer Both Deceased
Sibling(s) Guillaume Dortheimer Half-brother
Romances René du Peller MarriedDeceased
Marital status Widowed
Child(ren) Lunaire Dortheimer Son, Mélanie Dortheimer Daughter
Zodiac sign Virgo Virgo
Aspiration  Knowledge
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-medium Medium
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old Age
Neighborhood Riverblossom Hills
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Arlette Dortheimer is a member of the incredibly large and wealthy Dortheimer family. She is one of the few really kind and trustworthy members of the said family and is a part of the 15th generation of it.


Arlette was born in Riverblossom Hills, and is the daughter of the judge Tiara Dortheimer and the medium Gaël Bourdon. And the same day, her father was abducted by aliens. This early event might have driven Arlette into becoming a knowledge Sim. She soon got a half-brother named Guillaume, and they were raised together, becoming best friends forever. Tiara took very good care of the duo, sending them for example to a private school. She also lived with Tiara's cousin Océane and her great-aunt Déborah, who just became both a good witch and a werewolf.

Teen Years and CollegeEdit

Her life became interesting when she grew up into a teen. Her great-aunt gave her magical powers, and Arlette followed in Déborah's footsteps and learnt the forces of good (a rare fact in the Dortheimer history, which is known for being a dreaded and mischieving family).

She developped a real enthusiasm for knwoledge and paranormal, and prepared herself for college very soon, winning 3 scholarships. Unfortunately, Déborah died, and couldn't transform her into a werewolf as she wished. Her father, who was also a werewolf, refused to let her become one before adulthood. The problem is that he also died by illness just before the family moved out in a greenhouse mansion. And since there were no werewolves anymore in the family, she couldn't become a werewolf herself (she had not time to befriend the pack leader).

She along with her family went to Twikkii Island just before she went to college. They mostly played poker, but also visited some of the local places.

She tried to convince her half-brother to come with her to La Fiesta Tech, but this was hopeless. Moreover, Guillaume wanted to remain with his girlfriend, who didn't want to go to college either.

She perfected many skills while in college, including Good Magic, Logic and Robotics. She met Aliens, and took the Literature major. She also enjoyed a lot playing on computer and her own pool.

She also built a strange humanoïd machine but couldn't activate it before she graduated with honors.


As soon as she came back to the family mansion, Arlette activated her Robot: a Servo named Ingeborg, and took a job in Entertainment, starting at the second to last level. And she quickly got her first and final promotion.

She met at work a Sim who fell in love with her, René du Peller. He was much older than her but didn't care. She married him. The man couldn't stand her first cousin once removed Océane, and always fought. Arlette's spells couldn't change anything, and this annoyed the whole family. Arlette also changed Guillaume into a neutral warlock, and she became best friends with his wife Jeannine (The same that refused to go to college. She however was a brilliant businessoman).

She got two kids: Lunaire and Mélanie, but Tiara died the day the girl was born, which as pretty sad. Moreover, René grew into an elder.

The bad ambience caused by René's and Océane's rivalry was worsened since Lunaire and Mélanie also were enemies. This was hopefully counterbalanced by the deep friendship between Arlette and Jeannine, since Arlette saved Jeannine's life. René died, and everyone (besides Océane) was saddened. He was buried next to his parents, whose headstones were brought by René when he arrived.

Right after René's death, another tragedy struck the household: a huge satellite crushed the house, grinding Guillaume and Ingeborg and obliterating the greenhouse mansion utterly. With nowhere else to go in town, the family decided to move back to Huntsville, where they reconstructed the red seashore villa that burned several decades ago from its burned wreck.

A pregnant Jeannine gave birth to her daughter Dalma, while Lunaire and Mélanie went to college together. Despite them fighting a lot, they managed to study enough to succeed in college eand went back home with their degrees.

Arlette grew into an elder, and right after her daughter's wedding, she got three grandchildren all at once: Mélanie's daughter Huguette and Lunaire's two alien kids Pierre and Stella. Parallelly she had to cope with Lunaire accidental drowning while he was taking a bath in the sea, carried away by an important current.

She helped her remaining daughter to raise the three children until her death shortly before them aging into teens.

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