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Archibald Perez-Garvouis
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Headshot originalArchibald
Archibald has a way of twisting what is said to his own benefit since childhood. Fellow neighbors can't tell if it's nature or nurture, but most proceed to cast the blame on the precocious mother, who can't seem to keep her feet on the ground. He thrives off living of his own mother's drama, whom he despises for reasons even himself can't fathom. He always had a lingering feeling when around her... Who is his father after all, and where is he?
Name Archibald Perez-Garvouis
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Human icon Normal
Education and Employment
Unemployed Unemployed
Perez family/ Garvouis family
Parents Isaac Garvouis and Marissa Perez Deceased
Sibling(s) Wyatt Garvouis Half-brotherDeceased, Alfred Garvouis Half-brother, Ursula Garvouis Half-sister, Caio Perez Half-brother, Mariana Perez Half-sister
Romances Rebecca Broke Crush, Becky BayerPartners
Trait Evil small Evil
Trait Technophobe small Technophobe
Trait Unlucky small Unlucky
Trait Mooch small Mooch
Trait Charismatic small Charismatic
Zodiac sign AquariusLN Aquarius
Fav Country Music Country
Fav Autumn Salad Autumn Salad
Fav Spice Brown Spice Brown
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-grey Grey
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Riverview
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Archibald Garvouis (previously, Perez) is an elderly Sim, who lived his life in Riverview. Born out of the wedlock, he would only later in life learn the truth about his father. Growing up, he was described by his neighbors as an unusual Sim, who had a way with words. He could easily manipulate Sims to give him what he wanted, he only had to remind people of his mother's unreliability and the unfortunateness of being her child. Nevertheless, he never amounted to anything in life, unaware that he could have had much more than he actually did.


Birth to Childhood YearsEdit

Archibald was born at home, a cottage next to the Broke family, to the beautiful Marissa Perez, an unsuccessful stylist and image consultant. He is the illegitimate son of the married Isaac Garvouis who lived happily with his family in the Remington manor, a fact that he would learn much later in life. Even though people are inclined to believe his background led him to be the way he is, he was actually born evil.

His mother neglected him in the most obvious fashion one could ever do, never buying a crib or any toys for that matter. She was much more invested in her own emotional turmoil and drama, which he would despise but use to his advantage. As a toddler, he wasn't taught any toddler skills and grew up badly as a result, getting the Mooch trait.

As a child, he had no friends and instead became the school's bully, and would actually target the younger nerdy Alfred for a short time, unaware that he was his half-brother. His younger sister Ursula would intimidate Archibald by using her popularity to talk him out of hurting her brother, however.

Archibald was a C- student most of the time, and would rarely do his homework, asking (read: bullying) someone else to do it for him. There were times he would even miss school, pretending to be sick. He learned no skills, except for two points in the fishing skill and one in charisma. He also did not enjoy reading and didn't ever play with toys, preferring to collect bugs he would then try to cook, much to his mother's horror.

In order to call his mother's attention, he would also pull various pranks on his mother and the rich man she was trying to woo, the much older Doctor Wilson. Archibald would ridicule their relationships and his mother's vain attempts at seduction. Her emotional outbursts combined with his mean spirit, would condemn the romantic bond, and Doctor Wilson would refuse to have her and little Archibald move in with him, fearing for his reputation and afraid of the devious little kid. Marissa would learn she was pregnant but before the child was born, Dr. Wilson died of Old Age, and the Perez wouldn't inherit a single penny from his death.

His brother Caio was born at home, and while Archibald never grew a particular dislike for him as he did for his mother, he resented having to take care of him while his mother was out. This time a crib was bought and placed in the small room. Marissa began dating again. Alfred, once more, grew up badly into a teen, and became technophobic, while Caio into a toddler.

Although his mother was in relationship with another Sim, Archibald always had a lingering feeling she longed for someone else and he exploited her feeling of inadequacy.

Teenage Years to Young AdulthoodEdit

Archibald grew more enemies as time went by, but had a love-hate relationship with a younger girl, named Rebecca Broke-Elliot, daughter of Ruby Broke, and they went on and off many times.

Archibald would once again take pleasure in seeing his mother being involved with someone, but never leading to anything serious. She would also become pregnant, well into her late adulthood. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter, named Mariana.

Unlike how he used to be with his little brother, he enjoyed seeing Mariana's needs bottom out when Marissa left the children at his care. Caio never asked to for help in his homework, as Archibald had become a D+ student.

Rebecca would break up with Archibald, learning of his evil trait, being good herself. However, Archibald was still infatuated with her and continued pursuing her.

Archibald would grow the odd habit of sneaking into the Cemetery at night, instead of going out like other kids. He even asked Rebecca on a date to the Mausoleum, invitation that was refused. He got a part-time job there as a Burial Specialist but quit, believing it was not his job to provide for the family. Mariana never grew fond of her brother, being Friendly herself.

Young Adulthood to AdulthoodEdit

Even after becoming a young adult, Archibald spent most of his time slacking off at home and living off his, now elderly, mother's pension. He also started dating Becky Bayer, but was still very much infatuated with Rebecca, and continued pursuing her behind Becky's back.

His mother died suddenly, leaving Archibald very upset that he needed to find work then. He was very much annoyed that he was now legally responsible for his siblings. They were saddened that were not enough funds to arrange for a funeral and an actual gravestone, but Archibald couldn't care less.

He started working at the Masoluem again. During his young adulthood, he made no plans to start a family and couldn't wait for Caio and Mariana to grow. When they did, he thought he could live off them.


I need your opinion, because I originally thought of letting his bloodline die completely, as he would have no kids. But he can still have them as an elder, if I need him to.

should I continue Archibald's bloodline?

The poll was created at 13:48 on June 28, 2019, and so far 1 people voted.


  • Archibald is almost an equal mix of his mother and father in terms of facial features. The shapes of his nose bridge, forehead and eyes are the same as his dad, but he still inherited his mother's eye color, alongside the shape of her jaw and mouth. He also has the same hair color, but is tanner than she is. His body genetics also resemble his father's more.
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