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Aridtown is custom neighborhood created by Me. The town has a pleasant and diverse feel to it. Aridtown is quite large, having room for a shopping district, a suburban district, a high class district and a lower class district.

Currently, there is not many Sims living in Aridtown but the population increases every day. It is confirmed that "familiar faces" will appear and some already have. Currently, three families have been created.

Some Sims living in this town have inconsistencies when compared to other games. However, the town is basically my rendition of the perfect Sims neighborhood. Thus, the Newbie Family may live next door to the Broke Family.


Playable families Edit

  • Newbie family Potzenpans Boulevard 24
Bob NewbieBetty Newbie  .
After having their wedding at "Greez-E Clothing Shop", Bob and Betty moved to Aridtown to simply enjoy life. Will this greasy bookworm and his chubby sweetheart find complete happiness here?
  • Broke family Potzenpans Boulevard 37
Flat Broke, Flo BrokeRuby Broke
After leaving Swampville, young Flat and Flo travelled high and low to find a suitable home for little Ruby. Finally they found Aridton and even brought Big Buck and his wife Mary Lu with them. Will these financially strapped family folks find happiness and perhaps a little fortune in this town?' 

Family bin familiesEdit

  • Broke family
Buck BrokeMary Lu Broke
Big Buck and Mary Lu went along with Flat and moved to Aridton. Buck is completely entranced in his multiple hobbies, while Mary Lu focuses on constructing the first laser-telescope of all time. Life is pleasant, but is Mary Lu's weight gain simply a case of too much fatty foods or is it something else?
  • Goth family
Mortimer GothBella GothCassandra GothAlexander Goth
Mortimer and Bella are longtime residents and pillars of the Aridton community. Naturally, having acclaimed scholar Gunther Goth grants you  special privileges along with those brought on by your own hard 'work. Joining their pleasant existence is daughter Casssandra as well as little Alexander. Are the Goths really as strange as the talk around town makes them out to be?
  • Goth Sr. Family
Gunther GothCornelia GothHecuba GothMenelaus Goth    
The proud parents of Mortimer have lived in Aridtown ever since they stepped off the boat from the Old Country. Although they may seem like rich old coots, Gunther is in fact an acclaimed scholar and Cornelia's Shanbagoo cake is dearly loved throughout the world. To keep them company inbetween bridge sessions, Gunther and Cornelia adopted two rambunctious siblings named Hecuba and Menelaus.
  • Snooty Patooty Family
Chip Snooty PatootyBuffy Snooty Patooty
Though rich and affluent, the Sims of Aridtown have since long Chip and Buffy as pretentious and well, snooty. In fact, Cornelia Goth is the only one who can stand the precense of Buffy. Though this is only during Bridge Tuesdays.

Townies and NPCsEdit




  • The Townie and NPC's of Aridtown are exactly the same as those found in Pleasantview. This is because the game generates the NPC's and Townies residing in Pleasantview when creating a custom neighborhood.
  • Was misnamed "Aridton" at one point.
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